Monday, March 19, 2012


After reading this from Casper, I start to think about the necessity of ARRESTS that the Earth Allies, White Knights, and Galactic Federation of Light keep hinting about.  Let's start the process of arrests as the resignations of hundreds/thousands of financial bankers doesn't seem like it is doing the trick.  

"enerchi!" Yes!  "You like to talk about the virtue of patience, so don't you think now is the time to practice what you preach."  Yes, but I have had patience for a few years and I am concerned and anxious for all of this to take place regarding the new financial system, 9/11 truth, arrests of the Illuminati, the return of the republic of the united states, JFK/MLK truth, end of war, end of poverty, extraterrestrial contact, and the Ascension of Humanity. "Imagine what it actually takes to give what you are asking for, you do know you are asking for the world, right?" Yes, I guess your right, it does seem fantastical that even one of these things happening would be a miracle in the making, let alone a handful.  I guess I will take a deep breath and remind myself that its all about the Journey of Life with the moments experienced. TO BE alive and aware is really the only miracle that matters to me. ~ e


WE cannot confirm the following news but it would be so serious, if true, that we feel we have no choice but to put it out for all to read, in the hope that whether true or false our fellow Intel "Blood Hounds" and "Bull Dogs", will help us get to the truth, and will then report their findings to Fourwinds and RMN for all to read.

The origin of this news is China:

We are now hearing the new Metals Backed Banking System is in use in the Far East and is being blocked from use in the West and this will continue to be the situation as Obama and his allies will allow only FIAT in West in the foreseeable future, at least until after he is re-elected.
Their goal is not a few months delay, it is the permanent extension of Fiat regardless of the consequences to the people.

All hands on deck!

                            Casper   3-18-12

p.s. Obviously this would also sabotage the R.V. of the Dinar..

pps: Perhaps the GFL will grace us with an explanation for the activities of ‘their man’?