Friday, December 15, 2017

Carla Fox Update - Ancient Genetic Damage

December 14, 2017

Ancient Genetic Damage

Every once in a while, I do healing work on a client who carries a genetic pattern that is not only important for that person to transcend, but is also a significant pattern for humanity as a whole.  It very much depends on the issue that the client would like to work with, their readiness to address that tissue, and what shows up in the session.  Of course, their Higher Self is ultimately in charge of what shows up to be worked with! 
This past week I worked with a client I will call Jane, and 2 very significant genetic patterns showed up to be transcended.  Everyone needs an issue to work with, and in this case, my client’s general issue was her difficulties in feeling very stuck in life, going nowhere, lost and giving up very easily, thus not completing tasks and projects.  There was a lack of passion in life, and also a sense that Jane’s inner and spiritual connections were not as they should be.
Without going into the specifics of the process used, these are the genetic patterns that were cleared for my client.  Keep in mind that it was also determined that these patterns are common for humanity as a whole.  The first genetically inherited distortion involved a time in the ancient past when humanity’s connection to their Source was disconnected.  I could see and sense the bright light of Source receding and then disappearing altogether.  A huge dark cloud settled around the planet.  This left the human inhabitants on earth at that time mired in physicality with no spiritual life to speak of.  I do not know what event would have caused this, but it could have been the devastating planetary catastrophe that happened 13,000 years ago.  That event almost wiped out humans on the planet and threw the survivors into a Stone Age existence. 
Part of the healing process involves calling in a positive outcome that is created by my Higher Self and my client’s Higher Self.  In this case, the Spiritual connection started to grow deep in the heart area of the Core Essence of the people at the time.  That positive shift was then carried through my client’s ancestral lineage and into the present time. 
The other genetic distortion involved finding a large round ball of very heavy energy located just below Jane’s feet and just into the surface of the earth.  This turned out to be another genetic inherited distortion involving a time when her ancestor experienced a very damaging natural disaster that severed that ancestor’s connection to the Earth Mother.  This may or may not have been the same event as described above, and of course, other humans would have experienced this as well.  The healing for this pattern involved the dissolving of the blockage and the reinstating of the grounding cord. 
The issue that Jane presented is common to a lot of people nowadays.  Many are lost, wandering, and without direction.  The antidote to this is a firm internal connection to Spirit or Source, and also to the Heart Core of our Earth Mother.  With these in place, we are always guided as to our next step, easily move forward on our path, and have a passion and interest in life.  I also like to assume that each time I work with a client with an issue that also affects humanity, the mass consciousness of humanity is shifted as a result of the healing work with my client.