Wednesday, March 21, 2012

John Kettler: Situation Report 3/21/12

Recieved via email....
SITREP (Situation Report)

Private intelligence was received a few days ago and was quite disturbing. The gist of it was that the Reptoids, smarting from the immolation of five of their motherships, were sending 20-30 more, together with some sort of "planetary weapon," in order to hold Earth, which they consider theirs. 

Am delighted to report that this intelligence, which caused a bit of a scare "topside" and would've really screwed up all sorts of plans, has been rendered obsolete by no less than three wars in the  dimensions well above those in which the ETs/EDs I work with operate. "Sadly," all those Reptoid ships got wiped out and will never arrive here. We won two wars outright and got the better of the Reptoids in the last one.

In other good news, strong reinforcements have arrived for one contingent, progress is being made in conducting interdimensional operations, and hard won lessons in how to function within perhaps the most perverse and difficult operational environment in the galaxy are being passed on.

John Kettler