Wednesday, July 4, 2012

!!! Drake: Operation Green Light Is A Go !!!! Make Viral !!!!

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!!! Drake: Operation Green Light Is A Go !!!! 
Make Viral !!!!  


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Green Light via Drake : We just got word that mass arrests will commence by July 4th.  Take a deep breath, gather your thoughts and activate your "Readiness Plan".

Here are some suggestions to help you get started.
  • Call Friends & Family
  • Fill up all your vehicles with gas
  • Go to your local grocery store and stock up on essentials- water, non-perishables, etc.
  • Secure your Medications
  • Secure your emergency kit - radio, flashlight, batteries, candles, matches, etc. 
  • Provisions for your pets & animals  - food, water
  • Junk Silver Coins Predated before 1964
  • Have your Popcorn ready
Below is the original message from Drake via USA Military Contacts: 

If you want to read an updated message released by Drake on 6/28/12 called Green Light than visit this link here.
Drake just mentioned that the military has authorized him to announce three main points.

  1. The Cavalry is coming.
  2. The militias and citizens will be contacted if needed by the military.
  3. USA Military “Sit back and watch the fireworks.” The best 4th of July we ever had.
Drake also said "we have won" and people may see mass arrests and politicians being removed from office will be broadcasted on main stream media maybe this week.

Drake also suggests to take cash out of the banks.

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