Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sovereign Civil Peoples Rights Prosperity Trust Confirms White Hat RV Intel Report

Dead on report! [White Hat Auxiliaries Blog] I'm working directly with the Executor, Dr. Hendo Henderson, of the new banking system and this is accurate.

Please heed it's warning about food, water, etc as things will be chaotic for a short period of time.  For those of you that have not gone to our website,, please do so NOW and download the Bathsheba and Esther Trust, which is written in layman's language for ease of understanding, and forward to me your redemption list including their first, middle and last name; street, city, state and zip; and telephone number including area code.  The redemption process sets aside funds for each individual for restoration and their lives going forward.  We need to get as many people in the system before we release everything.  Therefore, please send to me ASAP.  If you have any questions, please call me at 501-681-2386.  

Also, please forward this critical information to everyone you know!

Thank you,

Shelley Bolling
Sovereign Civil Peoples Rights Trust 

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Here is the PDF LINK To The TRUST Information


Discernment advised, you should research and talk with these program leaders before blindly submitting personal information.