Monday, December 17, 2012

Lisa Harrison Interviews Tolec, George Kavassilas, Chris Thomas & More

      The Countdown
Time Portal Through the Transformational Paradigm

Daily Live Radio Journal
of the events unfolding from 12/12/12 – 12/21/12
12/12/12 – 12/21/12 AU
12/11/12 – 12/20/12 US
9:00 a.m. Daily DST AU
5:00 p.m. Daily EST US

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5D Media Network Radio

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Hosted by Lisa M. Harrison     (with Bob Wright & Barbara Karnes)       plus DAILY GUESTS.

This special ten day broadcast will journal the daily, 12/2012 experiences of Lisa M. Harrison, Chris Hales, Bob Wright, Barbara Karnes, the 3%ers of The Collective Imagination, all callers, listeners, and our special guests. Our desire is to chronicle the collective journey of the awake and awakening souls, thus capturing their thoughts and expressions as the events of 2012 round up and out. As such, each show will be infused with an energetic signature tilled from the sensory elucidations and language shared during the broadcast, which we gratefully gift to all who listen.

What an exciting time to be alive and part of this Universe!

The groundwork has been laid by those who have come before, live amongst, and vibrationally surround us. Their endowments have transmuted the elements of the 3D world in which we live to set the stage for the gradual expansion of an energetic portal during the days leading up to 12/12/12 and on through 12/21/12. Will there be an Event of magnanimous proportion? Will the event be sensed by all, in muted hues, upon individual canvases? WIll some ascend while others toil in a typical day – seemingly unchanged? We are about to find out. LIVE! DAILY! With you!

Our guest list reads like a Who’s Who of the alternative media culture; Amariah & the Simion Collective, George Kavassilas, Dannion Brinkley, Tolec, Thomass Hughes, Chris Thomas, Inelia Benz, James Gilliland, and Allfaaraa!

Become a part of history! Join us as we Countdown, live, from 12/12/12 to 12/21/12, and capture an audio journal of the 2012 experience!

To listen just click on the link above, under LOCATION, where you see 5D Media Network Radio. Once selected, you’ll see the main radio show page and find a listing of all The Countdown broadcasts. Daily show links are shared below under each guest’s photo, where you see the words SHOW PAGE. 

And… remember to bookmark and share this post. We will be embedding an audio player under each speaker’s section immediately after each broadcast, so you can easily listen to the replays, right here.

12/12/12 (AU)  |  12/11/12 (US)Amariah (Jill Mara)
Simion Collective

Replay | runtime: 120m | download
Show Page | More
12/13/12 (AU)  |  12/12/12 (US)George Kavassilas

Replay | runtime: 120m | download
Show Page | More
12/14/12 (AU)  |  12/13/12 (US)Dannion Brinkley

Replay | runtime: 120m | download
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12/15/12 (AU)  |  12/14/12 (US)Tolec

Replay | runtime: 120m | download
Show Page | More
12/16/12 (AU)  |  12/15/12 (US)Thomass Hughes

Replay | runtime: 122m | download
Show Page | More
12/17/12 (AU)  |  12/16/12 (US)Chris Thomas

Replay | runtime: 120m | download

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12/18/12 (AU)  |  12/17/12 (US)Inelia Benz

Replay | runtime: 120m | download
Show Page | More
12/19/12 (AU)  |  12/18/12 (US)James Gilliland

Show Page | More
12/20/12 (AU)  |  12/19/12 (US)Allfaaraa

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