Monday, December 17, 2012

More Intel from Drake

To: Drake
Subject: Intel
  Some years ago Dennis Williams was living in Westminister, Colorado and workinng at the local hardware store, then he suddenly up and disappeared, he was a secretly returned live POW during the same time frame Heinrich Rupp was living in Aurora, Colorado, as part of project 404 drafted by a Bush, Sr hired attorney named Boughton or Houghton or sommething like that, Rupp was on a project 404 mission and captured in Laos, he was secretly returned so secretly tha his then wife did not know that he had returned, he and Dennis Williams were secretly returned in the same group of 225 total processed via Nellis Airforce base.  This is a direct quote from a "hotel California document that I reviewed:  First an explicit reference to the "deep undrground facility in Dulce, New Mexico, then stating:  "rows and rows of cages, some atre our service people and when the drugs wear off they cry out for help"  next there was an explicit threat on the life of Marion Shelton, about 30 days later she was dead, as far as I know that document is still in the "hotel California" records.
>>I think that it will be very important and helpful to publish the 'exact location' of the "hotel California" ; At DIA headquarters, Anacostia, Va, there is a DPMO office, that office has a fake wall, on the other side of that fake wall is entire other secret office, and that is the "hotel California"  in case the people want a road map and compass to shut down this evil, all  documents need to be preserved and detailed as evidence of war crimes by Bush, Sr, Kissinger, Scowcroft, George Schultz and many others, this ongoing war crime enterprise must be stopped IMMEDIATELY before more lives are destroyed and lost, please hurry...
  Drake, recall that according to my CIA briefing in front of a wtness tthe second confirming source on the "hotel California" was Richard Childress.  At that time  Childress shared an office cubile with the totally compromised Ollie North, and rember Ollie's very attractive Secretary Fawn Hall, also Childress's secretary, and her mother is Kissinger's personl secretary, I expect that the info I sent about Richard Toma's source his the internet it will kick up a huge shit stiorm, and or the clueless Obama ignorance is not a legal defense to a war crimes charge.  The entire "hotel California" black operation has been funded with Bush, Sr off the books funny money, and remember Colby is dead, Jerry"hog" Daniels is dead, Marion Shelton is dead, and many more, the guy who briefed me on the "hotel California is in the book Perfidy by john Holland, a former POW, now CIA station Bangkkok, which he will denyy totally, but admitted in the briefing in front of a witness, I expect that the info on Richard Toma's spource will purculate much more info
For 4 full years 'Obama' has failed to shut down the "hotel California" that makes him a 'war criminal' under current international law, he pretends to be the Commander in Chief, and that makes him the responsible party for the war crimes committed in connection with this black operation during the past 4 years. He should be charged and prosecuted, remember, ignorance is not a legal defense to a war crimes charge, and other foreign countries know about this, just Congress an the dopey news media have no clue, the more it is on the internet the better, it will spawn more info and documents to force the issue.