Friday, May 3, 2013

David P. Crayford (Whistleblower) Responds To Neil Keenan, OPPT, Drake..... The Drama Continues

In Response to..... Neil Keenan is Clearing The Decks for Imminent Forward Movement with The Global Accounts

Crayford Writes:

Let’s be blunt about things. Keenan was caught (Red Handed) in criminal activities when he was carrying in his possession a wad of Financial Certificates, Bonds, Notes in 2010 / 2011 and he saw what happened to his accomplices, Yamaguchi and Watanabe. Instead of crossing the border from Italy to Switzerland, as his accomplices did and found themselves in handcuffs, Keenan literally dumped these into the hands of Daniele Del Bosco in Italy, who then contacted us to establish what these Certificates, Bonds and Notes were all about. Daniele Del Bosco also contacted several other people (Bankers and Financial people) in Switzerland who also advised him to contact us immediately.

Since then Keenan has, unjustifiably and unwarranted, done nothing but lambasted Daniele Del Bosco and all others who have contradicted him, calling them criminals and part of the cabal, etc, etc, etc. A real case of the Pot calling the Kettle Black.

If Keenan knew anything at all he would know the simplest of things like the laws which are in place around the world that prohibit a person from carrying such Certificates, Bonds, Notes etc, even copies of same. These laws restrict such movements of such Certificates, Bonds, and Notes, etc, to Bank Couriers, and Bonded Couriers. This is a man who is shouting from the highest peak that he is everything and knows everything, when in fact he knows nothing, and he is the real criminal in these matters because he holds NO AUTHORITY whatsoever to attend to, deal with anything regarding the Global Accounts (Combined International Accounts of the Global Debt Facility).

Please allow me to attend to just a few points in Keenan’s article, and again to be blunt about it I am not doing this for Keenan’s benefit, but for the benefit of the people who tend to give Keenan some credibility and belief.

a). “Keenan is moving on with his own work, while keeping an eye out for further fraud “
What a load of BS. Keenan is the one engaging in Fraud against the Global Accounts (Collateral Accounts) as well as the OPPT, yet he has the audacity to say he watching out for further fraud. What a joke but I am not laughing because this man is just one big menace to society blabbing his mouth off when in reality he knows nothing.

b). “Since the Accounts have been the playground for a motley crew of crooks, banksters, and scam artists for most of the past sixty years, that means Keenan’s work these days involves a lot of mopping up: exposing hidden agendas of Global Account fraudsters; clearing up confusion over the nature of the Accounts and to whom they belong; and exposing the UCC filing fraud behind the “phony freedom” offered by movements such as OPPT, who are merely one of many groups laying false claim to Account assets”.

Ha, what a laugh. This is one crook calling another crook, a crook.
As for mopping up and exposing the hidden agenda of the Global Account Fraudsters. I personally wouldn’t give him a job of mopping up in public toilets.

The job of mopping up and exposing the hidden agenda of the Global Accounts should be left to us (The OITC) as the party best experienced and knowledgeable of the Global Accounts, along with the newly appointed International Treasury Controller, the real Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter of the Accounts, who is attending to this matter on a constant basis with the Hierarchy, who are also determined to see the theft and fraud against the Accounts totally removed from the equation so that these Accounts can be used for what they were intended to be used for and as determined by the Hierarchy since 1945.

c). The statement of the prominent Russian Lawyer, “I have selected clear provisions of the UCC itself that completely destroy all attempts to abuse and misrepresent it. Its own provisions directly contradict all ways that “common law” theorists (like Winston Shrout or OPPT) try to use it. This proves that attempting to use it to obtain rights from third parties is criminal Fraud… You will have a concise and clear Legal Report, that you can show to anybody you are dealing with, to prove to them that OPPT are conducting criminal Fraud and have no rights nor legal standing.”

Yes, it proves that attempting to use it to obtain rights from third parties is criminal fraud. Are you listening, reading, and fully understanding that fact Keenan, because despite the UCC factor, you are using your belief, your lies, to subvert people in Indonesia into believing you and your actions are genuine and legal, whereas they are the complete opposite to legal and you, Keenan, are the instigator of this fraud because you hold no rights whatsoever and you have, and are, attempting to use your misguided beliefs and lies to obtain rights from third parties of which they hold no rights either even though they may be “Elders” appointed by former President Soekarno to act as “Holders / Custodians” of the assets deposited in Indonesia. The Rights legally belong to the International Treasury Controller who is the Legal Heir, Owner and Sole Arbiter under Legal Decadency 1088 dated 20th January 1995, which superseded all other previous agreements. NOTE: ALL OTHER PREVIOUS AGREEMENTS (if any) referenced to the control, ownership and arbitrary rights of the Global Accounts (Collateral Accounts).

d). “He has been asked by Global Account stakeholders (i.e., the original Depositors of the assets) to order and manage the Accounts, beginning in Indonesia, where he has the confidence and support of the Elders who guard the assets”.

Again, another load of BS, and I demand that Keenan prove this statement by producing and publicising the relevant legal document duly executed by these stakeholders. The reason why is because these stakeholders hold no authority to be able to pass such authority to Keenan. The authority is held by the Committee of the Hierarchy and the Chairman of the Hierarchy as Holder(s) of the Alfa – Omega Ring (Solomon’s Ring). Therefore if these stakeholders are willy-nillying giving out authority to someone who thinks he knows, or all and sundry, then they too are acting fraudulently.

It is nice to see that Keenan does openly admit further down that the, quote “Elders who guard the assets”. Yes they are guardians, holders, custodians, whichever name label you wish to hang around their necks. That is all they are and with no authority whatsoever, so do not imply, as you have previously, that they have the power of the legal owner because they HAVEN’T.

I won’t go further in my decimation of the comments of Keenan’s article, only say people really ought to start thinking correctly and constructively before they believe anything that Keenan, or the OPPT, states because what is stated is all a fa├žade which hides far more devious motives by the people involved, than can possibly be imagined.

Let me explain once again for the benefit of those who did not read this before, or who tended to ignore it all because of comments / statements from people like Keenan, Drake, and the OPPT.
The International Treasury Controller was appointed by the Royal Families and Nations of the World on January 20th 1995 as Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter of the Collateral Accounts (Global Accounts). The International Treasury Controller and the Office of International Treasury Control were institutionalised as a Sovereign Entity (UN Charter Control No: 10-60847) under its own jurisdiction, and one that stands above and beyond all other Sovereign Entities. Note: it is futile for anyone, other than a King, Queen, President, or Prime Minister to attempt to verify the above point as International / UN Full Jacket Level 3-5 Security Clearance is required to access the information together with specific protocols that should be applied at all times.

Since December 2010 which brought about the demise of Dr R.C. Dam as International Treasury Controller, a new International Treasury Controller has been appointed by the Royal Families and Nations of the world. There are documents to prove this factor but unfortunately they are classified so people like Keenan, Drake, and the OPPT can never verify that situation, which is the very situation that Keenan works on, because he knows that ordinary people can never verify this factor, therefore he can blind them all with wild statements, innuendoes, false comments, etc.

The new International Treasury Controller is determined to put an absolute STOP on all this fraud and theft, whereby activities are currently ongoing in many directions to bring these people to justice, no matter who they are or what position they hold within society.

At the same time a lot of action is ongoing to allow these accounts to be brought into operation for the benefit of the people of the world, NOTE: I won’t say Nations or Governments because they have proven themselves to be incompetent, inept and corrupt, and more to the point, determined to keep the Collateral Accounts hidden from public view and non-usage for the public. One may ask why the latter applies, for which the answer is very simple. If these Accounts are allowed to be used properly and as the Hierarchy intended and determined, the power of these Nations and Governments would literally disintegrate into nothing, which of course, they cannot allow to happen. However, quietly and with a very determined effort, that is what is happening and it is the ITC / OITC that are doing this, and they won’t be stopped by anyone.

I would like to say more of what is ongoing, but that would give the opposition and our enemies a lot to feed on, which I don’t want to do and will not do. I may have been very quite recently but that is because there is a lot happening and time must be spent on the priorities which will benefit the people of the world, not responding to irrelevant and irresponsible article written by criminals.

What I can say is that Mr Sale is very well and highly active, and, like everyone else within the OITC, he has not been arrested or incarcerated at any time, contrary to what Keenan has previously written and his Court adjudication application, which many of you will remember my comments on this latter factor that it will go nowhere because the American Courts hold no authority or Jurisdiction over the ITC / OITC. In fact it is the other way around. The ITC / OITC hold more jurisdiction over America than what the people actually know about, and could, and possibly will, turn America and its allies in this Fraud and Theft, upside down and inside out in due course. Then watch the sparks fly because we at the OITC do not make promises and then break them.

Watch out Keenan, Drake and the OPPT, because that includes YOU as well.

Finally, thank you “Lion” for your article re: Nigel Farage ( Yes the European Union are in one hell of a mess which they will not admit to, nor will they tell anyone about because all these Politicians are protecting their own backs and following what America wants to see for Europe (Note: Remember Germany is still controlled by the Americans and has been ever since 1944 despite Bi-lateral Treaties in 1995 and 1996 to the contrary). Europe will not work properly whilst there are so many imbalances and indifferences between Nations. It cannot work and will not work but that is what happens when countries, via their politicians, rush into these things without realising what is involved and what really is the devious program behind it all. A Trading Block is fine, but anything else is just a big scam by the so called Politicians.

Germany attempted it by military means and failed (WW I and WW II). Churchill attempted it by Diplomatic means and failed. Merkle (America’s puppet) is attempting it by monetary means, and it will fail just like all the others attempts because there are too many imbalances and indifferences between the various Nations.

That’s all I will say for now. Just wait patiently and watch what happens.

David P. Crayford