Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Illuminati Cabal Flee By The Hundreds As Mass Arrests Await Them From States Becoming Free From The Fed…

Illuminati Cabal Flee By The Hundreds As Mass Arrests Await Them From States Becoming Free From The Fed…

The Cabal Members and their 6,000 or so minions are now quitting their banking positions in the hundreds and soon to be thousands, because the individual states filed the proper paperwork to become independent of the US Corporation (own by the Federal Reverse Bank, who’s controlled by the Cabal)… which means that the US Military must obey what the states want, and not what the cabal wants!

This is HUGE!  The military is sick and tired of following the orders of the Cabal as they know it’s totally wrong… but they were forced to because it’s the law.  They must follow what the governing body tells them to do, and that governing body has been the United States Corporation which is controlled by the Elite Illuminati Gangsters.  They have put the US Corporation in debt Trillions of Dollars through fraudulent actions of passing the losses on it, while stealing the profits through companies like Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase.

They force the Treasury to borrow money from the Federal Reverse Bank (which they own, and is a “private corporation” that reports to NO One) and have basically piled all the debts that “THEY” created (not the America people) onto the Treasury which makes the US Corporation so far in debt that they are essentially bankrupt.  They plan to make us “sheep” pay that debt while they live like kings and use us as their slaves.

Their plans will fail, and are currently failing as I write this…

In this new interview with an insider named “Drake”, who speaks with David Wilcock about what is currently going on behind the scenes, the people “not are”… but “HAVE” now taken action to free the America people from these Illuminati Cabal Gangsters.  They have filed the proper paperwork to make the various states (I don’t know how many, but a majority of them has do this) “independent sovereign  nation states”.

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjZgsRt8PBc)
In this 3 hour interview Drake explains how he was was listening to a radio show where the host was giving bad information on how to argue with a judge in court on how to get out of a speeding ticket,  not pay your debts, beat the IRS, etc…  Drake knew this information was not correct and could get you up to 6 months in jail if done the way that host was telling people to do it.

Drake got frustrated and decided to call into the radio show to correct it.  He’s studied the law for over 2 1/2 years recently about how to get your freedom back, which covered a lot more then what this guy was telling people.   Drake was introduced to a group of people in 1979 that wanted him to read a 5 inch thick stack of documents that would free America from the cabal way back then, so he wasn’t new to the idea of using the legal law to protect yourself in court.

It went much deeper then anything this host of this radio show was speaking about.  In fact (back in 1979) these people even thought of staging a military coup against the ruling elite that was enslaving the America people, but decided against it and instead looked to find legal laws that would do the same thing.

Drake talks about how you can declare your own sovereignty, which I’m sure got the host of that show to listen more to what Drake had to say as he clearly was giving out information that wasn’t fully correct.  Drake speaks on that show of how you can declare your own “Nation State”… independent of the “US Corporation”.   This was all 100% legal and all it took was filing the correct paperwork.

Someone from Pennsylvania was listening to the show taking notes who was very knowledgeable in the sovereignty and lawfulness about the law and decided to implement what Drake has said.  They put together a “Process of Notification” and sent it off to The International Court of Hague.  (This is the civil division).  It was sent by certified mail to make sure that they had proof they it was delivered to them.  The Court sent a reply back that they received it.

Stay with here folks, as it’s just getting interesting…

This meant that it goes into Hague public record and is similar to posting a notification in an international newspaper.  It’s basically stating that “I’m not responsible for my debts any longer” and “We are now an Independent Sovereign Nation State”.  This freed Pennsylvania from the debts created by the Elite Illuminati Cabal through the Federal Reserve Bank that was put onto the US corporation.

When this happened the office of the International Court of Hague gets a call from a higher up in the pentagon (the military good guys who are sick of this cabal) who want to know if they can duplicate the paperwork (to be used to free other states of course).  The clerk that answers the call was sure but said that it’s possible.  (This clerk simply works there and had no clue what the document really meant I believe, and I’m sure he/she didn’t have any affiliation with the Illuminati Cabal… which meant that he/she would be happy to assist the request by the higher up in the pentagon).

So, they started to duplicate this paperwork (all this starting in about October of 2011).  And since it was started with someone from Pennsylvania whose got the idea from listening to the radio show that Drake called into… they contacted Drake and asked him if he would help in putting this together.  Drake was of course extremely happy when he realized that someone from Pennsylvania was listening to his call into that radio station…  and that they actually decide to take action and do what he was talking about.

Currently, as of about February the 20th of 2012 there are enough states that filed to make America free from the US Corporation!

He gladly assisted them in helping to put this package together for many other states (a majority is all I heard in the interview, and no specific number) which has now been completed, sent off, received, and filed by the International Court of Hague.  They (the good guys in the pentagon) received notice in the end of February of 2012 that the office of the International Court of Hague basically got all the paperwork from all the states and filed it.  This makes it legal and declares these states as  ”Independent Sovereign Nation States”.

The basic premise of a “nation state” is that while they could write their own new constitution (or use their existing one), it had to agree with the 1787 US Constitution, with the original 13th amendment (founded in 1812), the bill of rights, and the articles of confederation… and “The Declaration of Independence”.

By the states declaring their own “nation state sovereignty”, and therefore removing themselves from the US Corporation, this rebirths the “The Declaration of Independence”… which states (on page 2) that if the government gets out of control you have the right to get rid of the problem.

The manor and format of using these original founding documents, injunction with a meeting of resident representatives of those states gives those people the right to make the declarations.  This in turns gives legal rights by the civilian authority to request the military to take action as necessary to back up the civilian action (basically carry out the will of the people of those states).

The military just loved it, as they can now follow the legal law and actually carry out the will of the civilian people… not the elite Illuminati cabal anymore.  There was also a group of Indian nations that submitted paperwork in such a fashion that the United States (the individual states) has been set free from the corporate government (the cabal gangsters) literally… on a lawful basis and recognized internationally just like the Indian nations were.

Having this “International” recognition means that the “Governing Body” of America is NO Longer the “US Corporation” (run by the Cabal) and is now the individual states that filed the proper paperwork that together make up the “United States”, which is basically the people of each state and not some evil group of old rich men that I call the “Illuminati Reptilian Cabal Banksters”.

From now on, the people are in control of America and have told their state representatives to arrest these gangsters!

Here’s how this works… the military must obey the wishes of the  “Governing Body”… which in the past has been to stage undeclared wars on innocent people around the world… something they are sick of doing as they know it’s wrong.  The constitution forbids them from breaking into civil homes and arresting innocent Americans, but the cabal has been trying to stage this “World War 3″ for quite some time now so they can declare martial law in America and force the military to ignore the constitution and obey their orders to round us all up and put us in FEMA camps.

This plan isn’t going to work, and it will actually turn against them as they will be the one’s rounded up and put in these FEMA prison camps… not us sheep!  (ROFLMA here!… payback is a Bitch Baby!)  Sorry gang… I just write down what I feel and sometimes it’s anger, and sometimes it’s laughter… he he he he! Too funny here!  I just had to make this picture!

Timothy Geithner Bill Gates George Bush arrested and put in jail
Anyway, back to how this is going to work.  The good guys in the pentagon (that are mostly military people) have wanted the people of America to rise up and take their right back (peacefully and legally of course… not violently), and that’s exactly what the states have done by filing the proper paperwork with the International Court of Hague.

So, now that the international community has recognized these individual states as currently being the new “Governing Body” of America, (and not the “US Corporation”) the military of the United States can legally act on behalf of the will of the people who want these gangsters arrested… and you can believe that they are very happy to get this request!

The process that follows is for the people to inform their respected states of what the want done (which they have), the state’s to inform the military (which they did), the military to instruct the US Marshall’s Office to deliver this list of gangsters to be arrested to the local sheriff’s office in the various cities and towns across America… which they are working on currently, but haven’t done yet.
This will be of course be a very coordinated effort, involving a whole lot of people to carry out these arrests.  It is a plan that will be done in about a 72 hour period once started.  The date for this mass arrest is unknown currently, but will be told on the internet 24 hours before it happens to create a viral explosion.  They want everyone to know that the military will NOT be entering any civilian’s home to arrest them.

This is to be done 100% legal, by the law of the constitution, which prohibits them from acting in the policing of American citizens, but instead they will be simply standing by to assist the US Marshall’s and the local Sheriff’s officers during these arrests to make sure they are protected in case these gangsters don’t come out willingly.

There is 1,000′s of resignations to date and 450 last week as well as 200 arrests.

That’s 650 people involved in finance running scared like the rats they are… and just in one week!  This is world wide right now and growing as every day passes.  This link from CNBC (a “Main Stream Media” outlet… not just internet conspiracy blogs) shows a Hong Kong gangster getting arrested, so this is REAL folks… not just a bunch of talk!

Drake has his sources and the match up with the latest from Ben Fulford as well.  The arrests are continuing and will bring freedom to the American people and the world.  The dollar will collapse but the funding set aside by the good guys will likely keep the stock market from crashing as huge as was previously expected (by myself and many others).  This is really a good thing of course, even if we bears don’t get our chance short this pig as we have all be waiting on for so long now.

So, when the time comes later this year (May/June is my expected high in the market) I’d only be looking to short the dollar after it peaks within the two week window from the time the euro crashes.  Drake stated that we would have about 2 weeks after the euro collapses before it hits America, which confirms what Lindsey Williams says too.  It’s coming… but the when part is still unknown?
Here is Ben Fulfords’ latest, which states that a “New Financial System” is already online now and will be there to provide funding when the time comes.  This is good as these funds will be used to bring out the free energy technology and other suppressed information that these gangsters have keep to themselves for decades now.
Over 200 senior bankers arrested last week as new financial system goes online
by Benjamin Fulford, 3-26-12
The new financial system is online now and abundant financing is either already or soon to be made available, according to dragon family representatives. The final take down of the criminal cabal has also begun in earnest with over 200 senior bankers arrested and 450 resigned last week alone, these sources say. Japan is also now doing the final paperwork needed to set up an international economic planning agency with an initial funding facility of $10 trillion or about 200 times what the World Bank lends every year, according to Japanese government sources. There will be some sort of announcement about this and other things on Tuesday evening, March 27th, 2012 Japan Standard Time according to illuminati and White Dragon Society sources. The arrest of some very high profile individuals is imminent.
The general structure of the financial cabal and its top leaders has also now been mapped to some extent. For example, the Rothschild family dynasty leaders have been identified. The Swiss branch of the family is run by David de Rothschild in Geneva, the French branch by Guy de Rothschild, the German branch by Rothschild family member and Hitler daughter Angelina Merkel and the British branch by Evelyn de Rothschild.

In the US, JP Morgan is a Rothschild front.

The Rockefeller family syndicate uses Goldman Sachs and Citibank as its major financial fronts. Bank of America is a front for the Italian black nobility behind the Vatican and the mafia, run in part by Peter Hans Kolvenbach, the former black pope. Pope malevolent the 16th is also a senior member of this satanic group.

The Nazi faction is run by Fuhrer George Bush Senior with Ben Bernanke acting as Deputy Fuhrer. Their chemical and pharmaceutical mass murder division is run by the Du Pont family.
The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is now in Africa forcing families at gunpoint to accept the sterilization by vaccine of their daughters. In North America, Japan and elsewhere the mass sterilization by vaccine is taking place under the guise of protecting girls against cervical cancer. Message to Bill Gates: your company and foundation are going to be confiscated and you are going to spend the rest of your life making restitution.
The United States government has been so compromised by these and other cabal families and their foundation fronts that the upcoming US Presidential “election,” is nothing more than a power struggle between the Chicago mob and their front man Mitt Romney versus the Bush Texas illegal drug mafia and their guy Jeb Bush.
Hopefully the new financial system, once it is fully implemented, will pull the plug on the entire farcical show and Americans will be able to choose their own leaders based on true information provided by free media. For now though, electronically rigged elections and corporate propaganda provide sham democracy for dumbed down and drugged up Americans.
However, a look at the pentagon budget for this upcoming year shows they have dedicated plenty of resources to financing reserve troop units inside the United States. This does not mean they are preparing to put average Americans into FEMA camps as feared by many. To the contrary, they are preparing for a mass round up of cabal agents and proxies, according to pentagon and CIA sources.
There was a clear indication of change on March 20th, when instead of having the cabal scheduled earthquake hit Tokyo, a magnitude 7.4 earthquake hit Oaxaca, Mexico exactly when President Obama’s daughter was vacationing there. Furthermore, this earthquake was advertised in advance through pamphlets distributed locally. This is a clear sign the bad guys no longer play the HAARP.
Another sign of change was the public rebuke of Obama, Clinton and cabal controlled media outlets when the official Chinese government news site, Xinhua stated that North Korea was not on the agenda of the 50 nation nuclear security summit taking place in Soeul [Seoul], Korea this week. The cabal propaganda media has been carrying a fake story about nuclear danger from North Korea even though that country has already announced it will cease nuclear weapons development.
The secret agenda behind this 50 nation summit is an attempt to steal 200 tons of gold that is in South Korean warehouses. That theft is not going to be allowed to go ahead so the cabalists will leave the summit empty handed.
There was also plenty of speculation about a coup d’etat in China last week. All that happened was that a Maoist cabal agent Bo Xilai was removed from power after one of his henchmen was discovered taking instructions from the US consulate in Chongqing, according to MI6 sources. China is still on course for a stable and harmonious regime change-over later this year, according to White Dragon Society sources. The talk of a Maoist coup d’etat was wishful cabalist thinking fanned by cabalist media outlets.
Speaking about fake stories, the “White Hats” group on the internet, consisting of Bush agent Mike Cotrell and Hawaii resident Danny Gammage, has been spewing out laughable libel (such as this writer is a clone).
More damagingly, they managed to fool Lord Blackheath of the UK Upper House of Parliament with a fake story about $15 trillion that he raised in Parliamentary session. The House of Lords is now going to summon a White Dragon Society ally to testify about what is really going on in the financial wars.
The London financial district is headed for further purges and the talk is that Lord Sassoon is headed for a big fall. The investigation may even extend to the UK Royal family, European CIA sources say.
In Japan, meanwhile, the status quo is expected to remain on hold until the March 31st end of the fiscal year because of overwhelming workloads in the bureaucracy and the parliament. After March 31st, there will be concrete negotiations taking place involving the Finance Ministry, Bank of Japan, Prime Minister’s office and Royal Household Agency aimed at setting up a new international economic planning agency.
The Japanese self-defense forces and bureaucracy are also planning a major purge of cabalist puppets in the Japanese Parliament, banks, corporations and media.
Overall, things are looking very good. However, unless we see these senior cabalists on world TV confessing to their crimes, we must not be complacent. Until this financial war is over, keep your powder dry and stay alert.
I’ll be very glad to see all this happen, as I know many of you will too.  I’ve had enough of these gangsters and would love to live in a world free of wars, were peace reigns in every country.  Drake speaks of them airing the entire history of these Illuminati gangsters on a dedicated television channel after all these arrests happen and the new government is in place.  I look forward to learning about all their hidden secrets and hope that the rest of the sheep in America wake up and watch this channel instead of mindless trash that’s on TV right now.

While I don’t let what other people think of me bother me, I will get some satisfaction when those “non-believers” see it all on “Main Stream News” and I can smile and say “I told you so”…. LOL!  Yes, there are aliens… yes, there are people called the Illuminati… and yes, you really are being posioned by them with chemtrails, floride, processed foods, prescription drugs, electromagnetic low frequencies (ELF’s), and yeah… there really is a secret space program based in Area 51 where we have over a 100 spaceships and go to Mars and the Moon all the time.

Anyway, as for the stock market…

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVVzHuRD0yo)
I’m not expecting much to happen until the head gangsters get arrested and press the “sell button” before the sheriff breaks down their front door.  They are still in control of the stock market as far as I can tell and are keeping it up until the last minute… but “when” is the question here?  I just don’t know that answer?  There is also the likelihood that the good guys will step in at some point and stop the crash from continuing to 1929 levels.

I’m just keeping my eyes out for the Euro to crash and then get prepared to short the US Dollar when it peaks out on the spike up rally it will get from the Euro tanking.  Again, this should have about a 2 week window before it hits America (according to Lindsey Williams and now Drake).  If you ever wanted to bet all your chips at the Vegas gambling casino, this will be your best chance win in my opinion.

The bad guys want to crash the market to bring on the “New World Order” to enslave us all even more, forcing us to accept “their” new currency, steal up all the assets for pennies on the dollar, and put chips in all of us to keep control of their slaves.  They have planned this great stock market crash for decades I’d say.  Drake mentioned that Trillions of Dollars were leaving the country in only a few minutes during the 2008 crash and that the good guys seen what was happening and closed down the electronic access to stop it from crashing even further (this is about at 1 hour and 47 minutes into the video).

Now, I don’t know how much of that is accurate as I find it too obvious that the 666 spx low on March 6th, 2009 was done on purpose by the Illuminati because it’s a ritual number to them… which means that the good guys didn’t stop this mass exit of money from the market to foreign bank accounts owned by the gangsters, but instead they stopped it.  The good guys wouldn’t have any reason to stop the market at such a ritual number, but yet it stopped there?  I think it stopped there because the bad guys planned it that way.

Looking back at that day I see that the high was 699.09 (or 666 upside down), and the low was 666.79… come’on, it’s that obvious of who controlled that days’ trading?  Of course the gangsters did!  The ritual is very “in your face” here, as the multiple “Nine’s” indicates “Completion” of the move, and it’s other meaning of the mark of the beast too.

So, maybe the good guys seen what was happening and did do something to assist in stopping them from crashing the market further… I don’t know?  But regardless of that, it’s the past now and the current period we are living in clearly shows that the good guys are making huge progress toward defeating these gangsters.

It takes a long time to bring down any organization that has been in control for hundreds (if not thousands) of years, so I’m just happy to see the current steps made by them and support them all the way.  I want peace, not war!  I enjoy life and don’t like to live in fear… therefore I don’t.  I know that I’m an immortal spirit and can’t die, so the gangsters don’t scare me with their fear mongering movies showing the world ending in some Armageddon scenario.

After this is all over with, we traders will be much more successful trading a new stock market that isn’t a 100% controlled by gangsters.  While I’m sure there will still be some manipulation in it, I think it will be minimum and the charts will become much more accurate and easier to read, predict and make some profit from.  I’ll be happy to become a bull then, as we should see an explosion in certain new technologies that have been suppressed for decades now.

For now though, I’m just waiting patiently for right signal to short this fat pig right before it’s slaughter.  I’m not sure when this will happen, but the May/June time period is still my expected date for the final high in the market.  This lines up with what Lindsey Williams said too, from his elite source that said the market won’t collapse in March, April, May, or June… which leave July through the rest of the year for it to crash.

I would love to tell you that the market is going down this week, but I just don’t have a clue?  It’s very, very controlled right now and there is no signs yet of any big sell off starting.  It’s just a bunch of choppy action every day with a very narrow trading range.  How do you trade that?  I just don’t, as it’s not worth my time or risk.  I’d rather wait until the proper time to attack.  I’ve been burnt too many times over the last 3 years shorting this pig while the gangsters turn the market up against gravity and make my winning position turn into a losing one.

Ending this post on a good note, I”m happy to see all these positive things happening right now.  This is going to be a very interesting year indeed!

Best of luck to all us sheep…