Friday, December 1, 2017

JUPITER ASCENDING Movie Discussion (RiseMultiversity) - December 1 at 5pm Est.

Wake Up Cafe

Movies have always been filled with hidden gems, whether it be subtle, embedded or in plain sight. Our weekly Wake Up Cafe series continues its look at selected movies, seeing the disclosure going on through the clever guise of metaphor, analogy and fiction. This week is we visit the Wachowski's for a 3rd time with 2015's, "Jupiter Ascending".

This film is a blunt and obvious look at how we, the population of Earth are being harvested in literally so many ways. Harvesting by an off-world consortium of ET "elites". This epic sci-fi romp which just so happened to bomb and got bad reviews (by design) shows us "so much" in entertaining fashion.

We will take a look at our complex genetic ancestral lineage, why it is so important to these races and why they feel they need us a consumption source, wasting our time and creative energy.

To those of you that have been a part of the Rise Multiversity community, it is no shock to know this truth. We have been food for a long time, throughout the ages. In previous Wake Up Cafe's we covered Ridley Scott's classic blunder, "Prometheus", in which we looked at genetic manipulation, and recently the "The Truman Show" in which we covered how the 3D construct embeds us into artificial realities.

All these ties in.

Jupiter Ascending is a refresher course by the people who brought you The Matrix. It's an upfront, in your face "we can't make this any plainer for you folks" narrative. We'll look at the Fallen Ones, reincarnation of ancestral "Royalty", time, genetics and so much more this movie discloses.

Facilitating the discussion are:
Anaiis Salles (Living Lessons Library)
and Sienna Lea (Rise Multiversity Co-Creator).

Please join us tomorrow, 5 pm Eastern.

We look forward to your questions and insights. We love a good chat about these movies with fresh, awake eyes.

Be good.

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