Friday, October 20, 2017

Judge Anna Von Reitz and Her Teams Remain at Work by Suzi

Received via email from Suzi......., subtitled:  The Real Reason for the Delay

To all those seeking Truth,

What started out to be approximately a week of intense legal conference for Judge Anna Von Reitz -- the Fiduciary for all the American states and people, i.e., controller of the purse strings for the United States of America (Unincorporated), and representing us as Primary Creditors of bankrupt entities the world over -- has turned into nine days and is still continuing....

If we recall, she told us on the 11th that Administrative Law and Banking would be just two of the areas to be handled.

She has also told us that many other countries have reformed their governance under unincorporated status.

Now I would like to ask all nationals who love America and all nationals worldwide the following:

1.  Do you think that the world can undergo a full financial reboot without solid, reliable, ethically run banks and other financial institutions (brokerage houses, insurance companies, etc.)?

2.  Would you want to transact either exchanges or redemptions and then have to worry about the banks you have entrusted to handle the proceeds you want to share with humanity to build a better world?  Would you want to benefit ill-intentioned people who would steal or squander such funds, thereby sliding back into the collective swamp that we have just crawled out of?

Listen, folks, I want to see our new world ushered in as passionately as you all do, but I want it done right.  I do NOT want to engage in transactions and then have to worry every single day about the wise shepherding of such funds.  We all deserve better than that.  And our Creator deserves better than that from us.  This mess has been forming for 500 years.  Can we not be a little patient while some people of integrity straighten it out?

Therefore, wisdom tells me that Anna's Banking Team, the GCR Committee, and anyone tweaking national or international administrative laws/treaties/agreements should be allowed to reset this system to the satisfaction of China, Russia, America and all other interested parties.

We will never have true peace until the foundations for it are set square.  I sure don't want a re-do of the past 7,000 years.

That is just plain common sense - all gurus notwithstanding - and oh, yeah, let's call it a little intel, too.  IMHO, it seems to be more logical than anything else I have been reading.

We are staying the course.