Saturday, January 20, 2018

A Vision - by Victoria1111

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I had a flash of a vision this morning.  I have shared before that I am not usually a visual person ~ I am much more of a sensing/feeling type.  But this morning, I lay in bed and was drawing forth New Earth.  I was using my heart-space energies.  It was intense and very powerful and the feeling of calling it forward – the depth and purity of it was unlike any experience I have had yet when I have engaged in this practice.  As I was creating this experience, I attempted to look into the “future” ~ march/april and beyond.

That is when I suddenly saw…it’s hard to describe with words but I will try…I saw like this large ball – a mass – which began rolling from (I sensed) the future…backwards, taking up everything with it.  I could feel the power of this ball…and it was destructive (although I felt absolutely no fear).  I felt it was doing a MASS clean-up of all that has NEEDED cleansing/purged.   It was literally wiping out timelines to merge into one, which I felt was The Event flash – creating the NEW timeline many of us ~ certainly enough of us ~ have been creating.  Continue calling it worth.  I feel we can add our own energies to it and make it all the more healing, powerful and beautiful for ALL.  It feels to me at this point that The Event gives us a fresh start – one in which ALL are FULLY conscious and free to live as they desire.

It was intense and awe-some for sure and I am grateful to have had it ~ and to share it with all of you.