Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rethinking the Utah Data Center and the Location of Beast Central

Rethinking the Utah Data Center and the Location of Beast Central

There is something fishy about the NSA's Utah Data Center...

Up until yesterday, I regarded the new NSA facility in Bluffdale, Utah as the likely location of the central data hub for the upcoming Beast System, but some nagging questions finally caught up with me...

Why would they build Beast Central above ground?

If they built it under ground, it would be far easier to keep it secret and secure, and it would simply be more their style.

Why did they publicize its construction so openly, as well as the creepy details of what it will be doing?

Here is the Wired article on the Data Center. It is also interesting to note the electrical difficulties they claim are occurring at the facility.

Why are they doing such a thorough hangout of the NSA's activities, and why are they devoting so many controlled press assets to publicizing the revelations?

First they trotted out Edward Snowden, the contractor who supposedly made off with all the crown jewels of the NSA without any help (and who is currently being sheltered by the angelic BRICS alliance). Now the thoroughly-controlled mainstream press is doing headline stories about the terrible things the NSA is doing to Americans and everyone else around the world.

On a side note, isn't it interesting how the press goes to check with Snowden every time a new intelligence revelation comes to light? I am reminded of how they used to come up with supposed Bin Laden recordings whenever they wanted to support their terrorist narrative.

Why are disinformation sources like Tom Heneghan portraying a conflict between the Pentagon and the NSA?

The NSA director is a four-star Pentagon general, Keith Alexander...
...and you don't get a fourth star unless you are an insider's insider in the Pentagon. So what are the odds that there is really a rift between the two organizations?

Pondering all these questions, I am beginning to suspect the Utah facility may be a decoy / revolutionary prop. If an engineered revolution / economic transition Event does indeed transpire, I wouldn't be surprised if the Utah Data Center was seized by "patriotic military" and/or "Eastern Alliance" forces and opened up for the whole world to see. I can picture them claiming that it was their agents who sabotaged the facility, and I can see them showing everyone what the "Cabal" was planning to do with it. "Look at what we saved you from," they will say, posing as "the good guys." Meanwhile, the real Beast Central will sit underground and fully-operational awaiting the datastream from the new financial system.