Monday, March 19, 2012

Updated Video: Nibiru Filmed Over Antartica - Very Detailed!

Nibiru, Space Ship, CGI?

Analysis of three amateur videos of Nibiru visible from Antarctica


Thank you to Viedoklis for bringing this to our attention....

This question also came in from - powerfultools4life - on March 18, 2012: what is the planet, or moon, that people in the region of the South Pole are seeing in the sky, what is it, is it a moon of Nibiru?

ANSWER: No, it is not a moon of Nibiru. The things people will think of without having the proper information. It is a good thing this question is being asked.

Yes, there is within sight range, and has been recently within the range of sight of the South Pole, a large, spherical planetoid. Though know that this planetoid... it is completely artificial. It may look like a planet, seem like a planet or a moon... but again, it is a completely artificial structure. And it functions as a science space station. It is, has been, and continues to function as a science space station - monitoring, capturing and measuring a lot of activity. Sun and Earth activity.

This science space station was sent by the people of Jupiter {5th dimensional people} as a favor to the people from the Tau Ceti star system, as the 10th member of the Andromeda Council, to monitor the sun's solar flares and measure their cause & effects as continual changes happen to the fluctuating magnetics of Earth's North & South poles. Keep in mind there is a pole change coming. (see page 1 of this web site under - "Time of Transition"). It also monitors & measures solar activities on the other side of the Sun that we on Earth don't ever see.

It is also monitoring & measuring the melting of Earth's ice caps, the rising of the water in the Pacific Ocean, the increased highly abnormal weather patterns, etc. You get the idea, and yes there is a trend here. This science space station is performing its duties close to Earth - because this moment in time is the beginning of a period of great change on planet Earth.

Know that this space station is operated by about 200 Jupiterian - astro physicists, geologists, other scientists and engineers, etc. to monitor, capture and examine this data. And to report this data and all of these changes to the people of the primary Andromeda Council biosphere. Know that this science space station, this is specifically the kind of work it does over & over again... to monitor planets which are going through a time of great change. And it is providing a great service to keep such a close watch on Earth as she changes and evolves in the process of becoming a 4th dimensional world.