Friday, December 1, 2017

Mike Quinsey (Channeling) Update - December 1, 2017 December 2017. Mike Quinsey.

Dear Ones the future lies in your hands as having been able to move beyond 2012 into the New Cycle, you are now creating a path to Ascension. At present it would seem that chaos rules yet even now the number of trouble hotspots is becoming less. The present uplifting energies are pulling away and leaving the lower energies behind, and soon there will come a time when the dark Ones have little of the energies left to feed off. Be assured that there are already less and it will result in the break-up of their ability to influence events on Earth.

Those of the Light continue with their good work and sense that changes are coming. It gives them even more confidence and courage to push ahead with their plans, to clear the Earth of those that have no love or consideration for other souls who desire to lift up their vibrations. However, they will be unable to stop such progress that is ordained to carry souls all the way to Ascension. Already the higher vibrations are spreading the Light, resulting in the cleansing of areas that are lacking in it and allowing it to return. You will see a slow return of those who work for the Light, who have had to stop because of the constant conflict with the dark Ones. Things are changing and with the new energies coming to Earth, the upliftment is gathering pace. Be assured that as Lightworkers the more you spread the Light, the more you attract to yourselves.

By now most of you will have become aware that you have a Higher Self that knows more about you than you do. Unawakened souls have little or no knowledge about the work of the Higher Self let alone understand its relationship to them. Yet it keeps you as far as possible to your to life plan as agreed by you prior to your incarnation. There are other intelligent energies that also help keep you on your agreed path such as your DNA, and also Innate that you are just beginning to learn about. The changes in this respect are due to you having passed the 2012 marker, and now you have stepped upon a different path, and a new cycle that positively leads to Ascension. In this respect all souls have been given the same opportunities to be successful, and as soon as they “announce” their intentions to do whatever is necessary to go the whole way, help is always given and no soul has to overcome the challenges alone.

The path is clearly mapped out and you would do well to totally focus on your goal, whilst ignoring the activities around you that are often resulting in chaos. It is not your place to worry about the progress made by others, as all get immense help as you do and it is up to them to put in the effort required to be successful. Realise that it has taken Humanity as a whole several attempts get to this point where they can ascend, and having done so every soul is being encouraged to put their heart and soul into achieving success. The rewards are unending and you have yet to learn of the wonderful opportunities it will bring you. Few have any real idea what it means, but as you progress more and more will be made known to you.

We know that kindly and loving souls who have firmly made progress wish for their family and friends to also accompany them. However, you cannot know what they need to do to ascend, or where they presently are on the path to completion. Some will fail this time around but be all the better for their experiences that they will carry forward into the next cycle. Where families are concerned it is sometimes likely that all members will ascend together, having been bonded together for many previous lifetimes. All progresses in a way that reflects how far a soul has advanced and none are expected to take on more than they are capable of handling.

Never forget that you have made hundreds if not thousands of good friends in the course of your many lifetimes in the lower dimensions. Many will have joined you on a great number of occasions, when you would have had experiences that furthered your evolution. More than likely such friendships would have advanced to creating strong family ties that hold you together for many incarnations. All in all you plan experiences that enable you to lift up so that they do not have to be repeated again. So when you face challenges accept them in good heart knowing that everything that happens has a purpose, and particularly at this time when you are getting a great opportunity to ascend.

We know that some souls have ambitions to evolve but are uncertain as to how to approach the subject. First and foremost set aside those quiet periods in your life, when you can quieten yourself down and listen to your Higher Self. It will not be in the form of a conversation but ideas will be dropped into your head to give you direction as to what you need to do. Having been successful you will be accompanied by your Guides, who will do their best to influence you in a way that will put you onto a path that will fulfil your needs. You can of course “talk” to your Higher Self and Guides at any time and your needs will be noted. Paramount through such times is your need to clear old karma, so do not worry as to what has brought it about but give your best response to ensure success, and you do not then need to go through the experience again. It will not be the first time you have taken on such challenges, so intuitively you will probably sense a familiarity in what you are doing.

Life is hectic at this time and many souls have agreed to a fast track to Ascension, however be assured that you will never be asked to take on more than you could handle. So whatever comes up take it in your stride knowing that you should be able to handle it. The future possibilities will soon show you that the old ways are finished, and no one will eventually be able to hold onto them. Humanity is due to take a great leap forward, and with it will come so many revelations, new methods and inventions that will greatly lift up your quality of life. They are just waiting for the right time to be revealed, and it is not too far away. So do not allow yourselves to become disheartened at what you see happening around you, as it is the inevitable outcome of the clearing away of low vibrational energies that are dying because they are no longer able to remain in the upliftment of the vibrations that is taking place.

Lightworkers are spreading the good news to those who they know are awakening to the truth. Just gently lead them to it so as not to overwhelm them, knowing that a seed of knowledge will help them grow, and understand what is going on around them. Many souls are still pulled down by the low vibrations, but have to find their way out so know that there are many helpers who are trying to lift them up. All will awaken in their own good time, and the issue cannot and should not be forced.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.