Sunday, September 2, 2012

Drake Notes: Updated for September 2, 2012

Drake Notes 

Updated for September 2, 2012  

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Drake Radio Show - Sunday,  September 2, 2012 @ Blog Talk Radio

* The RNC will be attacked by Ron Paul's attorneys.
* Watch the Clint Eastwood Speech at the RNC.  Note the empty presidential chair.
* Eastwood's speech indicated that the military has gone "hot".
* Obama issued an executive Order for the troops in Afghanistan to unload their weapons.
     General Allen later reversed that order in the field after about 300 deaths.
* There are some who are so ingrained in the system that they will fight to protect it.
* The military has decided that Obama is not what he is supposed to be.
* The Government and TPTB are not going to give up their drug trade.
* The article last month by General Valalai(?) about Obama outing the seals and their
    identities was a declaration of war on the White House.
* Obama has been overruled by a General in the field [Allen]. 
* A caller says Nancy Pelosi was arrested yesterday. Minute_Man confirmed that.
    Drake is trying to get the video of the arrest.
* [The bottom line is the military has had enough of Obama and is moving
     against him.]

*  9/11 was done to invoke martial law and the Patriot act to take away our rights.
* Obama is the one keeping he Dinar RV from occurring.
* I QUIT TAKING NOTES during the Q&A session, at 2:00 PM.


Drake Radio Show - Wednesday,  August 29, 2012 @ Blog Talk Radio

 * Tactically, everyone is in position.
* Most of the foreign special forces troops here are on our side.
   If troops are wearing a NATO uniform, they are fair game.
   If wearing a Russian or Chinese uniform, protect them.
   They have orders not to interfere with civilians or our military.
* All of the logistics for mass arrests are prepared.
* He has more access to verifiable information.
* When we are set free, the church bells will be ringing to notify us.
* We have about 15 - 20 million people on our side and in place. 
    This includes military, sheriffs, deputies, militia etc.
* The show is now taking questions.  This means that the announcements have ended.
   Therefore, I am concluding the recap at the 7:20 mark.

Drake Radio Show - Sunday,  August 26, 2012 @ Blog Talk Radio

·            Drake will discuss on the show what can be done to move forward, he states all of us have to pull together and move towards one direction a towards Freedom.

·         Drake states there is a general confusion on how to go about with our freedom. Many are afraid of fear of arrests, or the fear that “they are coming to get us.”

·         Rick Light comes in and talks about the new developing story of veterans which are disappearing all across the country.

·         Americans have constitutional rights; Veterans especially served our nation and put their lives on the line. They’ve done what they were asked to do. It’s wrong that their own government is treating them poorly.

·         Charles Dyer an honorable marine, who served for 8 years, was one of the first veterans to speak up against our government. He was first charged with weapons case, which he beat in court. The second was a charge of sexual assault on his own daughter.

·         He faced numerous legal obstacles due to deeply entrenched corruption in our justice system. They sentenced him to 30 years without evidence and only when on “hear-say”.

·         Dyer’s mother comes in live on the show to explain what happened with her son. Mom states when he was in the marine’s he made certain videos on YouTube. Soon after the videos were flagged by the FBI, it was normal rhetoric that was even people like Sarah Palin has stated in the past.

·         Before he left the military, there was a phone call by his commanding officer’s wife’s brother, which he was charged with statements against the government, and spousal abuse. He was placed in confinement in his barracks. The government looked through the videos he made; the Marine Core totally exonerated him of all charges. He has a clean 2 (4 year) service record.

·         Once he returned home, Charles and his wife filed for a divorce due to cheating and some drug usage. The reason for the divorce was Adultery. They went to the court and they decided it was filed under the wrong paperwork.

·         Charles moved to Oklahoma in early December of 2009. Where he lived with his, and his daughter. Soon after he had problems seeing his daughter. On Jan 12th he went down to the sheriff’s office to see if there were any charges his wife filed. There were charges of sexual assault of his daughter filed. The mother approached the child on Jan 3rd and asked if her father has touched her private area. The child testified in court stating she didn’t know why her mother has asked her such a question.

·         Some legal troubles regarding jurisdiction of these charges came about.

·         The Court had a warrant to search the home where several weapons were found, he was placed in jail. It was later cleared in court. He was then re-arrested for this sexual assault on his child. It was later led to another trial. Followed by a Third trial in which Charles house was burned.

·         Charles later was on the run, and mom was very worried.

·         13 Electronic billboards were placed in search for Charles, an all-out witch hunt was placed upon this man.

·         Authorities called in the oldest child, and told the child that Charles molested her when she was younger. She told authorities were crazy, and told them that type of accusation came from his ex-wife.

·         DNA evidence was collected, where no evidence of a sexual assault was present. He later took a polygraph and ½ way through the test judge came in and it was stopped. Judge ordered it had to be down near the sheriffs.

·         In court through the legal battles, many accounts and statements were conflicting and twisted as a means to purposely find him guilty of the accusations. He was sentenced to prison and is now facing a legal uphill battle to fight for his freedom. Mom states legal fees have been more than $100,000 and has become too expensive.

·         Mom asks for legal help to any of the listeners of today’s program.

·         Mom states it’s a living death to have an innocent child behind bars.

·         Drake states that his contacts have stated things are in place and ready “to go”.

·         Drake states there is an international coalition, ready to help right now. Currently ready for the next steps.

·         He talks about the RNC, there are several announcements that are going to be made, it’s coming, “you can smell it”.

·         There is an extraordinary amount of maneuvering going on around the world. Limitations in the economics are being placed around the world. Several executive orders made are not being enacted because they lack the enforcement of it.

·         Drake states Neil Keenan is ready to re-file the lawsuit. Will inform us when more details are available.

·         Personal proof of the coming changes will become evident in short time. Some people will provide damming interviews. 

Source: NesaraNews


Drake Radio Show - Wednesday,  August 22, 2012 @ Blog Talk Radio

* Secret treaties were signed earlier to form a new partnership of the U.S., Mexico
    and Canada.
* August 20 through August 28th is a period of possible extreme crisis.
* Overall, the general direction is that it's time to take action.
* Most of the upper military are vying for political careers and may not want to act now.
* When you have a political system in which [favors] can be bought and paid for,
   you no longer have laws.
* Some of the problems we face may seem that they are faith based.
* He discusses Zionist and Jewish histories.  Jihad has declared war on all "free" countries. 
* Radical Islamist Jihadists do not have a home country and are a great threat to us.
* On short notice, Drake will be contacted by the military as to what actions are
   to be taken. T
hen the Militias will be contacted.  We are close to the point of
   taking tactical action.
This could be as soon as a few days.
* Channels of communications to Drake have been closed the past few days. 
   Something big is going on.  The games keep changing; the dates are getting
The Cabal is dying and are more desperate.
* Leave the cities.  This reset will very possibly get bloody.
* The underground bunkers and cities will be closed. We are NOT facing a global physical
* We are at the break point and need to take action. 
* The idea of a Nanny State is going away.
* The Vatican is a part of the Cabal.
* Drake does not believe that the Govt. purchase orders for ammunition have been filled.


Drake Radio Show - Sunday,  August 19, 2012 @ Blog Talk Radio

* He posted the documentation of the Neil Keenan lawsuit. 
* Obama is creating a private army with illegal immigrants.
* Obama's objective is the ruination of our financial and social systems.
* I quit recapping at 2:00 PM, leaving the last hour not covered here.


Q&A Starts at 1:34
  • Do you have any updates on troop movements?  Yes, I cannot say anything
  • Do you know when the Iraqi Dinar RV? Closer than people think.
  • How do I tune into the frequencies coming in as I was roasted in the sun?  It is a personal thing but you can adjust yourself so that you feel warm.
  • When the banking system get redone, the money we have right now will be worthless? In two weeks or sooner we will know the answer to that.
  • What is the Civilian Project that you are a member of and how to get involved? Talked about it on Alfred Webre discussion. E.T.s get involved in our development and help us in the direction we need to develop.
  • Are we still expecting something big to happen at the RNC in Florida? Yes, I keep hearing things. I don’t know how big it is going to be but it is supposed to be really cool.
  • I have German gold bonds guaranteed by JP Morgan and the US. Banks still refuse to cash them in. Will I be able to cash these in after the change? Yes
  • Can E.T beam Juilian Assage out of the embassy and get him to Ecuador? Technical issues need to be resolved before they can beam him.  Ha ha ha
  • Chemtrails are increasing in the Mid Atlantic, I am Military Police so I need some orders and need some more MPs and air traffic controllers so I can track the aircraft so I can arrest these chumps!  I will see what I can do.
  • Will politicians, bankers, will their actions be reviewed and will their finances get confiscated? Yes
  • What was the point of promoting the video Honorable Disclosure? The point was that this government doesn’t even treat their own right.
  • Are the White Hats the you mentioned on last Wednesday program the same that publishes the White Hats Report? Yes
  • I heard that someone asked you last show that they had markings on their hands.  I was surprised. My hands now have markings on my hands what does it mean? Is it the ETs, or light or the dark?  I don’t know I need to see the markings on your hand.
  • Need further explanations about the signatures of JFK from the Neil Kennan documents?  They are real. People need to understand that JFK suffered extreme injury to the back.  He never fully recovered and his life was affected and he never signed documents the same way twice.  The reason he was killed was because he was going to end the central banking system and this gold.
  • Doesn’t the Constitution replace the Articles of Confederation?  The AoC were never rescinded so they are still active.
  • The Neil Keenan lawsuit is civil action not a criminal action and would not see people arrested.  These individuals are criminals and will be tried as criminals.
  • Any update on financial meltdown and mass arrests? Yes, they are both on the way. Wait and see.
  • Is Teri Hinkle coming on the show?  She is very busy with her show and legal debt problems.
  • Is there a cleanup being done on a social and karmic level? Yes
  • Alfred will be interviewing Drake on Monday as a private interview but the next day on Tuesday the show will be uploaded to Exopolitics TV.



Drake Radio Show - Wednesday,  August 15, 2012 @ Blog Talk Radio

* Neil Keenan has the 160 foreign countries behind him.  The countries are not behind
   the White Hats.
* He will post the Neil Keenan lawsuit as soon as it is filed.
* There are foreign troops in close proximity of the U.S.  Some are good and some are not.
* Keep a few weeks of cash handy; do not depend on electronic money.
* Sorry folks.  I quit at the 7:35 mark.  It appears that he has no announcements for tonight.


Drake Radio Show - Sunday,  August 12, 2012 @ Blog Talk Radio

* He talks about black ops projects regarding mind control, including Project Paper Clip,
   MK Ultra, and Project Looking Glass.
* What we are not told is what matters.
* We are locked in a matrix built by subliminal advertising.
* Use visualization for what you wish to create and watch the video or
   read the book The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne.
* It is time to practice the above and to teach it to others.
* Sorry folks, he's reading and answering questions so fast I can't keep up.
* St. Germain's trust is not too far in our future.
* "Former White Hat" works for the CIA.
* There are plans for drug addicts when the drugs are stopped.
* Our country and our planet is critical in this reset process.
* There were several nuclear devices were deactivated at the Olympics.
* The collateral accounts will help persons transcend the current financial problems.
* The good guys have not taken control of HAARP or earthquake machines yet.
* The Louisiana sinkhole problem is being attended to by the ETs.
* The Treasury is printing money in defiance to the Keenan Liens.
* Ethanol destroys the gaskets in engines.
* The bill to audit the Federal Reserve is a sham.
* Keenan still has not refiled his law suit.
* It is possible that Israel and Iran are faking possible war to keep the oil prices up.
* The IRS will be closed, Federal and state governments will not be needed.

Detailed Notes for August 12, 2012 Radio Show

  • Played Twilight Zone Song
  • ·         Drake reveals Black-ops (ABOVE TOP SECRET) he talks about 25-30 years of stuff that has been hidden by the Cabal.
  • ·         Black-ops are totally secret, in a way that it can be denied if ever discovered.
  • ·         He discusses the technique of “Mind Control” which began in the early 1970’s mainly because Russia had a head start, and the US felt the need to “Catch up”.
  • ·         Google “Mind Control” for example “Operation Paperclip” where a combination of specialists where transferred here to the U.S
  • ·         Studies like “MK-ULTRA” which is a study of the working of the mind, under specific stress or alteration. The Cabal used advanced technology in accordance to such studies.
  • ·         “Project Looking Glass” was one such program that involved advanced technology.
  • ·         Studies say that around 70-80% of mental brain usage can be used to focus on a particular part of our senses, like “seeing into the future”.
  • ·         Much of this “looking into the future” was taken advantage of the TPTB. Secrets are held in “darkness”.
  • ·         The Bible mentions references to the “light”, if you want to be Free from everything, free from fear, panic, or fear they are coming to get you.
  • ·         Drake says today is “Freedom Day”….
  • ·         He says to watch and study the Matrix movie, we currently live in a matrix just as the movie displays.
  • ·         Look for “Signs, miracles & wonders that will follow you all throughout the day” At one point or another everyone on the planet will “wake up”. It all depends on what triggers you to wake up.
  • ·         8/12/2012 if you look at the numerology it has a similar correlation to mind control. He references the dog experiment with the bell. He asks the questions, what is your reality? What do you believe on the day to day? Did you decide or someone decide for you?
  • ·         Myths are not real; legends are real to a certain degree.
  • ·         He then plays the song, “In the Year 2525” By Zager and Evans. I suggest looking up the lyrics.
  • ·         The song has a “subliminal clip” where they include things that urge people to do things by the process of using your subconscious mind. In time you understand the complete message, the Cabal has the ability to keep up with timing, and effectively control bits of information/pixels.
  • ·         He discusses “Pop form” where ads are displayed and try to relay an entire message (Come to McDonalds, think of McDonalds commercials)
  • ·         He questions, “what if your whole life was a subliminal clip” really think about it.
  • ·         Look at the Media, the TV through ads what kind of assault on our minds are you currently witnessing?
  • ·         He asks the question, “Are you a slave?” He states the Cabal gives us our subliminal clip by giving us the “pill” of our reality where as a result we are pushed and forced to live a life that is controlled.
  • ·         He asks the question, “What would you give to be free?” Would you want to be free of taxes? Free to go and do as you please?
  • ·         The Police, Military, Gestapo, etc. are mechanisms that are in place to deprive humanity of our freedom. They are mechanisms of control.
  • ·         What is Freedom? Is it real? How can we get it? Remember this, you have decided to be exactly where are you are in this life. The Cabal has taken advantage of our own individual paths as a means to take credit/influence outcomes and paths that only they can control.
  • ·         Everyone on this planet has abilities, that when we decide to use them, they become “powers”.
  • ·         He then plays the song “Refugee by Tom Petty”.
  • “It don't really matter to me baby,
    You believe what you want to believe,
    You don't have to live like a refugee.”---
    àThis stuck out to me in the lyrics.
  • ·         He talks about Natural Disasters, the use of H.A.A.R.P (Weather machine capable of geographic destruction) Examples are Hurricane Katrina, East Coast Storms, and most recent Earthquakes in Iran 6.2 tend to be the signature (you tube this).
  • ·         The Cabal will create natural disasters as a means to get the general populace “use to feeling and living like a refugee.”
  • ·         He then mentions a Blue Pill and a Red pill. Think of the rabbit hole, the blue pill represents the same old b.s and the Red pill represents the whole picture, everything, without filters.
  • ·         Think about the bigger picture; think about where you actually see yourself in this world. Think about what you want to do for yourself, if you have a family think about future plans you would like to do. Use “Envisionment” where the Cabal does not want the general populace to use. This becomes a power that an individual can use.
  • ·         We have the power to believe which can effectively create something that becomes REAL that in turn can produce a different result. 
  • ·         We ALL have a Creational power is something that is available to every person on the planet, no matter the race, creed, ethnicity, or stature. We have the ability to create.
  • ·         The Cabal which consists of our governments, institutions of power, and our religious institutions are well aware of this power.
  • ·         He then plays the song, “Dream On” Feel free to look up the lyrics.
  • Half my life
    Is books written pages
    Live and learn from fools and
    From sages
    You know it's true, oh
    All these things you do come back to you ----This stood out to me as part of the lyrics.
  • ·         He says Think about your future, if you have or don’t have kids, think about the future, do you want a future of bondage? Do you want a constant oppressive force, dictating your way of life?
  • ·         Think about your life, what is the greatest gift you can give to yourself, your family, and your world?
  • ·         We all have to become Teachers, we need to learn the material, and ask the right questions, that way we can create a better world together!
  • ·         Currently the Cabal is planning sinister things as a means to hold and maintain control, there are also people behind the scenes, Drake and countless others are at the forefront. There are things that are beyond our control, beyond the public/present knowledge.
  • ·         Families should develop certain connections with one another; develop bonds with others as a means to disable yourself from our reality matrix. Protect yourself, and you will begin to see that the Matrix is in fact real, and we have the choice to disconnect and discover a world for ourselves.
  • ·         A great way to connect to the planet/Universe is to go outside, step on the soil barefoot and you will connect with Mother Earth.
  • ·         Drake begins to take Q/A
  • ·         Most questions pertaining to ET and Cosmic Related things will be answered tomorrow.
  • ·         Do ETs believe in a creator? What of the Galactic Super-wave? He answers yes they do believe in in a creator, the Cabal does not want in any way for us to learn about any of this.
  • ·         He discusses the Frequency Shift, its analog and not a digital shift. Analog are tight waves that occur naturally.
  • ·         He quotes David Wilcock and his “Source Field Investigations”, he states that if we are the Crown of creation should we be the one’s communicating with beings not from our planet?
  • ·         In order to communicate and connect with outer beings and places, we first need to learn how to connect with our current planet.
  • ·         As a species we have been incredibly destructive to our planet, through our resource extraction in certain places that create instability.
  • ·         Think about all the things the planet has provided for you, “Cars, clothes, food, shelter, etc”.
  • ·         Drake reveals that all that has been discussed wasn’t previously agreed or discussed, it just happened.
  • ·         Serious problems with the communications and broadcast with today’s show are a direct example, of the Cabal directly interfering with it.
  • ·         Minuteman comes in and begins to talk about “Freedom”
  • ·         Everything that is culminating on our planet at the moment all leads to freedom, we are currently fighting to break the Matrix, the illusion, where fear and stress reign, what we are experiencing is a powerful uplifting change.
  • ·         We all need to break through this fear, he questions who is “giving you this fear” he says look in the mirror that is where your fear comes from. None of the stuff on the internet and our media produces fear, it only manifests when as an individual you allow it to.
  • ·         Light the candle in the middle of the room, where it can illuminate the entire room, it makes the darkness, the fear to disappear. All the bad things, the worry, the stress is something that we allow. The Cabal cannot have your freedom; it is something that belongs to every individual.
  • ·         Fear sometimes causes people to pick a certain ideology that molds your lifestyle to live a certain way. A limited way, a way that is not free.
  • ·         Grammy J says, “Debt equals slavery, and that is right where they want to.” You can remove yourself from the matrix by now allowing yourself to be enslaved by these evil corrupt global corporate powers! If you can’t afford something don’t buy it, don’t charge it on your credit card, if you do you are enslaving yourself! And that’s what they want! Trust the CREATOR! And have NO FEAR, REMOVE YOURSELF FROM THE MATRIX…DO NOT BE AFRAID.
  • ·         Fear is the main component of bondage that enslaves this entire planet, by allowing this fear to reign our lives, we place the chains upon ourselves!
  • ·         Do not allow anyone to place ideas of fear in your mind, because they can’t, why because we are all FREE BEINGS.
  • ·         You can be locked up in Jail and still be FREE, why because you can envision yourself free, you can create through the creationist powers we have, BEING FREE.
  • ·         If you allow other people to make fear your top priority, you are allowing yourself to be a refugee. We need to take what we learn and turn it into something powerful. Something that we can unite everyone. We need to become teachers that can be beacons across this whole planet.
  • ·         Grammy J says “They want us to focus on our human differences that will take our mind off the matrix they have created.” Stop allowing yourself to be brain washed by the countless Ads, by doing this you are enslaving yourself, giving power to groups like the illuminati. Do not worry about the neighbors new car, house, etc. that is what they want us to focus on. When you do not focus on these things, you become free!
  • ·         Freedom can be suppressed only if you allow it, it’s something you can’t hold, smell, or taste. It’s just an essence that you can feel it! It’s all over the planet!
  • ·         Drake says, Fear means false evidence that appears to be real. Proactivity in thought and actions is where you do not take offence to someone who does something to you, it’s where you reflect and move on.
  • ·         He says everyday life is extraordinary in every way; you just have to take a moment to look.
  • ·         Much of what has been discussed today is critical to what we are experiencing today, because these are the key components that can push us to usher in a new change.
  • ·         These things serve as a catalytic event or feeling, that is a step out of the normal everyday life, all the control factors that are placed upon us by this fake reality Matrix are things that stand out and allow us to make a decision to actively make a change for ourselves.
  • ·         We all at a certain point or another have to find our calling, our certain place in this world.
  • ·         Now to some Q/ A…..
  • ·         When Will Prosperity Programs be news, the Iraqi dinar, homeland security programs?—People are working tirelessly to make such programs a reality. There are people dealing with the revaluation of the monetary system. There are certain things currently in place that seem to be working well, that might remain in place.
  • ·         Is it true will receive money from the St. Germaine trust?—certain things are in place for this to actually come about; there are some complexities at the moment. Questions of fraudulent mortgages can come about; if found fraudulent people might get some money back.
  • ·         Can you tell us who Former White Hat is?—He works with CIA Operatives, that belong to a bigger group. He is a paid Dis-info agent that tries to derail movements like these. There are bigger players like the illuminati at play. Do the research, look it up real closely he’s connected to some really nasty people.
  • ·         The Cabal and other sinister forces are trying to derail the progress of freedom; arguing and bickering on the social media pages only hurt the individual who reads it. Remember that fear is the central component that holds you back from freedom.
  • ·         We need to be respectful of others ideology, we have to focus on our own, we need to focus on our own paths. When we argue and bicker, disagreements, etc. we are playing into the hands of our puppet masters. They thrive on this, they thrive on these divisions.
  • ·         When we disable ourselves from the reality matrix, the fear, we begin to witness a brand new world; we begin to see a new perspective, a perspective based solely on the principle of Freedom.
  • ·         Alex Jones, Former White Hat are not the perpetrators of fear, the individuals who buy into the fear porn, are the ones who are pulling this in, who are taking fear and rejecting the possibility of freedom.
  • ·         Groups like the KKK, Black Panther Party are ideologies; they are groups that wish to change the perception of the reality we see. Disconnect and unplug from comments, people, etc.
  • ·         All these Wars, battles are based on ideology, it occurs when powers are influenced by ambition, greed, and power. As humans our Creator has given us the tools to move forward, to co-create, to establish a world that works, not a world that divides (like our current world).
  • ·         Our Creator has given us the tools to rid ourselves of what plagues the world; we need to open our eyes, hearts, and ears to the matters at hand. Tyranny is real, its present, it can only change when we disconnect ourselves from all the fear porn. When we do people have the ability to think for themselves, and that’s when the opportunities begin to manifest.
  • ·         Think Freedom, what does it mean to you? Will you follow the Golden Rule? Will you allow others to do unto others as they would do unto you?
  • ·         Will the Cabals network of narcotic trade be shut down?—simple answer yes.
  • ·         Will the first couple of weeks in September be exciting?—This country is a key stone country because it is based on Freedom. This movement of freedom is mainly alive because we have the power to reclaim it. Every individual in this Universe has the power to do this. Earth currently represents a critical point in the Universe; we are key players in a universe of many beings. By using Creational powers we have the power to envision things that can actually manifest in our world. 
  • ·         What will happen to people who make a living on the job of tax returns, how can we help convince people these pending changes are actually real? – With these changes, Accountants are going to be needed to analyze the mess made by our Federal Reserve, IRS they will possibly be working overtime. Pending Banking changes will require an all hands on deck approach. Possibility there might not be ANY TAXES.
  • ·         In regards to the Olympics, what did not happen that the Cabal had planned to do?—3 nuclear devices were found and located; some that were found seemed to be nonoperational. The Cabal missed their opportunity, possibly “someone” messed them up.
  • ·         What are the objects near Jupiter? And orange orb like things near the sun?—Due to the pending universal changes there are things that will begin to appear that much of the planet has been unaware of. Agencies like NASA are well aware of these things, and are part of the current cover-up.
  • ·         How will the plan be effective in Mexico?—The country is a wholly owned subsidiary of the major narcotic groups. When the Borders are sealed shut, the seas are clear of pirate ships loaded with people, the drug cartels will be singled out and targeted.
  • ·         Some see the coming change as a Doomsday, (Economy Crash, Food Shortage, etc.) will the rest of the economy pickup quickly? What of the industrialized part of the economy?—Due to the Collateral accounts, including the St. Germaine trust will help all people across the globe to provide the right resources needed to live a good sustainable life. With the right funds certain projects can be created that can produce many jobs. Look up Eastern Alliance and the changes they have implemented.
  • ·         Where did Lady Dragon go?—There were some concerns and problems from a great number of people, and Drake requested she take a sabbatical leave. She might have future involvement on the show. The Freedom elements in each country are really important. She is currently on the Freedom Efforts in Canada.
  • ·         How can the Insurrection Act be applied to arresting figures in the government?—Identify who has been acting as an insurrectionist? Who has been going outside the parameters of the constitution? Whoever has can be charged with Treason. Look at Voting Records, law’s passed that violate the constitution? (Homeland Security Act) look at who was responsible for it?
  • ·         If the President decides the “Liberty Movement” is violating the Insurrection Act what can be done?—It must be proved in the court of law that you or a group is an insurrectionist. By laws and wording that benefits the government are currently in place that gives them loop holes. Article 1 Section 8 lists the limitations of what the govt is and isn’t allowed to do.
  • ·         Will you consider Lt. Cornerl Tom Beardan as a guest on the show to discuss (Free Energy, HAARP, etc)—Yes I will entertain the idea.
  • ·         Do you see the Republican National Convention being Canceled as a result of the “Announcement”—We must first get to the day to actually see if it happens or not. We cannot see into the future.
  • ·         According to Drake’s sources all natural disaster related events are being dealt with by our ET Forces. Most recent the Louisiana Sink whole (article posted online by Dutchenise)
  • ·         According to the Neil Keenan Lawsuit, how does the FED continue to deal in finances if they are being limited?—Due to the lawsuit they do not have the collateral basis of “printing money” here they are making money up. The Accounts are tied to the charters of the banks, in which they are limited to what they can do. A lot of countries outside the G-5 etc. will not accept this paper currency as valid. Due to arrogance, superiority this is why the problem continues but it will only create more problems for the Cabal.
  • ·         How does ethanol affect our gasoline?—Ethanol has the ability to lower our gas mileage consumption, it’s also a food supply. We have been stripping the planet of essential resources. Currently human waste resources, (waste water, human fertilizer) corn flakes currently contain these type of things.
  • ·         If the Liens are going to take out the FED, why the Audit of the FED bill from Ron Paul?—Congress needs a legal way to look into the books of the FED.
  • ·         Do you have any news of the oil tanker colliding with a Navy ship in the Strait of Hormuz? – It was something that happened; the US Navy is not stupid. We have to see who told them to run right into the ship. The whole Iran vs. Israel conflict is bogus; they are actually trading partners on the oil platform. The conflict is perpetrated to raise gas prices for everyone.
  • ·         Since you keep your identity hidden for security purposes, what happens if the Cabal are using your expertise and knowledge to calm the masses with the pending agenda?—I have direct contacts, I probably could have been tricked a few times, look at the dates that come and gone. What’s going on is something that is extremely difficult; at this current time I can check and verify people and information. I keep my identity difficult because of security reasons. Some of the things of my personal life are classified.
  • ·         Is there anywhere we can go to verify that the military has been recalled?—Check the tea times, many of these people play golf, go see if they are there.
  • ·         Will the Georgia Guide Stones be taken down?—I was thinking lets plant explosives on the thing.
  • ·         Are you aware of an ET related event for October that will increase consciousness?—Yes I’ve heard some predictions, in regards to their validity I do not know, we will have to wait and see.


Drake Radio Show - Wednesday,  August 8, 2012 @ Blog Talk Radio

* To perform arrests:   Study the Insurrection Act (1807).
   Study Article I, Section VIII, and the Citizens Arrest doc from Drake's website.
   Charges of treason must come before Congress.
   For a treason charge you must find a Judge Advocate (military who is brave.
* There is a huge team of military flag officers and retired inactive officers 
our movement. The inactive ones have been recalled to duty;
   This is the first time in history that this has happened.

   Troop and equipment movements are for our protection.  We are now in
   the End Game. Troops have been issued live ammunition.

   The California tank movement is to seal our southern border.
* The Tampa GOP Caucus Aug 27 - 30th this month will be different than
News media will be open and truthful.
   Someone important will make an announcement there that will change the

* Militias will be contacted by the military.  Get your stuff together now.
    We will probably not be using our arms but will support in arrests.
* The Cabal has lost.
* We are close to the financial relief we are all looking for.  TPTB have been afraid
   we were coming to shoot them.

* All of the information above is an OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT.

* Minuteman says: If you are not in a militia then prepare to assist your local militia,
   law enforcement authorities and neighborhood.
* Drake says: This is the first time this announcement has been made.
* Make sure you do not violate any laws with your weapon.
* This is the Tactical Green Light.
* The Russian troops here for training will be leaving in two weeks.
* Russia and China are our allies.
* First the government will be cleaned up, then the financial industry will be cleaned.
* Do not fear flooding on either coast - its fear porn.
* Neal Keenan still has not submitted his lawsuit.
* Drake will continue to broadcast until the news media is revamped and free.
* Medical miracles will occur due to new technologies; replacement of lost limbs, etc.
* The technology exists to fully suppress earthquakes so don't fear them.
   TPTB were supposed to have blown up the Olympics but that has been prevented.
   There are counter measures to HAARP.
* Our planet is shifting on its axis, but it is a good thing.
* To locate a militia near you, go to WRAM, ,
   Well Regulated America Militias.
*  ETs did show up at the Olympics on the 4th.  They will show themselves more as
    we get comfortable with them.  They are here to help us in our transition.
* The first couple of weeks of September will be a fun period with extraordinary
   things happening.
* NESARA will be implemented by the end of the year.
* Stay away from Prosperity Programs at this time.
* There will be a need for anyone familiar with Common Law.


Drake Radio Show - Sunday,  August 5, 2012 @ Blog Talk Radio

 * There are about $125 Trillion hidden away in the CAFR accounts of state and
     local government's budget surplus savings.
* Russia and China are no longer our enemies.  This past week they vetoed and stopped
    NATO from waging war against Syria and Iran.
* Project Keystone:  Citizens to film people in power.
* Project Flash Justice:  Citizens show up at criminals homes with candles for a few hours.
* Eric Holder is supposed to be charged in a few days.
* Until we get our government set right we probably will not see the ETs.
* Sunstein quit the White House Friday because there is no for TPTB to way to win. 
    His job was to make us a all slaves through regulations.
* Iraqi RV has not been completed yet.
* There is an ongoing process to totally free the U.S. Military from the U.N.
* The banks are in default of the liens, but not in default of the cease and desist orders.
* Neil Keenan has not refiled his lawsuit yet.
* The military does have the right to defend us against an oppressive government.
* The reset is going as planned, other than the predicted dates.
* HAARP has been used by the military to create earthquakes and bad weather conditions.
    It will be salvaged and used for good and no longer as a weapon.

Drake Radio Show - Wednesday,  August 1, 2012 @ Blog Talk Radio

* All the blogs need to unite to get the word out.
* The people who are not into guns should be non-violent but still stand up to them.
   The people who are into guns should be prepared to use them.
* We should be aware of "the next few days".
* Within the "next two weeks" you will experience the most extraordinary thing
   you could imagine.
* Read the White Report #46 of July 20, 2012. 
* Expect a totally peaceful transition.  We should get a 2 day notice before it occurs.
* We need a form of command structure; community groups, phone trees. 
   Communications will not go down.
* Lack of store inventories and utilities should only be for a few days, not weeks.
* He has been told that Aurora shooting was done by three shooters, not one.
* He has been in briefings for the last four days.  Extraordinary things to happen.
* The efforts of the people to be heard have been heard.  We will be assisted.
* The BIS, which has been shut down for 90 days, can be shut down much longer.
* Some of the things Cobra says are correct.
* Tim Turner is not president of anything.
* Every Government agency has two elements in them.  Those that support the PTB and
   those that don't.
* Ben Fulford is alive and well.
* Be ready for things to start to change, and expect things to continue to change and change.
* The number of county sheriffs that are backing the Constitution has increased
   tremendously the past year.
* The Federal Government is not able to send troops into states.


 Drake Radio Show - Sunday,  July 29th, 2012 @ Blog Talk Radio

* Discussing gun control.
* The Small Arms U.N.Treaty failed last week.
* Hosts keep getting dropped off the call today. Drake is off now.
* Drake has not hinted that he has any new information to share.

This is at the one hour mark. He keeps dropping from the call. When he gets back on he does not go into new information. Accordingly, I am quitting the call at the one hour point.  Later I will try to find another set of notes covering this call.

Final Note: I contacted someone who listened to the entire show. Drake never added any new announcements or information.



 Drake Radio Show - Wednesday,  July 25th, 2012 @ Blog Talk Radio

* Fox News is saying that they don't think the Arms Treaty will not pass the Senate.
* Senator Harry Reid says that the Audit the Fed bill will not be heard in the Senate.
* 56 million persons were rounded up in the world and exterminated AFTER gun controls
   on them were put into effect.
* Someone in the audience is preparing a standard Affidavit to arrest county directors
   of Homeland Security for treason. This can be made available for others to use.
* Neil Keenan's suit and liens are about to come to fruition.
* If the small arms treaty is not passed we still need to arrest those that pushed for it.
* He believes that the Aurora shooting is too strange to have done that on his own.
* We may see one or two arrests per day for awhile before the mass arrests.
* Most of the false flags events planned have been taken care of.
* There are several people working on standard Affidavits.  They are working with
   attorneys, U.S. Marshals, etc.
* The most powerful thing we have going for the people is Neil Keenan
   with his ability
to cut off the Cabal's money.
* Neil Keenan says the Euro can be taken down in one day.
* He does not feel that foreign troops will invade the U.S. due to lack
   of cash by the Cabal
* He is having contact with various Congressmen, so hopefully that will be a big help
   in what we are trying to achieve.
* The Federal Reserve has been shut down from printing money at this time.
   No money can be printed without the approval of Neil Keenan.

 Drake Radio Show - Sunday,  July 22th, 2012 @ Blog Talk Radio

* Send questions for the show to
* Keenan has not refiled yet.  He will post copies of the liens when he gets them.
* Homeland Security had planned a takeover of the people of the U.S. 
   Valarie Jarret was mentioned as a player in this plan.  She runs the White House.
   They plan to suspend the elections in November to keep Obama in power.
* Minute_Man:  The military are being told that they owe no allegiance to the Constitution.
* Drake:  The Military Code of Manual states that you are to protect the Constitution.
* We have until Friday to find out if we are to be free or not.
* If you can't join a local militia then begin your own.
* The Trans Pacific Partnership is for the benefit of the corporations only and
    will contribute to corporate fascism.
* The only thing left to do is refile Keenan's law suit.
* If we have a military coup, the military will appoint temporary leaders.
* He is not calling for an uprising Friday or violence.  If we make arrests they
   should be accomplished by filing Affidavits first.  
* The rumor that the Military is preparing to take Obama out of office is valid.
* The military is intending to support the people, but we must be non-violent.
* He believes the Aurora shooting was a staged false flag action to help pass gun control.
* General Dempsy is a good guy.
* The next "Green Light" will be the major one.
* If the Sheriff is corrupt, go to his assistant then senior deputies.
* We have a lot of National Guard in the U.S.
* To locate a militia near you, go to WRAM, ,
   Well Regulated America Militias.
* Drake agrees with all that David Wilcock said in this week's article.
* Drake will post if the Small Arms NATO treaty is signed this Friday.


 Drake Radio Show - Wednesday,  July 18th, 2012 @ Blog Talk Radio

* He will not have "earth shaking  news" as planned today as he did not receive the
   paperwork on it.
* There is a $100,000 reward for Fast & Furious insider information.
* There is a lot of rumors being put out to scare us. Most of the articles are not fully
   explained. If they were, you would no longer fear them.  If the events being warned
   about are not actually happening now they probably will never happen.  The Govt
   has run out of money.
* Tim Turner screwed up in front of the California Militia by saying he was their commander. 
   The militia got up and walked out.
* Minute_Man said the FBI must be included in the arrest process because they were
   created to deal with bad politicians.
* Drake: Not all of the law enforcement people are bad people.
* In regards to the Keenan lawsuit, the liens are in default. When the suit is refiled
a day or two days those liens will close the Federal Reserve.  The Federal
   Reserve has been trying to
print money [outside] of the liens.  The Eastern
   Alliance of 147 countries are not
recognizing that illegal money. 
* In a day or two that re-filed Keenan suit and the liens will be put on the website.
* Because the Fed Reserve has failed to respond to the liens they are in default.
   The court
can only rule in favor of the lien holder (Keenan). This will end the
   Fed Reserve instantly.

* The Cabal is trying to make a deal to survive.
* Minute_Man:  It was never the military's job to secure our freedom.  It is the responsibility
   of the people.
* Drake: The liens and the Keenan law suit are two different things.
* He cannot verify what the Galactic Federation says regarding hundreds of Cabal members
   being taken.
* NATO is implementing a huge disinformation campaigns to scare us about troops getting
   us or shooting us.
* Do not be concerned about earth changes or Nibiru hitting earth.
* The military is hoping we can put enough pressure onthe Cabal and their minions so that
   the minions will have to show themselves. This way the military can finish cleaning
   their own house.
* Niel Keenan is responsible for the collateral accounts.  These accounts are the basis of
   all the wealth on the planet. His authority came from the families that own those accounts
   that are meant for the peoples of the planet.  Some of the families have been stealing
   those accounts for personal use.

Drake Radio Show - Monday,  July 16th, 2012 @ Blog Talk Radio

* The Senate is signaling that they will not support the Law of the Sea bill, which is good.
* The Trans Pacific Partnership bill seems to be gaining traction in congress, which is bad.
* Continue to organize with your militias, the FBI and Local law enforcement authorities.
    When ready to go, contact Drake.
* Minute_Man says that call for arrests is to be done in a calm, legal and non-violent manner.
* Drake says any citizen can arrest another citizen for crimes against the country.
* Anyone who voted for Homeland Security has committed treason.
* To make a citizens arrest tell the person the charge and that he will be taken to jail.
   Later the police will formally make the arrest. Some police may arrest you instead. 
   Be sure to record all activity.
* Approximately 2 million people will be arrested by the military.
* Don't try to arrest someone unless you have evidence.
* The Dept. of Justice will be more cooperative after the Cabal falls.
* If law enforcement authorities will not help you they might be charged with
   obstruction of justice, aiding and abetting, etc.
* He will post information on his site on doing arrests in a few days.
   It will tell about getting evidence, filing affidavits, getting Law Enforcement assistance.
* The notice to military families to be prepared to leave low lying coasts should be rescinded
   in a few days.
* Obama ordered that any information given against someone working for freedom was
   given  a bonus and award.  This was known as the Rat Patrol.  The military is now
   identifying who those patrol members are in the military.
* The majority of the military is on our side.  95% say they will not enforce Martial Law.
* He will be sending a newsletter tomorrow regarding N. Keenan update.
* Because the Main Street News Media is not on board yet, he will begin giving
   detailed news starting Wednesday.
* The military was waiting to see our reaction prior to and after the vote this Friday
   on the U.N. Small Arms treaty.
* If you attempt to arrest a high up politician, complete paperwork first, then take the
   Sheriff and/or FBI with you to make the arrest.
* First we take action, then the military will show up, then the ET's will bring
  new technologies.

Drake Radio Show - Sunday,  July 15th, 2012 @ Blog Talk Radio

* Everyone who is able to should visit Bohemian Grove to witness
   the horrible things going on there.
   Most of our leaders attend these satanic rituals.
* A lot of church websites have been taken down by the government
   as a test to see if they could abridge  our 1st Amendment rights.
* An Executive Order was signed Friday the 13th giving Homeland Security
    control over all communications in time of emergency.
* Nobody is going to come and save us.
   People must get involved to clean their own communities.
   People need to review the documents showing what our leaders
   have been doing to our freedom.  We should learn about Search Warrants
   and our rights.
* Per Minuteman:  Any politician that supports NWO legislation needs to be arrested now.
   This needs to be coordinated with the FBI, Militias, military etc.  
   The people need to take the initiative for this.  Join a local Militia.
    We need to get over our fear.

* Drake:  The reason we don't have military activity now is the Rat Patrols initiated
     by Obama. Politicians are being paid off to sell your freedom out.
     We will have to locate those rats ourselves and arrest them.  If you take
     people into custody you immediately turn them over to authorities. 
* All of Drake's advisors are calling for us to begin doing the arrests now.
    Contact your local militia.
* We are looking at the last gasp of the NWO.
* The time is growing shorter for us to become aware of ET's and the hidden technologies.
* There are between 250,000 and 3 million members of U.S. militias now.
*  Drake is holding a military arrest warrant on a civilian.  He is offering the paperwork
   for others to use as a template.
* Anyone serving under the Homeland Security Act is subject to arrest
   for treason now
* About 20% of the military is still supporting the NWO.
* It would be nice if we could arrest a Holder, Clinton, Bush, etc. to show the world.
* A group of citizens could go to the Sheriff and demand arrests.
* The show may have gone off line at the 1:52 mark.


Drake Radio Show - Wednesday,  July 11th, 2012 @ Blog Talk Radio

* Terry ?? points out the lawsuit filed in Canada against the Vatican, Big Pharma
   and the crown of England.  She suggests we know the information.
   This is in regards to killing the American Indians.      Link
Militias are saying that they will go on the offensive if on July 27th Congress
    passes the
U.N. Small Arms Treaty outlawing guns in the U.S.
    This will be an act of war against the people.
* Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) act is another act to continue to grow NAFTA.
     It is supposed to be secret.
Only the citizens of the U.S. and Yemen have the right to bear arms.
"The False Flag events have all been discovered and dismantled." 
     These were planned for October in the U.S.
*  "Hopefully N. Keenan will refile prior to July 27th."
*  JPMorgan's loss was just them taking $9 Billion cash to pay bills and pay higher ups.
*  Keenan's filing should take down the banks, hopefully prior to the 27th.
    This might be the Financial Green Light.
* The military no longer takes orders from Obama.
* The military has infighting and disagreement within the ranks,
    but is busy trying to help us.

Drake Radio Show - Sunday,  July 8th, 2012 @ Blog Talk Radio

Drake Said:
* JP Morgan and the Vatican are being investigated for money laundering.
* The UN is trying to tell the U.S. what to do.  They are now trying to outlaw guns
    through a small arms treaty.
* The Cabal is on the run and are having financial problems. They are trying to do as much
    damage as they can on the way out.
*  The G20 split from the U.S.
He is asking the military for a public arrest of a major player and televise it,
    possibly George Soros or Eric Holder.

Federal Reserve banks are in default and will be served soon.
*  Have your preps ready and one month of medicine.
*  First we take care of our business, then the ET's and military will step in.
*  "Great probability of mass arrests on a combination basis."
* N. Keenan has not refiled his lawsuit yet.
* The military will prevent the government from shutting down parts of the internet.

Additional Notes Below by 2012TheBigPicture

Some very interesting details came out on this teleconference.  Such as…
Paul says we should check the Global Voice Facebook Page for news articles and information posted by the team. It’s all been researched and vetted. Someone was posting remarks to discredit what Drake and the team are doing and they’re dealing with that.
Paul is creating an FAQ section so people can reference the most common queries and Drake won’t need to spend time answering the same questions again.
Drake and the Team shared updates until the first break one hour in and then they got right to the questions.
The treaty designed to steal the People’s guns and leave them defenseless must be stopped. They’re trying to make an “end run” to push it through so we can’t do anything. Be aware.
Lady Dragon emailed Cobra and he revealed that right after Drake gave the Green Light, the cabal threatened to release a weapon of mass destruction, so the military couldn’t go forward with their plan.
Another reason the mass arrests have not gone forward is because 50 per cent of the U.S. Federal Marshalls aren’t on board with it. It’s important that we keep the momentum we have right now. That is one reason why Drake asked for the public arrest of Soros or Holder; so the people can see the plan is real and no one can dispute it. We have to keep our energy and expectation high.
Cobra said when Drake gave the Green Light the energy and Light on the planet soared, and that makes the job of the Resistance Movement and other Freedom factions easier and moves us along faster because it steals power from the cabal, who feed on our fear and negativity.
Cobra will be doing an interview with Lady Dragon at a future date.
The “cavalry” isn’t just the positive military; it’s many factions and millions of members of the Freedom Movement.
There are many people, even in other countries who are doing what they can personally to share this information with others; i.e. in South Africa, Victor printed up flyers.
Lady Dragon revealed that some of the ATMs at Germany’s Deutchbank were not working this weekend.
Russia also experienced technology malfunctions with their ATMs there. Expect more of these kinds of scenarios. It’s not a good idea to store anything of value in a bank safety deposit box, and you may want to remove at least some of your money from the BIG banks. Credit Unions may be a better choice because they’re usually independently run and don’t have a close tie to the Federal Reserve.
Barclays Bank in London is under investigate for LIBOR fraud; “fixing” lending rates and colluding with partner banks to scam the people. The CEO of Barclay’s, Bob Diamond, was forced to resign this week.
For the first time in history, the Vatican , the most secret bank in the world, is under investigation for money laundering regarding €80 million. The Italian police arrived on the scene this week .
Hillary Clinton threatened China and Russia is not pleased.
Lady Dragon said there is a fraudulent email going around saying there have been changes to one’s DNS and you need to go to a specific website to make an update. The DNS (domain name system) has nothing to do with your PC. Don’t go to that website and enter any information. Go here for more information on this virus.
Lady Dragon has a picture on her website of an earthship (that’s an eco-friendly, sustainable home made of rammed earth) from Michael Reyholds. She suggests we check it out.
There’s even more going on this week than there was last, and much of it has been significant enough that it got the attention of a lot of people who weren’t paying attention before.
Since the BIG banks are in default, things could get very interesting soon. It might be a good idea to stock up on food and supplies, cash, batteries, fuel, and necessities in general. Lady Dragon suggests the best way to know what you’re going to need in the event of disruptions is to get one morning visualizing that you have no electricity, or gas and can’t get to a store. That will tell you exactly what kind of items you would require if there are major disruptions.
Keenan has not yet refiled the lawsuit. Drake can’t say more. He has the power to sign off on the collateral accounts and everything is not as it seems. We do not have an American currency. What we’re using as the American dollar is a Federal Reserve note; not our currency.
The freedom movement is working on removing the banks’ ability to operate as financial institutions, so it’s looking quite likely that some banks will close; particularly those with a close relationship with the Federal Reserve. There’s no way to know right now, so expect minor to major disruptions in business.
Drake says within the next two weeks a whole lot of things are being formulated to bring the gears of the money-making cabal to a grinding halt. Drake says hopefully much less than 2 weeks. The ground crew has to do their part, then the Galactics will step in to assist.
Part 2 of that initiative will probably involve mass arrests in combination with the exposure of some individuals we never thought of as being part of the cabal; people we thought were honest and acting in our best interests.
Drake recommended we know who are neighbours are and form community groups so in the event there are disruptions in the food chain, basic supplies, etc. we can band together and share or work in cooperation with each other to achieve basic goals until things become orderly again.
While it would be nice to see every complicit body marched off to jail, we need to keep our basic infrastructures in place.
Drake told the military that in lieu of the mass arrests that didn’t happen, we need to see the public arrest of at LEAST one major figure to validate Drake’s position and that of the positive military. Drake suggested George Soros or Eric Holder.
The cabal’s military powers are rapidly dwindling so soon the mass arrests will be taking place and the unconscionable acts of the elite will be made public.
Drake was not involved with the notification process for the Nation State documents that accompanied the Pentagon’s request to go viral with the email statement. The packages sent out declaring the People of the USA are a free and independent nation were prepared before he came on the scene by a group in Pennsylvania. That paperwork also decreed that the military are to defend us while we finish the project to free the public from the corporate government. What was distributed was a cover sheet for a 28 page document and Drake thought it was important to share it to support what was done. The packages were sent to a private law office in the town of Hague for processing and that was completed some time ago.
Keshe foundation technologies will be released to the public in a pre-determined order because they will dramatically change our lives.
Has Obama signed an executive order to control all communication in a crisis situation? There is talk of a date when the cabal will just turn off the Internet. The good guys have positioned themselves so that cannot happen—if the cabal even had the guts to try it. A caller said they took that notice down from the White House website so perhaps they chickened out.
Drake wasn’t able to source any information on the Prosperity Funds , but if they’re linked to the Strawman accounts, those are Reserve funds so would have to be paid back if someone accessed them.
Drake was surprised by David Ickes unprovoked attack on him on Icke’s website last week. Drake’s experience with that kind of behavior is that the perpetrator is either out of the loop completely as to what’s going on, or they’re an agent. There have been some who asked Drake to do an interview with them and when he turned them down they retaliated.
If one sees the terms LIBOR or MIBOR in their mortgage contract, they may be able to …sorry, missed the rest.
For more details and questions, listen to the archived call.
The next teleconference will be Wednesday, July 11th at 7:00 p.m. EDT, 4 Pacific.

Additional Notes by


Drake Radio Show - Wednesday,  July 4th, 2012 @ Blog Talk Radio

Drake said:
* Canadian Executive Order released today was an Agenda 21 holdover.
* Some of Sarkozy's people were arrested today in France.
* Donald Trump and George Soros have multiple RICO charges against them now.
   Russia has put out a terrorist charge against George Soros.
   Soros is a main conduit for the Bushes.
* A bunch of financial people have disappeared.
*  Few days ago a truck wrecked in Utah.  It was carrying signs that said "Bank Closed"
    and "martial Law" and paperwork that indicates it is to be used in October.
* The military says that things are taking place but not necessarily mass arrests.
   They are arresting key persons first, then maybe the mass arrests.
* Congressmen will be arrested after higher key people are arrested.
* There are two levels of new technology:
               1.  Technology withheld by the government and corporations.
               2. Technology held by ET's.
* The financial Green Light has not been given yet.
* All of this will be culminated before the elections.
* Washington DC was HAARPed in his opinion. 
* published a story today titled "Medical Care - a war crime".
* Colorado fires and storm on Washington caused by the Cabal to create
   homelessness and strain the services to create
chaos and riots.
* The military is not waiting for the Euro collapse before they move.
* "The bankers in Switzerland are visibly in panic and are afraid to leave the country in
    fear of arrests abroad."


Drake Radio Show - Sunday,  June 27th, 2012 @ Blog Talk Radio

 Drake Said:  
* New Chat Room:  then go to top of page to FORUM.
* The Rio G-20 meeting earlier this week had as its purpose to create a NWO.
* The only purpose of Obama's State of Emergency executive order had was
    to keep the U.S. in state of emergency powers act for a dictatorship.
This is from the military:   The Calvary is coming.
    If needed, the militias and citizens will be contacted. 
    They say sit back and watch the fireworks
*  The Rio G-20 failed to create the NWO.
*  We have won!
There should be no interruptions of infrastructure.
*  He implies that all should happen by July 4th.
*  The foreign troops are no match for our troops.
*  Majority of the G-20 told Mrs. Clinton they are no longer interested in creating
    the NWO due to lack of money.
* The House Oversight Committee approved a Ron Paul bill today opening
    the Federal Reserve to a full audit.
* This is Green Light status issued by the military.  Look for activity within 24 hours.
* The Euro is on its own now.
*  A lot of globalization agreements are now void.
*  U.N. goes back to its original charter purpose.
*  He got information from some of the highest ranking military.
    He knows those leaders and trusts them.
*  You will not see NATO uniforms, just U.S. uniforms.
*  Central banking systems will be closed.
*  All of the things that are contrary to We the People will be taken care of.
    Look for extraordinary changes.
*  We have cut ties with all foreign relations.
* Top off your auto; hold 2 weeks of cash, have food on hand for several weeks.
*  We will have to be schooled to learn how to communicate with the ETs.
*  Drake will be updated in a day or so by Neil Keenan.
*  International travel will be shut down for 72 hours. To begin ???
*  Obama will have serious problems.
*  Government checks will be going out as normal without interruptions.
*  NESARA will go into effect, with the people having the ability to vote changes to it.
 Recap Source:   

Additional Notes for Drake Call of 6/27/2012

Here are my notes taken during Drake’s call going on from 6-9 PM CST, 6/27/2012.

The military has told Drake “This is Green Light.”

The spirit of the call was like freedom bells ringing throughout, once Drake said the green light had been given by the military.

Notes from Drake call of 6/27/2012
  • G20 meeting was all about the NWO takeover.
  • 12 false flags around the U.S. had been planned, including nuclear devices, for October (maybe a rerun of last year’s “October Surprise” that didn’t happen), so there would be no elections. They’ve been handled.
  • According to the ET’s, “the cavalry is coming.”
  • They will take care of things.
  • “Sit back and watch the fireworks.” They’ll call on the military only if needed.
“We have won.”

With mass arrests and removals from office, the MSM may not have a choice about reporting it.
Yesterday and today Drake got his answer from the military:
They have the paperwork and it’s been submitted correctly.
The majority of the states have submitted notification that they are free of the corporate govt.
The military can take action on behalf of the people against the corporation.
The military will begin supporting the vets as they should be.

Get some cash out of banks, though no major interruptions are expected.
Drake has been given a day for the event–this week. (I assume that means in the next 3 days, and possibly tomorrow or Friday.)

He thinks the military has finally gotten the idea that if they didn’t act, the people would.
Every time the opposing forces have tried to do a trial run with air vehicles, they’ve been met by superior forces and told to land.

Lady Dragon reporting:
FBI was on CNN about breaking up a large child prostitution ring.

The audit the fed bill made positive progress today. There was a unanimous vote in the House in favor of it, something unheard of in the past.

Cobra also confirmed things are working well and to remain calm.

Drake again:
The politicians are seeing the handwriting on the wall. Some of them will be lucky to retain their lives.
Drake again.

The military has told Drake “This is Green Light.” It will be posted on his website after this call.
Many other countries are watching us. They feel if we can do it, they can too.
England and the European Union are having extreme duress maintaining life support. G20 said they would cut all financial ties to other countries. The European Union is on its own. The E.U. was the prototype of the NWO.

A lot of the money that should be going into our highways has been going into the trans-America highway for the North American Union (Mexico/US/Canada). (From the nature of the call, we can probably assume that that won’t happen.)

He suggests that the U.N. will begin to have some very difficult problems very shortly because they’re following globalist policies. They will be terminated as they are and be reinstated according to the original plans for it. It was taken over by the globalists.

The religions (religiosity) will be attended to shortly also. The E.T.’s will give us the true story that’s been denied us.

He did some checking with other countries about what’s going down and got confirmation there too.
He said the military will go mainstream with this as soon as they can. They’re listening to these calls to ensure that the info is being put out correctly. They wanted Drake to be educating the public about this coming event. They’ll also be using some people well known to “out” the info. Wanted freedom and militia communities to be reached, so they wouldn’t take action unless necessary.

Canada will have to determine if they will cooperate or not. The central banking system on this continent will be closed, which includes Canada too. So they’ll be up against hundreds of other countries wanting them to cooperate if they don’t comply.

The notification process (declaring our independence from the corporate U.S. government) to the Hague set us free from the other ties and treaties contrary to the American documents–Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence. Nullification of all former contracts which are contrary to these documents.

Listen to traffic stations for possible slow downs.

All things that are contrary to the best interests of the people will be attended to, including courts, judges, etc.

Women will be much more in charge.
Governments start wars, not people.
There will be major changes coming. The legalities will be changed. Finance will be changed. “Eventually we may not need money.”
Individual rights will be reinstated. Attending to the needs of our brothers and sisters will become standard.

IRS will be going. People in prison because of them will be released. (Minute Man’s Well Regulated American Militias website)
We have cut ties with England, City of London, and other controlling places like that.
Vatican Bank has serious financial problems. Been cut off largely (called the Northern Connection). That’s been severed.

Federal Reserve goes out.

Was asked when E.T.’s might make an appearance? A time has been given but he must hold that info for now.

He suggested a week’s supply of food; stock up on necessities in case of interruption. Take two weeks of money out of bank account. May have hits and misses in terms of deliveries. May have some food shortages due to delivery issues.

He has update on Neil Keenan and the various financial law suits but can’t say it now. It may become public before he can say.

A traveler told a caller that their flight was sent to Las Vegas and couldn’t land in Denver because the military were arresting several hundred people there.

Drake has been in “school” for about a month learning how to communicate with the E.T.’s, through imagery and thought. They will be sharing that with us, so we can better communicate with us.
There have been an unusual number of flights leaving the Dover (England) airport today. The Queen was wearing “green” today. (We wondered if there was a connection to “green light” there.)
Drake said since he has been allowed to go public with this, Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh could do the same. They both have Drake’s email if they want more details.

When military determines we are free, church bells will be ringing.
Military doesn’t have much respect for B.O. He hasn’t been listening to them.
Govt. checks should continue as expected. May get larger.

NESARA law will be publicly discussed and perhaps enlarged.
We have a bright and shining future.

Central banking system will go out in the near future.
"It is the nature of the ego to take, and the nature of the spirit to share." (Proverb)

Blessings Tami Dickson

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Drake Radio Show - Sunday,  June 24th, 2012 @ Blog Talk Radio

* This coming week a vote will be held by the G20 to globalize all of our countries
.   The military must act NOW to prevent this.
* We will know by Tuesday morning if the military is backing the people.
* A lot of the Cabal people to be arrested left and are in foreign countries now.
* Consider the possibility that force will be used on the people.
   Have your gun ready to take action.
* By Tuesday AM the last legality the military is waiting for will be in place.
* U.S. uniforms will have the American flag as the highest badge on the right shoulder
    of the uniform.
* It appears that the Cabal will try to bring the war to the U.S.
* The troops are just as nervous as we are.
* Restrain yourself from taking action.  Do not engage unless you
    see people being pulled from their houses.
* He says the military has the authority to arrest the Cabal as of Monday.
* Our reaction must be thought out and planned.
* He believes the military will step up for the people.
* The 150 country Eastern Alliance has the purpose to set up new banking
   and monetary systems.
* is a website to help with foreclosures.
* Most areas of the U.S. have troop movements ongoing at this time.
    Don't forget that the summer is the training time for the National Guard.
* Drake will have news of Neil Keenan's progress posted on Drake's Website mid-week.
* He hopes this will hit the Main street media in a couple of days.



Drake Radio Show - Sunday,  June 17th, 2012 @ Blog Talk Radio or listen to the edited version here.

Recap Provided By :   Jim of
 *  Drake sent an open letter to the military yesterday for the military to stand up and act now.
*  He has been involved with the ET's for several years.  The ET's look like us. 
    The ET's will not assist until we clean up our mess first.
*   He has been working directly with Neil Keenan. 
Emergency Announcement:  There is a limited amount of time.
    We either act now to clean up the mess or the ET's will do it.
*  He describes the movie 2012 of earthquakes, extreme weather leaving no working
    infrastructure afterwards. [Do not know where he is going with this possibility]
*  Edgar Cayce describes a miner physical change is possible.
*  Drake says we have a choice of which experience we will have.
* If we heal the planet quickly, the physical changes will be much easier.
* Review the 5 minute video on Drakes website 
    Under SPIRITUALITY.       This video was done by the ET's.
* Cobra is validating what Drake has said. 
* He thinks the collateral accounts have been opened.
* Some prosperity accounts may be in process.
* Mother earth will soon begin making changes. We need to clean out
   the Cabal so we can focus on mitigating the threat of the earth changes.
*  We need to eliminate all Monsanto products on the earth.
ET knows the time limits and are prepared to act now.
     The military must step up now.

*  The Central Banking system is going [down].
The Bank of Internal Settlements, the crown of the Cabal, has a lien on it that
    prevents them from conducting business for 90 days.
    This is a death blow to the central banks.
*  Drake hopes that Monday the military will take action.
* If we do nothing, we will get the movie 2012 activity.  If we remove the Cabal and
   heal the earth, we will have a better physical experience.
* [The video listed above gives the Cabal until June 21 to surrender.]
I have to leave for a meeting and will not recap the last hour of the interview

 Additional Notes as Seen at the NESARA Blog


Here's the score as I see it Monday June 18, 2012.

1. The Greek Elections: The bankers needed a swift control of the Greek economy and government to continue the Ponzi scheme. They did not get it. Instead, the election was a draw which puts Greece without a government for several months while the delegates fight out who is on top., In the meantime, back at the ranch, this is by anybody's definition, a major credit event for Greece (a default) such that the derivatives must begin paying off; just what the bankers feared. They feared it because they don't have the money to pay off nor any more excuses as to why they are not required to pay off. So, in poker terms, CALL! Either the trillions of dollars worth of derivatives have value or they don't.

2. Drake says that the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) has been liened and is prevented from doing business for the next 90 days. CALL! If true, this is a death blow to the global Central banks and if untrue, a deathblow to Drake.

3. Drake Stirs the Pot. Drake gave the career military officers notice Saturday to perform the mass arrests by Monday or the Career military will no longer have a career. CALL! The military must either support the Constitution or put the U.S. under Marshall law in support of the Cabal.

4. The ET Ultimatum. According to Drake, an ultimatum was given to the Cabal to surrender by Thursday, June 21st, or else the ET's , militia and citizens will begin the killing of the Cabal, their minions and organizations that are usurping the constitution. CALL! Congress and DAS Homeland have to put up or shut up. No more time to stall or bluff. It is come to Jesus time - you either believe or you are going to hell.

Drake Radio Show - Wednesday,  June 10th, 2012 @ or the edited version at .......


People are saying “Nothing is happening”; Drake: “I can understand the frustration”
Bank Notices were posted on June 2nd – Network Bank Investments blocked all financial accounts both online and at the banks. This bank is closing.  Drake had intelligence that this would be happening before hand. See the article Drake is referring here. This is just a quick overview of what could happen here in America.

Drake has read many comments concerning the poll he posted on Lady Dragon’s website. Many extreme comments from nasty, neutral, positive comments.

Drake: The three items listed in the poll should be that most people would enjoy the benefits of the list.

Drake: NESARA is real, I checked with my sources

Drake posted the vote out of curiosity

Neil Keenan suggested that it was not a good idea to post the vote because he would be in negotiations with the Dark Cabal bankers.

10,000 “FU” emails were sent to Drake from one individual

4,818 votes were initially counted

Drake asked administrator of to keep the poll open to get a larger tally of votes. The numbers received were astonishing: out of 4,818 votes there were 28 ‘NO’ 
4790 votes were ‘YES’ - 99.4% voted YES.

Drake:  I heard last week Canada went “Broke”. The Federal Reserve sent them money to keep Canada afloat.

Neil Keenan is doing the negotiations because he is in control of the Collateral Accounts and understand the legal end of these lawsuits.

Drake: This poll does not mean anything; it is just a simple look at what the people want.  Everybody agrees that we want financial freedom, release of free energy and suppressed technologies, and go back to our founding documents to become a free people.

Drake: “One of the reasons I stirred the pot with this vote is to get everybody excited.”  The idea is to get people to spread the message around the world.

Drake: We are looking at trying to put together something that will make a large enough voice that it will no longer be ignored. At the same time we are pulling the stool out from underneath the bankers. The bankers’ problem is that they cannot run from this problem and they are out of funds.  The only thing left for them to do is negotiate.  There are some that killed millions of people and will be dealt with.

Drake: 600 – 800 suppressed technologies.  I am aware of about 30 hidden technologies that are science fiction to the average person.  These technologies would solve the problem of people going hungry.

We have a planet that can produce way more than what we need in order to have a decent life.
A lot of talk about free energy devices especially those that can be implemented at the household. This release of technology would reduce the jobless rate to about 5% because of the installation at every household, apartment, business.

Drake: I was over joyed when I saw the percentage of the vote.

Drake: You might consider pulling your money out of the bank accounts because of what we saw with the Italian bank closing on its customers. This decision from the Italian bank was decided back in November and just released to the public in the beginning of June this year.

Caller Jim: This vote is more like a customer survey than a vote.

Caller: Where are we at, at this point in time to start seeing things in the public? Drake: I got screwed by the Military timeline twice so I am not giving timelines anymore.  It shouldn’t be very long. It could be coming to your neighborhood soon.  The large banks will fold because they are tied into the central banking system.

These notes capture at least the first 30min of Drakes initial broadcast before the Q&A session.  If I have time i will try to finish the notes for the  remainder of the broadcast.

These Notes written by enerchi of



Drake Radio Show - Wednesday  June 6th, 2012 @

 ***There was an audio interruption at the end of the show and a few minutes were lost in the recording***

Drake wants "the people" to vote on a proposal as to how the Dark Cabal/Banking Families need to surrender and on what terms.  What is our demands? Options are to have an all-out war of violence in taking out the banking families or should we negotiate with the dark cabal to transition into a peaceful new way of freedom.

Do you (the people) want all-out war?  If so the Civilian Military will be fighting the mercenaries and loyalist of the Dark Cabal/Bankers.  It is estimated that 2/3 of both sides of the fight would be dead or wounded.  Both sides want to transition without war or violence. A proposal needs to be written so that a peaceful transition can occur.

Three (3) principals are involved in this new proposal
  1. We The People
  2. Collateral Accounts Representatives
  3. Banking Families/Dark Cabal
Banking families want to surrender but nothing is in writing.  Banking families and the Civilian Military leaders want to know what “the people” want.  What would the people except as a surrender.

The Proposal will be open for everyone to vote on about the transition to freedom. Lady Dragon will post a link to a poll on her website . The link will be open June 7th at 12:00pm and will close on Saturday June 9th at 12:00pm.  Drake will take the data collected and present it to the Civilian Military and the Banking Families.  The proposal will be discussed among those who are at the top of the power structures from both sides. Results of votes will be sent to the Banking Families to show them what the people want. Drake: There will still be adjudications for those who committed crimes. Tuesday is the latest we should hear a response about how the banking families react to the proposal.

NESARA = Financial Freedom and Debt Forgiveness

  • Taxes & The Federal Income Tax eliminated and to be replaced with “User Fees”
  • Release of Advanced Technologies
  • Collateral Accounts would be used to set up manufacturing facilities for development of Free Energy technologies which would help create jobs and introduce energy independence
  • IRS Eliminated
Go back to the 1787 Constitution with the original 13th Amendment

Government and the Federal Reserve can no longer print money

Neil Keenan Lawsuit – Neil is thinking about withdrawing lawsuit and then refilling the liens against the Federal Reserve with additional backing by major countries and secret societies.

Drake knows about the frustration of waiting that people are feeling.

600-800 patents have been confiscated and hidden by the Federal Government

5% unemployment after the Collateral Accounts are released which can be used to build MFG facilities

Drake: Can you imagine being free in a month or sooner?

1.2 Trillion Dollars is the real national debt of the nation. The rest is of the debt is by banks and the USA Corporation.

There is technology that allows for the regeneration of severed limbs. The medical technology can regrow arms, legs, hands, and other appendages.   

Free energy technologies for homes and cars.

After the changes there will be very little government left.

Drake wants this proposal to help with a peaceful transition.

Minute Man: Agrees with a proposal to help facilitate a peaceful transition. “I see an opportunity for new freedom.” Tired of fighting and don’t want to worry about my children and grandchildren.

Much more was discussed but this is the best I can do from the first round of listening live on air broadcast.

These Notes written by enerchi of


See Below for Additional Notes from Jim of

*  I Missed first 15 minutes.  Live now; site keeps going down.
*  Using New Link Above at 23 minute mark.  I will restate from tape tomorrow.
*  We need to go to local rule.
*  Neil Keenan is considering refiling his lawsuit and having other countries
      file with him.
*  The banks are looking to surrender.
*  Drake suggests we make an offer to the military??
*  This is an open proposal to the people, bankers and military:  Military - Stand down;
     Banks stay open.
*  He will set up a site where all can go to vote.
* [sounds like open negotiation time; nothing has been agreed upon]
*  Voting from tomorrow until noon Saturday.
*  Actual National debt is 1.3 Trillion; rest is bankers' debt.
*  [Drake indicates that Keenan will refile and that a proposal will be made to the military
    to stand down.  If he is real, sounds like everything has crashed and we are
    back to square one as far as legalities.]
Voting Site: , then go to page titled "Drake". 
    Voting page to be up by noon Thursday.  Results to be sent to the key players.
*  Lost connection past 3 minutes.
*  His terms will require the majority of adverse legislation to be struck rescinded;
    we go back to constitution.
*  There will be no arrests.  There may be an accounting and charges later.
*  We have a choice:  All out war with 2/3's casualties or Peaceful negotiation.
*  The banking corporations are going broke and will be out of play.
*  Illegal politicians will be adjudicated.
*  The majority of the military and some of the bankers are in favor of a peace treaty.
      They want to hear from the people feel about a treaty.  They want terms.
*  The treaty will give us freedom, hidden technologies and peace.
*  The NESARA Act will financially compensate the people.
*  Treaty removes Cabal's control over us.  They are out of money.
*  We will be free of the Crown of England.
*  NESARA Act will strip the Cabal of its power; Released technology will boost the
      economy;  The military does not want to engage the people.
*  The Peace Treaty will go before the congress for approval.
*  The vote will later allow us to see the peace documents.
*  The collateral accounts will prevent the printing of fiat currency. 
*  The Cabal is seeking surrender.
*  Call in number for this show:  805-399-1200  code 153938
*  Search "History of NESARA"  It goes back to the 1800's.  Hopefully it will be
    posted on the website tomorrow.
*  Currency RV's may or may not occur, based on the treaty.  Dinar may still RV.
*  Damaging actions against our health will stop per the peace treaty.
    This will show how serious the Cabal is.  The Cabal has made first contact for peace.
*  There are other bargaining chips that the Cabal is not aware of.  This involves Keenan
     refiling the lawsuit with other countries as plaintiffs.  This scares the Cabal.
The Cabal will admit defeat and we will have our original freedom back. 
     Some of the Cabal will get prison time, but most will be free.
     The Cabal is afraid the military and militias are about to come after them.
*  NESARA will cause all debts to be zeroed out.
*  If the treaty is reached, the drone programs will end immediately.
    The people that control the military industrial complex are the ones asking for peace. 
It will be Monday or Tuesday before we will know if the offer is accepted.
*  We will go back to original 13th Amendment.
*  [Chat rooms are said to be most concerned about negotiations and unsure of
    all of this.]
                    Recap Source:        


Drake Radio Show - Sunday June 3rd, 2012 @

 * Three first 30 minutes is a waste. 

* Drake, Terri Hinkle and Deitra have been kicked off of Freedom Reigns and have moved to It sounds like there were arguments over donated money (starts at around 29 minute mark). 

* Drake talks about moving from Freedom Reigns (41 Minutes). He says nothing. 

* He talks for some time about getting together with your neighbors. 

* Drakes website: (Begin at 65 Minutes). 

* We must have a transition without rioting. (75 Minute Mark). 

* [I am told that the call was ended by Drake when the Chat Room had posting accusing Drake of being a fraud. (81 minute mark). Drake was brought back in.] 

* The next interview will be at 7:00 PM EST @ 

* [I am told that some at Freedom Reigns feels he is a fraud].

These Notes First Seen Here



Recap of Drake Radio Show - May 31, 2012 

  Drake Interview this evening. Listen at  Link    
 Guests:  Lady Dragon [LD], Minuteman [MM].        

Drake Said: 

* Europe is being salvaged by credit default swaps [garbage].
* We are finalizing the collateral accounts. 
     Liens will then be served on the central banks.
* Timing is unknown; this is a new process.
   We are one week away from zeroing out the banks.
   Banks will be closed 3-5 working days, then
   another week required to bring in new currencies - thus no banks for 2 weeks.
* You may have to operate on IOU's with merchants.
* The idea of financial bonanzas may or may not materialize. 
*  NESARA (secret one) will be implemented.  No flat tax but there will be a "use fee".
    Overall, this will greatly reduce overall taxes.
*  [Drake is wheezing.  Hope he is not exhausted]
*  Pots & Pans Demonstration - he is all for it.  Let the officials know how you feel.
     Demonstrate Thursday afternoon.
Announcements should be made in two weeks.
LD: Peaceful demonstrations in Canada; 500 lawyers in robes marched;
          Groups are coming together to say no to govt.
*  The Constitution has been suspended by the Homeland Security Act.
*  We need to start organizing ourselves now.
MM:  Join up with Occupy Movement.
* Wealth will flow into each country from collateral accounts.
     Funds will go to EVERYBODY.
* The U.S. has completed freeing itself to legal satisfaction of those that needed it.
* The experts do not know how credit default derivatives work or what
     will happen to them.  Sit back and watch JP Morgan Chase.
* Its OK to leave your money in banks not heavily tied in with the Federal Reserve banks
    (small chains). Your currency there will be revalued. 
     Stay away from bailed out banks.
* Student loans are fraudulent and will be zeroed out.
* Possible flooding in the future of as much as 200 feet.  Do your own research.
* The reset is coming quickly; afterwards there will be no reasons for war.
* All of the banking rules and other laws will be changed. 
     Basil III will no longer matter.
* Mitt Romney is not exactly an honest man from business dealings.
* The Reset will occur prior to the elections.
* Iraqi Dinar:  All currencies will be RVed at the same time.  He has no feel for values.
* Your mortgage will be forgiven.  If you do not own a house you will have
     great credit creating ability to purchase one.
* Persons will be able to immediately be drug free painlessly. 
   The technology has been hidden and will be released.
* Neil Keenan is now finalizing the financial part of his lawsuit which will end the C. Banks.
* Emergency food will be available to all.  Get to know your neighbors.

These Notes First Seen Here


Recap of Drake Radio Show - May 28rd, 2012 

Drake & Minuteman on air this evening till 9 PM, CST.   Link
Sorry I missed the first hour; was unaware of show]   

Drake Said: 99% of the U.S. troops have now heard Drake's address to the troops.
NESARA will be implemented.
*  Eastern Alliance of Nations has established itself to break away from the fiat money. 
        Some countries will not accept U.S. dollars printed after a certain date.
*  Due to lack of money, the Cabal is now resorting to issuing Executive Orders
       to scare us.
*  80% of the military is backing the reset back to the Constitution.
*  Chemtrails are slowing down due to lack of money.
*  Be checking your politicians for cleanliness; learn your government operations.
*  He does not guarantee the Iraq Dinar; all currencies will be RVed. 
        A new banking system will be designed by the people.
        There may be a 2 week banking dead space (for all banks).
*  Avoid FDIC insured banks (because FDIC has been insolvent the past year)
       if the bank is tied in with the Federal Reserve system.
*  Businesses should have two weeks worth of supplies [inventory] on hand.
*  It has been decided that Drake will be one of the persons to announce the RVs.
*  Stock up on silver (coins) for temporary purchases for two weeks.
*  The global central banking systems are in the process of being taken down.  
    For most people, the money left in banks will be revalued;
    you just won't have access to it for a few weeks.

These Notes First Seen Here



Recap of Drake Radio Show - May 23rd, 2012 

MP3 - Edited Show Here
These Notes First Seen Here

Guests:  Lady Dragon, Minuteman

*  Veteran's Today magazine 5/20/12 says the military has had enough of Obama.   

            Article 1      See Also:   Article 2        

*  Canada is trying to free itself also.
*  "Within the next few weeks things [legalities] should be satisfactory to the military."
*  This is a second revolution. is the news website for Canadian alternative news, per "Lady Dragon".
*  Get to know the people in your community.  Get off the couch, find your special talents
       and use them for the benefit of your community.
We should be preparing now to manage our new freedom &
      manage our local governments.

*  The military helped start the militia movement in the 90's; goal was to build and hold
      until now.
*  The Federal Government does not have the manpower to take us into martial law.
*  The Cabal is losing it's power to assassinate people.
*  The Dinar revaluation will occur at the time of the announcements [in a few weeks].
*   Hold silver dollars dated prior to 1964.
*  "Everything is looking good with the Keenan suit."
*  The people that left JP Morgan were the good guys who got fed up. 
      There was not a "trading Loss" there; it was a cover for payments to certain people.
*  The 13th Amendment will clean out the Zionist and other foreign controllers
      in our government. [No allegiance to two governments]
*  The suppressed technologies will be the same as the difference between us now
     and Cro-Magnon man.
*  All communication (satellite) and transport out of the country will be closed down
     for 72 hours.
*  Maritime [UCC] law trumps common law.
*  Re: Judge Dale's document The Great American Experience - Chapt. 5:  There are
       three sets of books, one set regarding the planet;  Most sets are fraudulent.
       The problem is that no one knows the true values of the books. 
       The books will be zeroed out.
*  Its not pretty now, but the Japanese radiation problem is being handled. 
      The earthquakes were intentional extortion.
The timeline has been delayed a few weeks for legalities.
*  You can create your own militia group in your county.  Can be several in one county.
      Inform your sheriff what you are doing.  Link with another militia group to learn how.
*  Major changes may come to education, cutting the time and expenses down.
*  Download free skype and send email to asking to join a room
      so you can participate in the calls.
*  If you have problems contact the National Lawyers Guild; pro-bono work.


Drake Radio Show May 16th, 2012

MP3 Edited Show Here
These Notes First Seen Here

He Said:
*  Military is waiting for legalities and the people to wake up.
*  We don't need to fear someone coming to "get us".
*  His new/future web site:  Link   
*  We need to learn to create community consensus.
*  Start preparing to lead your neighborhoods.  Get to know people.
*  See Ohio Valley Minuteman site:   Link  
*  A militia is not just for warfare.  Its skilled people working together for community.
*  We have got to start thinking from the point of view of goodwill with each other.
*  Google: "explanation of Constitution" for sites to study.
*  His opinion is that Obama will be arrested.
* The timeline for arrests is unknown to him now.  It may or may not have changed.
*  The plan to reset the government was started by the military after the Korean war when it
    was discovered that the United Nations was broadcasting troop movements to the enemy.
*  90% of the military is in agreement with the reset.
*  The people[leaders] being taken out in other countries are supporters of the Cabal.
*  "Don't be surprised if the Russian and U.S. forces have formed a coalition."
*  Most (about 90%) of the U.S. Marshals are on board.
*  Some devious corporations will be closed.
*  Learn that we are the originator of the credit the banks think they own.
    We owe the banks nothing.
*  Greece informed us 10 days ago that it was going to default, but in an orderly way.
*  After the Euro collapses, the dollar will collapse.
Don't be concerned about a major false flag event in Chicago.
    The Cabal does not have the capability to do anything like that anymore.
*  He no longer gives much credibility to Bill Woods.
*  He says he will have a lot of interesting information next week. 
*  Watch the financial changes that are now occurring.


Credit Goes To:Wolf Spirit Radio and Freedom Reigns & Drake 

AREA 51 & DULCE, NEW MEXICO NEW (04/29/2012)
· Parts of Area 51 are now empty and a couple of the others are empty. A lot of the stuff that was
out there has been used in terms of moving them into tunnels, tunnel systems and underground
bases. This was your top of the line technology reverse engineered from supposed ET craft that
crashed. These things have been spread all over the country. The people who had the idea
reverse engineering did so for two reasons:

1. Military superiority in terms of weaponry.
2. The advanced technologies would give them the capability of having all the electricity
they wanted for as long as they wanted it kind of thing.

· The timeframe for this is 30-45 days from 8 April 2012.
· The arrests, taking into custody, sweep, and housecleaning, whatever you want to call it, will not
come much lower than governor level, if that.
· President and Congress – 13th amendment will apply. If you are an agent in any way, form or
shape, holding allegiance or gratitude to a foreign power, not only can you not hold citizenship,
you cannot hold any office. You are not allowed to be here.

UPDATED (04/29/2012)
· He won’t be definitive about the arrests. There are the beginnings of the things which he has
discussed on prior radio shows that have already transpired.
· Europe is going crazy. The reason they are going crazy is 2 reasons: they do not have the funds
to back the currency known as the euro and they also have an extraordinary, staggering and
impossible to pay back debt.
· A NORTHCOM maneuver is scheduled between May 2- 9 in 6 different states. Seeing military
convoys wouldn’t be out of place since it is a training exercise however it could be the good guys
putting their troops in place.
· The legalistics involved should be complete as of this past week. If not, the first of next week.
· Majority of the executive orders, if any, that can be used on a legal basis simply because they
have not been done correctly.
· People need to start learning how these things work so they can take this down to the local level
and tell their mayor no, nature does not clean up the leaves in the forest so there is no need for
me to clean up the leaves in my yard as such. You are not sending locals workers over to do that
for me and then charging me for the privilege. This goes to property rights.
· When certain people are in a position to do so, they will take a sweep. They will take all the
people from behind the people you have in office - the financiers, people that have been being
the document runners and people like that are all of a sudden going to disappear. After that
sweep is made, they make sure they have all the records they need to prosecute these people.
Then the people will be given the notification to go into a green light status. That means
everyone will be notified about 24 hours ahead of the time you get to see people put away in

(UPDATED 05/06/2012)
· Regarding the arrests: it will be soon and Drake will not give a date. The dates he has been
given on anything have come directly from the military so he’ll let them deal with it. The federal
government as we know it will cease to exist. Most of it is unnecessary and a lot of it is illegal.
· There will be some gun fights (the bad guys not wanting to be captured).

· Per Drake, if you have money in the bank everything will be zeroed out.
· Afterwards there will be a RV (re-evaluation) according to a combination of both personal and
collateral accounts.
· The collateral accounts will try to attend to a combination of public works, making sure people
have jobs, thing of this nature.
· The private accounts will be more attuned to making sure that the people who would bring out
emergency food stuffs to people who don’t have any food have gas for their trucks and things of
this nature
· The banks themselves, if they are not directly affiliated with the Federal Reserve or central
banking system, will not be taken down.
· The re-evaluation is going to be a different type of value in terms of currency. We will be going
from what we now know as a debt system to what will be known as equity system.
· You may be looking at 2-3 times the purchasing power you had with the Federal Reserve note.
This means wages, costs, a lot of things are going to adjust.
· These things are predicated on two basis: direct valuation (means that things have a certain
value) and to go along with this productivity in terms of what the individual people are capable of
doing and making sure they have the opportunity to do so. These are to see the basic needs of
· The currency of a country should be backed by some value.
· For people that have money in the bank (prior to everything being zeroed), consider purchasing
gold and silver coins. By having $200-$300 worth of silver coins (called junk silver because they
are 85% or more silver) you have a vendible currency that is always recognized.
· From Drake’s understanding, it will not take very long to change from the debit system to the
value system.
· We will continue using the current currency and it will be phased out over time. Drake has not
been told yet what the new currency will be. There will be a dead period that can be addressed
with gold and silver coin. Get at least enough to last you basically a week in terms of your
expenses (groceries, fuel, etc.).

(UPDATED 05/06/2012)
· There are several things going on that people don’t know about. Several of those took place
recently. One of those was the liens against the banking system in Europe. The interesting part
about this is the legalities involved in this are basically set. There is a second and third part to
that. The secondary part is coming in the near future but Drake is not certain exactly when and if
he had the information he would refuse to give it out simply to protect the people doing it. The
secondary part of this is causing the liens to become a warrant. The manner in which that is done
is by requiring the bank, according to its charter, to pay its annual fee on the amount of the
collateral accounts they have been using as collateral to maintain their operations. When that is
done, the request for payment then becomes a warrant to the bank to produce their payment.
When the bank cannot pay this, they are immediately referred to their bonding company. The
bonding company then takes care of the problem whatever it may be. That is the system. The
problem is that the bank cannot pay it. They don’t have that kind of collateral in gold which is the
required payment. The bonding company doesn’t have it either so primarily you are looking at a
bankruptcy. If a bank refuses to perform, in terms of reporting to its bonding company that there
is some sort of serious problem, then that in and of itself is felonious and anyone who is involved
with that bank can go to jail. If they do report to the bonding company, the bank is cleared of that.
If the bonding company does not report back to the lien holder, that is also felonious and
everyone associated can also be arrested.
· A 143 country consortium refuses to abide by the Rothschild banking system any further. They
formed their own banking system.
· As these things transpire then these people, who are iffy at best, who did this on purpose in terms
of our banking system, are being systematically singled out and that systematic singling out will
come in the form of these arrests that everyone has been talking about. There will still be mass
arrests also.
· You can expect a bank holiday when they zero out the funds so they can get rid of the bad guys.
Then you will not have basic currency like we are used to and this is where the little bit of silver
come in if you need it. Stock it up for a few days, maybe a week or two. Make sure you have
some food. Make sure your medications are in order.
· Don’t be overly concerned. Drake’s understanding is the phones are going to work, the toilet will
flush and some people can go to work and not worry about it.

BRIDGES NEW (04/29/2012)
· The dark cabal has drilled holes in the cement of the bridges to put explosives in. The good guys
are still working at removing the explosives. There are a lot of bridges.

CHEMTRAILS NEW (04/29/2012)
· If we can’t get official action sometimes the people have to take action. Drake has made an issue
of this through his contact chains and other people that they need to address this. Some things
have been done but not nearly enough. Hopefully at some point you will start seeing fighter jets
escorting these people to the ground or shooting them down or something of this nature.
· Is there any benefit to a chemtrail that we are unaware of? That depends what is in it. There are
chemicals, mixes of things that can remedy most of the problems that those things have created.
It can also clean the atmosphere and us. They can be beneficial if used correctly with the correct
ingredients yes.

CHICAGO (NATO Meeting) NEW (04/29/2012)
· Doubt an evacuation will happen. Evacuating Chicago would be an extraordinary undertaking.
The logistics do not fit. The areas around people will be sanitized and anyone questionable will
get to take a trip, either voluntarily or with assistance.
· Black choppers are an intimidation and scare tactic.
· Bad guys no longer have a place to hide nor can they get off planet.

CHINA NEW (04/29/2012)
· Should we be concerned about people from China building here? Why aren’t we using people
from the United States? Each individual nation will be responsible for their people. You will find
that there will be a lack of capable people (people correctly trained) to handle infrastructure

· Involves individuals, small towns, counties, things of this nature are going to become critical for
two reasons:
1. Self survival, self preservation
2. The people will be seeing several different structural plans for a government in this
country. It is going to be hinged on and primarily put together just a little differently but
very similar to what we originally had. Drake’s understanding of the plan is two-fold:
§ The federal government as everyone knows it now is going and the finances will
be turned back to the treasury.
§ The structural plans will be put on display at voting places for everyone to see
with an explanation of what they are for/do. Individual nation-states will stand
individually. There will be agreements between them per the Articles of
§ We will have a much more transparent government.

· Ammunition Purchases – Just because you say you are doing something does not necessarily
mean it is happening. Would check to see if there is a contract along with payment that validates
what you are saying.

· He has had dealings with both the White Knights and White Dragons.
· He is not a member of these groups at this time.
· There have been several Drakes popping up all over the place.
· If someone wishes to contract Drake, they may do so through

DRAKE’S COFFEE (Medicinal)
· He uses regular coffee but adds a few things.
· Makes 12 cups with filtered water. Uses 4 level scoops of Folder’s Dark Blend coffee. Flatten
out the coffee so it is not heaped up.
· Ginger – it takes care of the acid feeling in your stomach that can occur from drinking coffee. Put
enough in to speckle it a light yellowish color.
· Whole Ground Cloves – these are a pain reliever. Put enough in until it is speckled brown.
· Hyssop (can buy at a health food store) – sprinkle enough to sort of cover the prior ingredients.
· Red Clover – is a blood cleaner. Add a healthy pinch (equivalent of 1-2 blossoms and some
· Then make the coffee. The coffee will have a naturally sweet taste.

FARMERS NEW (04/29/2012)
· Two things will happen as this thing starts working itself out:
1. Re-emergence of manufacturing in this county.
2. The other general intention or focus is going to be on farming (see Localization).

· Will the $16 trillion of bailout money that went to the bankers’ pockets have to be paid back?
Recently on Divine Cosmos, David Wilcock put out the report of all twelve central banks being
leined. The deal with the leins is that the answer is yes. The central banks now have to pay back
all of those funds that they obtained illegally. Basically the central banking system is getting
ready to go bankrupt. Parts of it already have in Europe and other countries.

(UPDATED 05/06/2012)
· The Federal Reserve, in terms of its collection branch known as the IRS, is supposed to last for a
year. Drake has heard three different stories on this:
1. One is that they can close it down in a year’s time and get it straightened out. Drake
feels this is wishful thinking.
2. The next one is a minimum of two years and they said that they may be able to do it in
that period of time that they weren’t sure.
3. The last estimate was four years. This does not mean that this thing will be active in any
way, shape or form during this period of time.

· There have been numerous resignations and arrests in Europe.
· In the U.S., banking officials decided to take extended foreign vacations instead of resigning.
When this was discovered, some of the people have been stopped at the borders, their
credentials checked, their passport was kept and they were told to go home.
· Since the current banking system can no longer take money from small foreign countries, they
are limited to funds on hand. The funds on hand have been stolen, leveraged, borrowed and
securitized away from what are called Collateral Global Accounts. This was without permission
and illegal. These things are being addressed.
· The banks are responsible for paying this money back, not us.
· When the Fed goes here, so does the financial basis, backbone or support of most of the G20.
· All of the financial power, to include the reach anyone has in any capacity (corporate,
government, whatever), is going to be reduced to having no value. The framework they operate
in will be taken down (the basis for it which is money).

UPDATED (04/29/2012)
· Russia’s stock exchange is realigning some of what they are doing but the problem is a person by
the name of George Soros. He couldn’t affect a direct takedown while he was in the country.
Apparently there was an arrest warrant issued for him for financial terrorism. Russia shut down
for self-protection.
· U.S. stock market is bogus in terms of its valuation. The actual valuation right now is around
6,000. Remember what happened to housing. The housing market today is basically at more of
a true value then it has been in a lot of years. When a stock splits, they are diluting the value.
· Do not throw away your Federal Reserve notes. The re-evaluation will reinstate them on an
equity basis so they will still have value.

· Drake is in the process of making some of his own.
· The technologies that have been repressed are going to be a part of the disclosure. The
disclosures are going to be tremendous. Anyone that has had or has cancer will be treated in
such a manner that they will no longer have it.

· Was in the works for 5 years. There is no documentary evidence concerning that, that anyone
can come up with at this point.
· Documentation on it does exist and is hoping to preserve that in order to prosecute the people
involved with it.
· Japan is unsafe to live in and this has not been told to the people.
· The radiation has spread to Europe. The problem is not radiation itself but the type of radiation.
· This was an extortion attempt and used an explosive device.

· Has been used for a combination of things. One is extraordinary weather (called weather wars).
Other parts of it are earthquakes, tsunamis, extraordinary lacks in certain things (example: if you
move the jet stream a certain way and a whole area goes dry).

· Debt Elimination – information regarding this is located here:
· Foreclosed homes will be returned to the owner. People that have bought those homes will need
to find a new one.
· The interest rate in terms of a mortgage is going to become a mute point. People may want to
look what is occurring in Iceland.
1. Majority of what the central banking system was telling them was fraudulent. Iceland
ruled that their debt was fraudulent and that the banks could pay their own debt.
2. Recently Iceland forgave all mortgages.
· You are your own creditor. Fact of the matter is that these things will be officially recognized and
rectified. All federal taxes will disappear and as well as your mortgage.

UPDATED (04/29/2012)
· Strawman account is in our name and tied to our birth certificate. Specifically the strawman
doesn’t exist and what it is is an equity issued according to your value. Generally it is around
three billion dollars. This goes directly to the Fed in terms of valuation upon birth. You have to
remember that because of the fictitiousness of the origins of these actions, as goes to the
corporate government, that
1. A corporation has no more right than Walmart or someone else to collect taxes and
2. They do not have the capability to lawfully operate as an entity where it regards a free
· The other part of this is that you have people losing their homes because they don’t understand
that they are actually issuing the credit to the mortgage holders against themselves. In other
words, you are worth X amount of money. If you sign a paper, there’s no transfer of funds. They
go on a computer screen and change some numbers and that’s it. There is no value that moves.
· As to the issue of the credit, the individual does not owe but the banks do. This is a part of the
reverse they put it to cause us to think certain things. People have been lead to believe that
when you apply for a loan you are actually getting an intrinsic value when you’re not.
· As far as fighting that sort of thing, there are several places you can go. Put “What Lies in Your
Debt” into your search engine and you will come up with some answers. There are a whole lot of
things in legalistics and legal terms that most average people are unaware of. Due to the
bankruptcies that this country has had, we operate under what’s called the Unified Commercial
Code (UCC). Everything is commerce.
· The strawman ideology: yes it does have some legal valuation, it does have some legal
ramifications but using the UCC as an international law whereby all commerce is conducted
within this field of a combination of understanding and enforcement then everyone has to pay
certain portions of bills when they are doing payable. It also outlines contracts exactly their legal
condition, the manner in which you can sign one so they cannot say you agreed to the contract
so this, this and this applies when it is not written anywhere in the contract.
· You use UCC 1-308 called Reservation of Rights. That means there is no implied contract. If
you want to start some stuff and you’re paying federal taxes, put Reservation of Rights above
your name when you sign something. It would be an idea for those who decide to do so to have
a good lawyer.
· For people looking at buying a home at this time: make sure the deal is structured correctly, make
sure that the property they are looking at to buy is comperable to valuations done on properties
similar to it within that area.
· Most the foreclosures have been ruled as fraudulent and the property is to either be returned or
compensation made to the original owner. It may not be the best idea to invest in these things.
The only entity that you are assisting when you do so is the bank itself.

ICELAND NEW (04/29/2012)
· Some of the information Drake has been given on Iceland is privileged and he has not been given
authorization to discuss it.
· A certain amount of the mortgages have been forgiven according to where they were originated
and the types of monies involved.

JUDGES NEW (04/29/2012)
· There are people in prison that shouldn’t be there because a judge had made a mistake. Drake
suggests holding the judge personally responsible for incorrect application of the law. The record
should be expunged (stricken from all records).

· On the website,, you will find a thing called Localization. It provides a
combination of both helping each other with simplistic things (if someone can’t do something, you
help them with it or if they need something, you may provide it). The other part of it is protection.
· Drake is not recommending violence. What he is recommending is for everyone to get their
groups together and get a phone tree going. When you see something funky, call the sheriff.
· Have somebody who has time and the capability to keep an eye out and make sure they have a
cell phone and a radio. It would be a good idea to advise all of the militias to put a scout, a recon,
a lookout, whatever you want to call it out there with a radio and a cell phone. The call does this:
they call for reinforcements, the reinforcements call the sheriff and they call up the phone tree for
civilians. The militia is deployed to whatever the problem area is and these people are

(UPDATED 05/06/2012)
· The ideology is one person who is awake and the rest are not and you want to get a message
out, go talk to someone it doesn’t matter who it is. Is there something that can be done that will
benefit everyone that they probably would like to have taken care of? That can be anything …
squeaky hinge, chipped steps, someone needs their grass mowed and can’t do it for themselves
for whatever reason, go get it done. Could be as simple as a ride to the store.
· If you get a new washer and dryer, what do you do with the old ones? Do you have them cart
them off or do you give them to a charity that gives out washers and dryers? Or give them to
someone who needs replacements.
· Militias need to introduce themselves so they are known.
· What are you going to do to make sure that your local area it is also straightened out? If you
don’t have a community working together, if you don’t have eyes and ears, how will you find out
who is dirty and who is not dirty? It’s just that simple.
· The sheriff might be a great guy and he might have one deputy that is a little funky and no one
has paid attention to it. The time is now to get those kinds of people out there. If they are doing
something other than what they are supposed to be doing, they can’t be doing what they are
supposed to be doing.
· States issues will need to be handled by individuals in that state. The same applies to your town
or community. Unite and work together to take back your community. If you want freedom, you
have to work for it.
· A lot of the convenience things that people are used to are not going to be readily available. It is
going to be more of a regression or a turning back in time to an extent.
· If you can something correctly it can last 5-10 years and you won’t have any problem with it.
Learning this is fairly easy. Go online and find out everything you need to know. How to prep the
ground, how to can something, what you have to do it to can it and what you have to do if you
want to preserve can it.

NOTE: These were questions that do not have a specific area.
· Social security, disability and military pensions will not be cut off.
· Mutual funds will be zeroed out and there will be a revaluation. Small investors will be
compensated according to what they have invested. Most of the small people, to include
business owners, will not be hurt by this revaluation. You will get something to what is called par
value or some sort of direct exchange. So you will end up making money with the revaluation.
· There will be no commerce for a few days while the accounts are being zeroed out. Then there
will be a revaluation.
· You will not see any cabal members and you are not likely to see any member of the bar
Association in terms of holding any office or being able to ever again. This is one of the
stipulations in terms of the 13th Amendment. The individuals are subject to lose their citizenship
as well.
· Is Obama a good guy or bad guy? He might be a switch-a-Rooney.
· Drake says they have a combination of both internet stations as well as main stream media.
These are ready to link in at the time that green light condition has been given. To tell if this is
the real deal, it will be posted on the Freedom Reigns website. Information will be put out as to
what channel to go to, to learn what has been done and to educate people according to what the
differences are going to be.
· All of these actions are global. There are people working to set up information in the Freedom
Reigns forums for countries outside the US.
· Food replicators are real and have been used since the 50s. They are not preprogrammed to
make it taste like it’s supposed to and you are likely to get some really strange things.
· Political prisoners will be released if they are truly political prisoners and have not violated
common law (injured part or injured property).
· Students in college will find that their education changes a bit because there is a problem with
two things: history and factuality have been changed to suit a specific political and communist
agenda. This will be righted and books will change.

MOLESTERS NEW (04/29/2012)
· Bogus charges are difficult to clear. If you have any physical evidence, save it. Any kind of jar
will do for liquids.
· A molester living too close to schools, as Drake understands it, is forbidden under the sexual
predator laws.

NESARA NEW (04/29/2012)
· This is a bogus program from Rockefeller. It is part of the cabal which means it is not intrinsically
going to be good for anyone. Be leery of those ideologies. Now it may be that certain portions of
this would be equitable or would be correct in terms of application with the people.

OPERATION GREEN LIGHT (24-hour advance notice) NEW (04/29/2012)
· Not valid! When the Green Light occurs it will be found on
· If something is posted, do not make it viral until after confirming it through Freedom Reigns.
· Individuals will not be personally contacted when there is an alert. It will be posted on Freedom
Reigns and they have compiled a list of various media sources who have asked to be contacted.
· When the Green Light is given, they (media sources) will help to let everyone know. Wolf Spirit
Radio has already said that if Deatra and Drake have something really important, they can get on
at any time.

POLICE NEW (04/29/2012)
· Not all police are bad but there are some that are doing things like tasoring people to death or
being inappropriate taking people into custody.
· Make formal complaints to the state level law enforcement. What this does is this involves the
FBI and other people directly in whatever transpired. It also causes the action to be investigated.
· If anyone has witnesses, etc., get their statements that they saw the police doing something that
was not right.
· Do not assault the police.
· If people are just standing around and they arbitrarily pick someone, that needs to be radio
recorded, that needs to be witnessed. At that point then the policeman is guilty of a crime.
· You do not have to abide by what would be called a police inquiry in the matter. You need to go
down and file an affidavit that states or stipulates truth in a cause. That cause will go along with
whatever arrest record or incident report that the police make. When you have substantial
evidence to the contrary, especially video or pictures, when there is no reason for the action
taken then that policeman can be held responsible for what they do.

· The post discussed below can be found here:
· Drake was a member of a group of veterans called The Vietnam Brotherhood. They state in the
post that he is the founder of it which he is not.
· Drake is accused of being Illuminati. They accused him of this because he was at one time
affiliated with a group known as Loyal Order of the Royal Dragon (secret society, royal bloodline
who kept the collateral accounts safe).
· Some of the things that have been posted, some of the things that have been done there recently
under its present management and control are such that both cans of worms are open. Both the
litigation and to the summary removal of the website for activities opposite the betterment or
continuation for continuity of government.
· Drake has not considered yet whether he is going to take these actions. He is considering how
and to what extent he wants to take it. The individuals who run the website, the individuals that
posted, all of the people who can allow access to the website will all be held responsible in the
case Drake decides to litigate this.
· He proposes not to retaliate any further than this, if it’s made available: Drake needs to be
allowed to post corrections to that website on that specific proposition and a permanent
attachment to that particular post of his counter proposals to what was posted.

RADIATION NEW (04/29/2012)
· The radiation and radiation levels are real. The problem with the reporting of it is that you cannot
read the type of radiation with a standard Geiger counter. This is a different type of radioactivity
in terms of the manner in which it presents itself in its physical manifestation.
· The radiation is at extraordinary high levels and it has already blanketed the United States and it
is headed toward Europe and beginning to affect England at this point.
· There are things that can be sprayed through chemtrail applications that attend to these things it
removes, it absorbs the radiation. Once the radiation is absorbed, there are biologics - small
critters that eat atomic isotopes to neutralize them in the process.

UPDATED (05/06/2012)
 · The technology for the Fukushima problem will be released with disclosure. Drake is not sure
whether this technology will be part of the initial release or not.

· Certain elite Special Forces have been trained to hunt these things. The movie “Priest” shows
this ideology.
· At a certain distance when they don’t know we are there, you can start popping them off. That is
part of what is being done presently.
· If you see one, go back into the house. You don’t need to hide but keep a powerful weapon on
hand just in case they decide to come to visit.

SPAIN NEW (04/29/2012)
· Spain has announced that they are going to a cashless society. Drake suggests people watch
this situation simply because what happens there is going to give an idea as to what the
adjustments they are looking for, in terms of making things right, is going to be or the manner in
which the bad guys hide it. You can add France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Ireland and
eventually the U.K. to the list of the people that are going to have financial problems. The shift is
in progress but it does take some time to accomplish this.

· Good reference site that covers some of the information Drake discussed:
· Drake assists with this site.

STATES (Connecting to Others) (NEW 05/06/2012)
· If you are interested in finding others in your state to connect with, the Freedom Reigns website
has a way to connect here: If
your state is not listed, start a thread for your state.

STATES (Financial) NEW (04/29/2012)
· If states decide to have their own monetary system, Drake suggests that the American dollar be
printed on one side and the state’s currency on the other. Then you have a national currency that
just happens to be from that state. The problem is that some states have more wealth then
others and it’s prohibitive to have an exchange rate between states.

STATES (Paperwork) NEW (04/29/2012)
· The list of states with paperwork not yet done can be found here:

· No idea when the Pope will step down but we will know about it when it happens.
· Everyone has heard of the scandals/problems within the church and those problems run to that
particular individual. There are other things nastier than that that will come out that people will be
shocked at.

UPDATED (04/29/2012)
· Drake doesn’t see the pope as being the center of attraction. According to the church doctrine, it
states that the pope is the holy man directly in contact with Jesus Christ. That Jesus Christ,
stated in the book, is the intercessor between man and God. That doesn’t say anything about the
· The pope is guilty of things that even go beyond pedophilia and other concerns that the church
· Drake suggests that the church should cleanse itself. This should be done by the membership.
Not all church officials are dirty. The ones that are left after you clean house could be your new
leadership and they should be watched closely. Anything funny reported, they should be
changed for someone else.



Tom K Notes from Kauilapele Blog

  • ~ Drake is waiting for substantiation of this intel he got “about a day or so ago” ~
  • “THE SECRET SERVICE IS EXTRAORDINARILY ‘TICKED’ — as well as the Delta Force — because they’ve been ‘dumped on’! “
  • “There’s been pictures floating around of Clinton [Hillary] partying in Columbia. The Secret Service got pics. Clinton was supposed to have been in a nuclear conference in Turkey at the time…and sent some clerk.
  • There was a lot of heads of state and whatnot there [at the conference] — and Israel was included. And apparently Israel was livid!”
  • “And I heard also that THE U.N. IS UNDER HEAVY INVESTIGATION…that THE CENTRAL BANKS ARE IN AN UPROAR because of some things that have been filed against them.”
  • “To go along with the same thing…DC was supposedly completely lost as to what to do — running around like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off!”
  • “Everybody knows about the GSA (General Services Administration) investigation by now… During this little ‘fun and games’ with the military, apparently PANETTA [US Secretary of Defense] WAS TOLD THAT THERE WAS NO WAY THAT HE WAS THE BOSS OF THE MILITARY! So, that’s going to be interesting!”
  • “And the other part of this is that THE ARRESTS ARE GOING TO BE METHODICAL — ONE AT A TIME. In other words, I guess they’re going to ‘shoot’ at the big guys [arrest them first?] and carry them away.”
  • “The problem that we’ve had in terms of this organization…of THINGS THAT WE HAVE ACCOMPLISHED….HAS COST SOME 14 LIVES! These are some high level people.”
    In answer to a question about reports that the pope would be resigning in two days: “I’m not real sure that’s the exact timetable, but I HAVE HEARD OFFICIAL REPORTS FROM EUROPE THAT THAT IS TRUE…that he is resigning.”
  • “Some of those crimes — that most people are aware of, that have shown up in the news — dealing directly with the church.”
  • “There are other crimes that are much more serious even than the ones everybody knows about that have been going on for years with the pope’s permission!”


Notes taken From Rumor Mill News

Drake calls it the Freedom Plan. 

He says he was introduced to the Plan in the time-frame of 1979-80, when they sat him down and asked him to read a 5 inch-thick document. 

The Plan originated during the Korean Conflict (1950-53) when high-ranking generals became aware that the UN, which was running the war, was funding/supporting both sides of the conflict, resulting in huge american casualties.

The current phase of the Plan now operative was initiated in October 2011, when a small group of people in Pennsylvania sent Notification documents to the civil division (non-UN side)at the Hague. This was soon followed by other groups of people posting their states' Notification of Sovereignty. [ Copies of said documents may be viewed at

People in Europe recognized the significance of these documents, and the Bank Resignations in Europe began. Since then, 14 Freedom Fighters have been killed.
At this time 80% - 90% of the Military are knowledgeable about, and in support of, the Plan. Less than 20% would stand in opposition to their fellows, and they know who they are.
The Militias have been called up, and are in Readiness status. [See Attachment at bottom of this post.] 

Arrests will be done by local Constitutional Sheriffs backed by local militias and the Military as necessary. 

Additionally, federal marshalls will also be present at some arrests in order to administer federal charges of high crime such as Treason. 

Local sheriffs and other authorities who are unconstitutional -- that is, unfaithful to their Oath 'to protect and defend against all enemies foreign and domestic' -- will likewise be taken into custody and remanded to the fema camps, and they know who they are.
Those arrested will remain in fema camps until their cases are individually adjudicated.
Expect executions related to high crimes of treason, unspeakable crimes against children, prosecution of wars under false pretense, as well as other crimes of war. 

The Constitutional Sheriffs group with Sheriff Richard Mack, and the Constitutional Posse group are now deciding who they are going to arrest on the state level. 

A committee of 50 - 60 constitutional scholars are now reviewing all legal issues. Most of the legal/court system will be going away. 

OPERATION GREEN LIGHT This is how we will know the Good Guys are in charge:
Drake, and others designated by him, will post a Heads Up about 24 hours beforehand.
"It will go viral," Drake says, "Like free beer, on the internet." 

"And, the Mainstream Media is going to be notified, and a Press conference given"
When we hear Drakes name "on, for example, FOX News", we will know that mainstream media has been breached!

References : 

- James Madison's Community Call - Drake - 4-24-12 - Edited - (2HR
Direct Hotlink:

Attachment re Militia at Readiness :



“Drake” is the name used by an insider to the plan to arrest many thousands of bad guys in the United States who are responsible for numerous crimes against the general public. This man “Drake” was asked by the Pentagon to inform people about what to expect when these mass arrests are broadcast.

 Drake was given a large stack of papers detailing a plan for all this back in 1979. He said he did not read all of it, but he did read some of it, and this is the basis for the plan of arresting all the high-level crooks. Much work has been done through the years to get this done in a lawful and peaceful manner, with research that Drake did on the origins of law going back many thousands of years.

The bottom line is, the good guys have paperwork that gives the military civilian authority to contact Federal Marshals, who in turn contact local law enforcement, who actually make the arrests. The important thing to know is that this is NOT about military action, or a military coup, or martial law. There may be a stand of troops to back up the law enforcement actions, and the Federal Marshals will be with them. The military will be there only to give assistance as needed.

 People who have called out the National Guard on occasions have acted illegally, and were told, “Don’t ever do that again.”

David Wilcock and Drake will be notified of arrests a day or so ahead, so it can be put on the Internet and go viral. David Wilcock says there are “an astonishing number of deeply-imbedded moles, who are so much closer to these people {arrestees} than anybody thought they could get.”

Drake says most of these people are office-types and NOT physically active. The plan is NOT to create chaos or violence. When Drake’s people get the green light that all is done, it is to go viral with the reports of the arrests, including contacting mainstream media. Also, there are plans and people in place to make sure electricity, phone, Internet, and sewage service will work while this is going on. There is tactical positioning going on right now for this.

 A key element here is the bad guys’ financial power has been severely curtailed; they no longer have the funds to pay anyone to do their dirty work. Documents and paperwork held by the good guys supersedes anything after the original 13th Amendment from 1812. Anything—executive orders, rules, regulations, etc. that is unlawful and unconstitutional is null and void once this comes down! This means any and every law or regulation that is against the Original Constitution. A majority of the U.S. military already supports these mass arrests. Drake was instructed to contact as many of the underground militia groups as possible, including freedom groups and anyone with a gun to tell them what was happening and enlist their help if need be.

All the FEMA camps throughout the country that the bad guys intended for us, will be used to house THEM, instead! What will happen is a clampdown in the U.S.: Satellite systems will not work, so no international phone calls can be made, and NO traffic will be allowed in or out of the country!

The closure of national borders does come under military control, in the event of “extraordinary circumstances.” And this extraordinary circumstance deals with the FREEDOM of our country, when the bad guys decide to run for the hills. In the stock market crash of 2008, TRILLIONS of dollars were sent out of the country electronically, which triggered an alarm, and it was stopped by the good guys---they cut the communications. Otherwise, we would have had the 1930s all over again—another huge stock market crash. Thus, satellites will be turned off when this comes down to protect us from electronic transfers of funds out of the country.

 The reason for no international travel is to keep the bankers from loading up a Learjet and taking off; if they do, they will be shot down! This will be a total clampdown for 72 hours, if need be. The timeline is: It will take 24 hours for the first sweep to do mass arrests; a 2nd sweep will be another 5-6 hours to make sure they have all the records necessary to convict these people. The other part—certain sensitive areas, like power plants and places that have records, will be protected to keep them from being blown up.

When all is clear and the military action has culminated, then this will go viral on the Internet. Drake says that videos of this will be supplied. Also, he says that there will be a specific educational channel telling about the history of the bad guys-how they came to power and how they operated, which will run for several months.

The main thing to remember is: DO NOT PANIC and do not worry when this happens. This has all been carefully planned out for many years, and all will be explained when this comes down. There will be so many people vacating offices that there will be an extraordinary need for people to step up temporarily to fill these positions. It will be stressed that this is ONLY TEMPORARY. At the end of the 72-hour (or less) period, a public announcement will be made from the press room of the White House.

These big changes were forecast in ancient prophecies from all over the world thousands of years ago. A Golden Age has been predicted for a very long time, along with the complete demise of evil. Thousands of new technologies that have been suppressed for decades will be released to the public, which includes star gates and food replicators, which have both been used for a long time.

Replicators work with the mind and create food from matter, which is converted to pure nutrition as we eat it. A lot of the media will also be gone, as they are complicit in this whole scheme as well, keeping the truth from us. The excuse, “I was only following orders”, or “I was only doing my job” will NOT fly! Finally, everyone in the Pentagon is aware this is happening.