Friday, May 3, 2013

Kauilapele: Julien Wells Update About E.T. Disclosure

Julien Wells Update 2 May 2013… “Wow!”

I realized that Julien’s energy readings (not channelings) are the only messages of this type to which I listen. I’m not drawn so much anymore to channeled messages (not that there’s anything “wrong” with them). Julien’s pieces seem to come from a very grounded perspective. All I can say is, “I like them. I resonate with them.”

He seems to “get” things similarly to how I “get” things. But puts them succinctly into words.
This one was quite amazing to me. Covering disclosure procedures, airports getting portals next year, and a bunch of other “weird” and wonderful stuff.
This update has some great information about our friends in ‘High’ places. They have worked out an overall strategy and are about to ramp up sightings of craft progressively over the next 4-6 weeks to the point where no-one is in doubt that someone is trying to attract our attention!”
This is 46 minutes total, in two parts. Here are the links.
Part 1
Part 2