Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Email Update from John Kettler

 Received via email from John Kettler


Greetings Once Again:

A growing panic was quelled over apparent government ammunition seizures of 5.56mm ammo for M16s/M4s and .40 caliber for pistols when sensitive sources passed the word that this was a measure to fill an ammunition shortfall for the U.S. military, which has burned through so much ammo in Iraq and Afghanistan domestic production can't keep up. If you can believe it, Dubya actually authorized procuring military ammunition from China, which calls the U.S. exactly what Russia did: The Main Enemy!  Our purchases there are funding Chinese military industry. Directly.

Operations by ETs/EDs of late have mostly been low key, such as gobbling up the toxic trimethlyaluminum from the ATREX solar wind rockets, eating chemtrails, taking out a Reptoid base here and there, removing a large UFO picture and the complete file from the U.K. Ministry of Defense offices and putting a warning shot into the Area 51 of Australia, Pine Gap. Word's been received that much new information will shortly be arriving to allow real strikes to begin in earnest.

John Kettler JohnKettler.com