Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Prosperity Program's Funds Gifting

I just added a new page to this website to direct people who would like to request financial assistance from Prosperity Program participants. ~e

Prosperity Funds Gifting

For those who are in desperate need of monetary assistance, may want to submit their request to receive economic help from individuals involved with the Prosperity Programs (PP).  These individuals who are in these Prosperity Programs are receiving billions/millions of dollars and want to help their communities by spreading the wealth.

John MacHaffie has done a wonderful job in setting up a place for those involved in the "PP" and those who need financial assistance.  These financial donations do not need to be paid back and are a gift, no strings attached.  If you are an organizational leader and do not need personal financial assistance you may still apply for the charity/organization that you would like to sponsor or develop.


Form To Request Financial Assistance

If you are part of the Prosperity Programs or a Dinar Investor than you may want to become a donor to those in need. John provides a link for you to be involved and get a list of people/organizations that need help.  The link for donors are

I do not know John MacHaffie personally or am affiliated with his websites.  I am just sharing information in which people have been asking about.  Please take responsibility and continue your due diligence into the major events that are about to present themselves to humanity.  These are exciting times!

My Best Wishes To You And Yours,

~ enerchi


  1. Is it safe to really disclose your personal details on this form?

    1. If you can trust what John MacHaffie is doing than I would assume so, but I can't say for sure. This form is managed by him and the volunteers that run the OPC Organization. If you have any specific questions about this I would suggest going to the OPC website and contact those who are running this exchange of personal information. Due Diligence concerning this is suggested. Thanks for asking and sharing your concern.

  2. Thanks enerchi so very much. It was kinda tuff finding this kind info, it's awesome you posted this. Hope alot of folks utilize it if need be. Good looking out! All love and light, thank you. ~ K

  3. Dear enerchi,
    While I appreciate all your postings, I was susprised that you didn't put a big "Discernment" disclaimer on these particular articles. I went on the suggested website. Am I the only person who sees the fear permeating from this scam? I believed NESARA was equal financial abundance for all the people worldwide. Now the people of the USA have to submit forms to request what they want? And with huge frear and strings attached: Buy secure phones and computers, get a financial consultant, never disclose where you got the money or it will be taken away from you, be careful when you answer the phone or doorbell because of scam artists. Good grief. What a lot of fear.

    I am used to being poor and I am content to stay that way until the Universe decides to favor me with better finances. I wish good luck to anyone who buys into this scheme. I for one will not disclose my personal information to anyone. May we all be in the Light soon.

    1. You are still correct in the thinking that NESARA is equal opportunity for all people. I think he is just ahead of the curve, and is organizing this so that when the new financial system is a go than he can immediate send out financial assistance as he will have a list already in hand. People can still wait till this happens and request financial assistance from the New Governments and organizations. John is not the only Prosperity Program management leader directing Donors and Recipients.

      The secure phones and computers are directed to the Prosperity Program Recipients only and not those that are requesting "gifts". These recipients will have accounts with billions and millions of dollars. The concern is to help protect the new wealth from possible scam artists as there are very greedy people in this world and will do anything to get their hands on these vast fortunes. Wouldn't you want to be protected from those Dark Cabal agents if they new you were about to receive $500 Million Dollars? I have to agree that is better to be safe than sorry.

      I believe John's heart is in the right place and I did mention to use Due Diligence regarding this posting. I am not sure how else someone can request financial assistance while remaining anonymous.

      Ultimately people need to take responsibility for themselves and take in only the truths that ring true to their heart. Thanks for sharing the other side of the coin so to speak.

  4. Peace n Love beloveds. During these times that we are in FAITH is gonna play a big part when deciding to participate in these many prosperity programs that will be poppin up. If you just step back a minute and really look at what is goin on outside of us, then you will see that these programs are signs of even bigger things to come. I am a risk taker and I have nothing to hide so sharing this lil bit of info to get my family some bit of comfort, i am all in. This program resonated with me because my spiritual hierarchy stated that these programs will have to be slowly implemented until our current financial structure is set in place, like the NESARAS and the like. All I know is I AM NEXT to PAY IT FORWARD. It is written in the stones! love n LIGHT 2 all and give thankhs for sharing.

    1. It sounds like you intended to go through with this program...and if so, it would be a great help to the rest of us if you could describe your experiences - whether good or bad - and explain what happened after you applied for funds. I'm sure many of us (including me) are choosing not to apply into the program without first getting independent feedback from clients about the question of whether this is genuine or a scam. Hopefully you have gotten a flavor of one or the other by now.

      Thanks in advance for any reply!

    2. peace n love Peter yes I inquired about said program even spoke to someone directly involved however nothing(yet) has come to fruition. These prosperity programs are like cosmic tests to test ppls hearts, now if this program is indeed a scam as ppl think then it shall fail however if such a program takes off n running than so be it, either way I am not sitting back waiting by my email nor phone(of which i do not have)for this program. I have faith that whatever is suppose to be will be. if i hear further from them i shall let all know. my purpose for even given this a glance was not for Self but for my service to others.

    3. Thanks again for the reply and I believe you're right about this possibly being some sort of a test of where our hearts are. But seeing that this program is not going forward yet in dispersing funds to those who applied, I'll wait for it to happen en masse...that is, if it will happen while we're still in this 3D game. I think this is the exciting aspect of our future because we just don't know which things will happen or when things will, and to just live in the moment and not to be bothered with scenarios. Just wishing you and all peace, love and joy!