Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ken's Blog: Event Watch Update #37- 39

Event Watch (Update 39): Disinformation and "Operation American Spring"

I was on a break from writing due to my birthday today, but my favorite Anunnaki apologist popped back on my radar and called me back to duty. In this 5 minute interview of James Gilliland, he makes the prediction of an American Arab Spring in March. I found it interesting that he would compare what's coming to the Arab Spring, because that movement is widely recognized to have been started and exploited by the Western intelligence services, just like the coming American Color Revolution will be.

It was also notable that they gratuitously displayed their Anunnaki gang sign during the interview...

...which is the touchy-feely upgrade of the traditional Anunnaki winged disc symbol...

The center of the old symbol kinda looks like a bowling ball that rolls over you, but the new version has a heart in the middle to reflect their image overhaul as "loving space brothers."

You will see this winged heart symbol displayed on many of their disinformation sites, especially the ones that feature channeled messages, such as The Galactic Free Press...

Speaking of the "Golden Age of Gaia," their site name reminds me of the Dragon lore excerpt I featured in a recent Blood Cult entry, which stated...

>>>This global monarchy was the crowning glory of the ages, and the period of their rule came to be called “the Golden Age," or as the Egyptians called it, “the First Time”, when the gods watched over man directly, like a shepherd does his flock. In fact, they were often called “the Shepherd Kings.” One of the symbols of this world monarchy was an eye hovering over a throne, and this eye now adorns our American dollar bill, presented as the missing capstone of the Great Pyramid of Giza, underneath which are written the words “New World Order.” Clearly this New World Order is the global monarchy that or Founding Fathers (not a Democrat among them) intended for this nation to participate in all along, symbolized by a pyramid as a representation of the ideal and perfectly ordered authoritarian empire.<<<

So when you think of benevolent "space brothers" coming to "mentor" us on the path to "full consciousness" (a nice euphemism for "full New Age brainwashedness") just remember they're the "Shepherd Kings" returning to drive their flock of sheep. And before you sign up for a new "golden age," you might want to ask, "Is this a new 'Golden Age of the Gods' (a new Anunnaki Empire) or a Golden Age of the Humans?

[Update 38 - 8 January 2014]

The Military Coup and Fukushima Psyops

I've been seeing a lot of stories about a military coup against Obama popping up on Beforeitsnews, and I particularly noticed a fellow named Jim Garrow making the rounds on the internet interview shows. He is a supposedly "ex" CIA asset who is now telling everyone how Obama's purge of the military has backfired, so he is establishing himself in my mind as an agent in the Color Revolution Psyop. In addition to the interview linked above, he recently appeared on the Hagmann & Hagmann show, which is another strike against them.

I also noticed on January 6 that Fukushima stories have begun to receive prominent placement on the Drudgereport...

...The top and bottom articles were from Infowars, but I think we'll see mainstream stories on the subject by the time we hit March.

Since I am unable to travel to the West Coast and take my own radiation readings, I can't be sure if the Fukushima situation is real or not. All I know for certain is that my spirit is not troubled about it, and that the timing of the recent news outbreak is most suspicious. Whether it's real or not, they are basing a fear psyop on it, and I expect them to progressively amp up the fear vibration in the coming weeks.

When you think about it, ordering 14 million anti-radiation pills and leaking news of the purchase through the alternative media is a small price to pay for adding the flavor of reality to a psyop. And since they offered the solicitation for the pills on December 6, which was well before the mysterious steam eruption began on December 19, it suggests monkey business may be afoot. What caught my attention about the order was that it is scheduled for delivery by February 1, which is right on time for the High Potential Drama Window of January 15 - March 22.

Who needs movies and TV when the government is putting on such a good fictional show for us?

[Update 39 - 9 January 2014]

Operation American Spring

Ha! With the digital ink barely dry on my update about the planned American "Arab Spring," I encountered a link on Steve Quayle's site that leads to this: Operation American Spring...

...These bozos are nothing if not predictable. Given what might happen in early March, this May movement might be a fallback plan in case we back them off from pulling the trigger. And is that George Washington kneeling in prayer beside the American soldier?

I also came across a comment on the Nesaranews site which led to this 13-minute video. It features excerpts of a Hagmann & Hagmann interview with Dave Hodges (who has been putting out a lot of alarmist articles on his website lately), and they are basically covering the talking points for priming the public in advance of the engineered Color Revolution ("Obama is doing all this terrible stuff, but the military is preparing to fight back").

In saying this, I'm not saying that none of what they're talking about is happening, because there may be elements within the military that don't know what's really going on. Their military mindset locks them out from even considering the woo woo perspectives that you and I are so comfortable exploring, and their awareness probably doesn't rise above seeing the banksters and commies moving on America. Naive elements such as this will likely be manipulated into carrying out the coup part of the plan.

This Dave Hodges interview also constitutes "strike three" for the Hagmanns in my book, and I'll now place them in my "likely disinformation outlet" list. Their mission seems to be highlighting the danger posed by the plans of the Left Hand Path and setting the proper public paradigm to facilitate the Right Hand Path's coming savior role.

The patriots, the military, and the Tea Party will save the day!!! (in strict accordance with the Dragon/Illuminati gameplan) Then, the smiley-faced Real NWO begins.

We'll see about that.

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