Friday, January 19, 2018

#QANON Updates for January 19th & 18th


Here the some of the latest QANON postings for January 18th and 19th.    One of the posts from QANON suggest #massarrests of public government officials are forthcoming due to the FISA MEMO. 

Here are some tweets talking about what was seen on the MEMO....

Here are some main stream media reports on this "shocking" memo...

‘Worse Than Watergate’: ‘Shocking’ House Intel Memo Allegedly Reveals FISA Abuse by Senior DOJ and FBI Officials

GOP lawmakers demand that 'alarming' memo on FISA abuses be made public

Edward Snowden calls for public release of FISA abuses memo and Trump veto of key surveillance tool

Here are the QANON posts from the 18th and 19th of January.......