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OITC Representative, David Crayford, Talks About Cobra, Neil Keenan, Collateral Accounts, Gold Caches

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RMN agent Lymerick asked me to forward a question to David P. Crayford as to whether there is any connection between Cobra's work and the affairs of the OITC. This is Mr. Crayford's response:

Dear Mr. Fusion,

Thank you kindly for forwarding the below question, which I now answer.

Question from agent Lymerick:-

Mr. Fusion, I have gone to the AH website, and have read with keen interest the articles, by David Crayford, posted there. I note that David has not commented at all on Cobra, and his many pronouncements re the future he expects to unfold upon The Event taking place; not the least of which is a new global financial system backed 100% by gold.
Well, according to David, the OITC are the only ones with the assets required to carry off such a global undertaking successfully.
QUESTION: Thus,David, is there any connection between the OITC and Cobra/Resistance Movement?
Any info provided, David, would be greatly appreciated, and enlightening. Thank you!
Dear Lymerick, 

In a nutshell there is no connection between us and the person or party referring to themselves as Cobra. 

I should also explain that after the Ray Dam demise which was generated by CIA, it is not easy for anyone to get to work with the OITC. All persons now go through an DD undertaken by our intelligence unit. If the initial checks are O.K., then a deeper investigation is undertaken. The few who have got through these checks are those not connected, either in the past or at present to our opposition, any sect, political parties, religious organisations, or similar, and are totally clean. They must also have a degree of spiritualty as we do not want people around us as Ray Dam did, all of whom were working under cover for a particular Intell agency and only considered themselves, were full of egoism, and very rarely told the truth. 

We can not comment of the pronouncements made by Cobra, nor do we desire to make such comments re: any EVENTS or similar he talks about. To us this is all hypothetical because there is no real proof being put forward for anyone to be able to verify same. In other words it is all talk at this stage, whereby talk is easy, real action is a lot harder to achieve and sometimes even impossible. One thing I did notice and which was quite prominent, was on the website and I will quote ”And to introduce Special Drawing Rights (SDR) to form the backbone of the new financial system, which will be underwritten by gold” unquote. The SDR system is one promoted by the cabal utilising the IMF as its base operator. If people didn’t already know then they should be fully aware that the IMF are part of the cabal. Christine Lagarde paid two visits to the Philippines last year alone with the intention of obtaining more gold (Collateral Account Gold) for the IMF. She was unsuccessful. The IMF already have in excess of 3,000 Mt of Collateral Account Gold (The same applies to the World Bank) which was assigned to the IMF in 1945/6 when it was institutionalised, to form the basis of their capital. This was assigned to them by America as part of the TTTGC, although America did not have the authority to do so, or approval from the then Master Holder and signatory, Ferdinand Marcos. If that is what Cobra is referring to then it is a “White Elephant” as the International Treasury Controller will NOT allow more gold or more power to pass to the IMF especially based upon their ruinous performances of the past. 

When it comes to a new financial system backed 100% by gold I can advise that within the commercial world and in accordance with the registered Gold within the World Gold Council records (Public records), there is insufficient gold available to back any world currency or new financial system. Having said that the unregistered Gold which is also recorded within the World Gold Council and the London Bullion Authority, but not released publicly; there is ample gold which is all owned by the Collateral Accounts (Foundation Divine or Heritage International Trust) which is of course is owned by the International Treasury Controller as Legal Heir, Owner and Sole Arbiter. The 170,500 + MT that Karen Hudes talks about in Hawaii, plus the 130,500 MT in Hong Kong, the 150,000 in Singapore, the 120,000 in Japan, the 100,000 in American Banks, the 130,000 in Thailand, and much more in various places around the world is all the legal property of the Collateral Accounts under numerous Foundations and Trusts. We are therefore the only organisation (Sovereign Entity) able to support any new Financial System or Currency and we are willing to do so only if any new system introduces reality, stability, and is designed with the people of the world in mind, not the elite few or cabal. 

We are aware however that the Americans via its Military and Mercenaries are still stealing Gold of the Collateral Accounts from various countries around the world, so it may be, and this is my supposition at this time, Cobra may somehow be connected to this when he claims that the new World Financial System will be backed by Gold. If it is then such backing would be totally unlawful whereby if not initiated and approved by the International Treasury Controller, would be called back (Reclaimed) which in itself would throw the world into absolute chaos. 

As stated in my previous responses to RMN and AH, “things can work only if they are done legally”. Any unlawful or illegal attempts can only end in disaster and absolute chaos around the world. What would also apply / qualify, in addition to reality, is especially if any new system was undertaken for the benefit of the people, not for the benefit of a few who have caused this present financial mess and need to be bailed out. We will not support a corrupt or crony capitalist system that currently exists. 

The ITC / OITC does have a platform for a new World Financial System supported by assets of the Collateral Accounts, which, and not surprisedly, the existing powers of the world refuse to discuss with us. Instead it appears they are continuing in their old ways of theft and fraud, plus introducing various people and groups to cause confusion in people’s minds with their misleading articles / statements posted on various websites. Whilst this is happening people can not distinguish what is real and what is fake, with many believing and following the totally wrong road to salvation. 

I have also read various sections of the website as referred to above. Hmmm, all I can say to that is that if we are all waiting for Aliens to help us through this financial and economic mess, then we might be waiting a long time. At the same time it is the people’s apathy that has assisted in the cause of this mess, so it is the people who should get down and resolve it and not rely on others, aliens or otherwise. People (Humans) have the ability and the capacity to resolve it. What people don’t have is the determination / tenacity to do so because they always leave it to others, and then complain bitterly when the suffering starts. Wrong attitude and wrong approach, so they need to wake up from their fantasy dreams and stop relying on others. 

I trust I have answered your question in a manner that is acceptable to you. 

In the meantime, I remain,
David P. Crayford;read=299229


Below is David Crayford's response to an email I sent him, which included questions from reader Isabelle:
Dear Mr Fusion, 

First I would like to thank you and Lymerick for your comments of appreciation, and your concern about taking up too much of my time. 

When I retired, it was only in part as I agreed to fully support David Sale as the Caretaker International Treasury Controller following Ray Dam’s demise, and the new International Treasury Controller whose appointment commenced 16th May 2012. Within that support, although sometimes difficult on time constraints, I further agreed to continue what we had started way back in 2008 with RMN and AH, so I ask you not to be too concerned on this matter. There are sometimes very important issues that I have to attend to which means delaying such things as responses to articles, so I am very pleased to observe the new threads started so that my responses do not end up way down the page and missed by many, for which you have my sincerest thanks. 

I am also pleased to note that many people appreciate what I have to say. Such comments are very rewarding indeed as we want people to know the truth so that in their own way they can help us to help them. 

Nothing of what we do and what we are directed to do by the hierarchy is easy and should have been attended to decades ago. What we all see today didn’t just start a few years ago, it started as far back as 1945 and has been growing and growing all this time, just like an untreated disease which has now got to near terminal level. That disease has to be treated as fast as possible by cutting away the relevant areas even if that means serious but positive action whereby my job is supporting the team wherever possible and in a positive manner. In this respect I am grateful for your support and the questions from readers as it does help to get the real issues out to the public so that they start to question things and prevent our so-called leaders (if they are listening) from making the same mistakes as were made in the past. 

Now to answer (Note: Again this will be quite a lengthy response to enable a defined answer for Isabelle. Short responses that are vague and sometimes ambiguous lead to confusion and sometimes misunderstanding) the question posed by Isabelle:
Mr. Fusion, I would like to pose a few follow-up questions to David Crayford.. Cobra and Heather Tucci-Jarraf have repeatedly stated that the gold has been removed. I was given to understand, rightly or wrongly "removed to off-world".
Karen Hudes recently stated that the gold in the Bank of Hawaii may be in the form of a gold certificate(s). Mr. Sino has only shown pictures of Gold Certificates to the delegates.
My question for David is: Has the OITC been to all the locations supposedly holding all the MT of gold, and done audits to ensure real honest-to-goodness gold is sitting at these locations?
Assuming for a moment the gold has been removed, and only Gold Certificates are sitting at these locations, how does this influence the OITC in its undertakings?
Thank you so much, and I look forward to David's response.
In respect of the Gold being removed: I have to say the answer to this is yes but not to off-world as some report. The Off-world comments are a very good way to mislead people away from the real truth, because the real culprits are living within our communities, probably next door to a few readers. They are not aliens from another planet. The simple fact is that it has been stolen from many depositories around the world, mainly by America and its allies, whether using mercenaries which is the present method, or, as in the past, local and military personnel and equipment. We are aware that much of it has ended up in countries such as Paraguay, Uruguay and the likes. I don’t know whether you remember an article some years ago whereby 60,000 MT of Gold was found on GWB’s farm in Paraguay and confiscated. We are also aware that unregistered Gold in large quantities were shipped into Monte Video, Uruguay, especially in Bill Clinton’s time as President of the USA; and deposited in a highly secret place within Uruguay which has not been located yet. 

Remember a more recent event regarding an American Military ship being stuck on a reef (an underwater nature reserve of importance as classified by the UN) in Philippine waters south of Subic Bay Port. The ship was supposedly heading towards Japan (that’s what it reported and logged) when it left Subic Bay, but instead of turning North towards Japan, it turned south and hit the reef. The reason why it hit the reef was because its “Draft” was greater than the Captain believed and therefore it sat heavy in the water. That ship’s hold was full of Gold being stolen from the Philippines. To solve the problem, they dismantled the ship (removed the gold and loaded it onto other Military ships) whilst it sat on the reef, to lessen the “Draft” so the original ship could be easily floated off the reef. 

Other instances include illegal refining operations in Thailand, and this is current, whereby stolen gold is being flown in using American C17 and C130 aircraft, refined in a small hanger on a Military Base, and then flown out again to Satahip Military Port, via Utaphao Military Base, in the south of Thailand (Not far from Pattaya), or, flown to Okinawa, Japan for further shipment to the US. The paperwork (Documents) for the Gold is all forged and undertaken separately in another part of Thailand and the Philippines. 

Another instance is the recent severe Typhoon over the central Islands of the Philippines. I, posted an article complete with a report from the head of a relief agency that Relief Agencies and residents were being evacuated from a specific area by US Forces. That area was very close to an air base where there is a depository containing large deposits of Gold owned by the Collateral Accounts. No one was allowed to be there except American Military personnel. Our people in the Philippines are still unable to get anywhere close to this area.
This is another issue that I could go on and on about, but each operation is basically the same as the last.Such operations are only possibly with the assistance of the Government and Military of the country involved. These are massive illegal operations being undertaken by an enormous monster whose tentacles stretch far and wide across the world. 

On the next subject, quote “Mr. Sino has only shown pictures of Gold Certificates to the delegates”. To understand this one has to know how this was all structured back in the late 1800’s and through to the London Treaty 1920/21. 

I will try and explain this in simple form. 

When all the assets of the Collateral Accounts were secreted away it was undertaken in compliance with the London Treaty 1920/21. The BIS were the main component to this with the Swiss Government / Banking Institutions being the main component for the actual documentation. 

Let’s just refer to Gold for this, but most assets were treated exactly the same.
Gold was shipped, let’s say to the Philippines for secreting away into depositories, which ranged from caves, caverns, purposely dug / built bunkers, sunken ships, etc. The documents (and each Bar of Gold has a set of seven (7) documents) were sent in the opposite direction to another depository. That way the Gold and Documents were separated minimising the possibility of fraud and theft of the “Whole” Master documents (Known as the Master Gold Bullion Certificates) were issued through some of the Major International Banks (Bank of England, Barclays, UBS, Credit Suisse, etc). At this juncture I will define “Issued through some of the major International banks” compared to “Issued by some of the major International Banks”. 

“Issued through” means instructed by a Third Party to issue but without any legal responsibility against the issuing bank, whereby the responsibility rests with the instructing party only. “Issued by” means that the Bank issued the certificates and are legally liable against those certificates 

The Master Certificates issued were usually issued in the names of the Head of State of various countries, such as Soekarno, Marcos, Mubarak, Yasser Arafat, Palavi (Former Shah of Iran), Queen Beatrice of Holland, and so on. If you don’t object I would rather not state why such certificates were issued under the names of Heads of State, because it would give far too much information to the likes of Keenan, Drake, OPPT, etc. In some cases Gold Keys (Plates) were also issued ancillary to the Master Certificates.

At that time, to utilise any Gold one needed the Master Certificates, the Keys (if applicable) the individual Gold Bar certificates, and the Gold. Therein lies another problem for anyone thinking about stealing Gold. However, having stated that, the objective was not to use the actual gold but undertake all operations off the Banking Screens. That way, the Gold stayed secreted but still usable as Collateral when needed. 

However, that wasn’t the end of the system. Each deposit of Gold have a minimum of three persons attached or involved (none of them known to each other), and the documents had another three persons attached or involved (none of them known to each other), plus a Master Signatory which was, at the time, Ferdinand Marcos. The three persons on each side (The Physical Gold and the Documents) would have been (effectively in name only) an account holder, and account signatory and a custodian, but none of them could do anything without the other 5 and the Master Signatory. 

What the above actually means is that without all the parts (as referred to above) no one could do anything and therefore the assets were considered and construed as being as safe as they could possibly be. 

Unfortunately times change and that change came after WW II when the TTTGC (Trilateral Trillenium Tripartite Gold Commission) were appointed to manage and administer the Collateral Accounts. In my opinion those in charge at the time would have been far better off appointing the Great Train Robbers rather than the wolves (TTTGC) dressed in sheep's clothing. 

Therefore Mr Sino, holding just Gold Bullion Certificates of which most are the certificates formerly held by President Soekarno, can not use them at all, because he needs all the other parts. Anyhow, he is not even mentioned in Soekarno’s 5 personal volumes of the records of the Collateral Accounts held by Soekarno under Custodianship rules; so Mr Sino is effectively a nobody. The certificates he holds are possibly what he has stolen, or, certificates that have been passed to him by others. 

Whether the Gold is still in Hawaii, or any other depository wherever that might be in the world, is an answer I am not allowed to give, other than what I have stated above, so I hope you understand this answer. 

This brings me onto another part of the question from Isabelle, quote “My question for David is: Has the OITC been to all the locations supposedly holding all the MT of gold, and done audits to ensure real honest-to-goodness gold is sitting at these locations?
At this stage the answer is no, for which there is a very good reason. We, and this applied in Ray Dam’s time as well, are allocated two specific accounts so that we have the funds to undertake all these matters to ensure the Collateral Accounts are all in order. Those accounts have been deliberately blocked inside the Federal Reserve and are at this present time inaccessible. The new International Treasury Controller is currently attending to this matter and after several meetings in Europe, he is still facing a barrier of ignorance, arrogance and denial. However, let’s go back in history a while to find the real reasons for this. 

As stated previously, Ferdinand Marcos was the Master Holder (Known as M1) and he was very attentive to the whole system. He used to have teams of people flying all over the world undertaking audits of bank accounts and depositories. Anything missing at the time, was quickly remedied so that the Collateral Accounts were kept in good order. That is what the opposition did not want to see or experience. Marcos was a “Thorn in the side of the Opposition” and prevented an enormous amount unlawful acts by the TTTGC. Marcos had to go (Haven’t we all seen this before with excuses like Dictators, etc.). Soekarno also had to go as he was as stringent as Marcos and worked closely with Marcos. Both of them were eventually removed (courtesy of the CIA) from power. It was after the removal of Marcos that his system of control, audits, etc, was allowed to totally collapse thus paving the way for an effective “Free for all”. Marcos died in December 1988, but not before he had explained everything to a trusted friend who he nominated as his successor as Master Holder. That person became Master Holder in December 1988 and still holds that position today. It was at that time that the Hierarchy decided that action must be taken whereby the 50 year term of the TTTGC would not be extended or renewed and that an independent individual instituted under a “Sovereign Entity” status would be appointed to take over the Collateral Accounts and effectively sort it all out. That person was Ray Dam, appointed as Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter (January 20th 1995). 

That was another “Thorn in the side of the opposition” so Ray Dam had to go, and so it was organised, courtesy of the CIA, and so the saga continues. The new International Treasury Controller faces the very same demise, but I have to say he is far more formidable. He is also very careful and has three different addresses known but one that isn’t known to anyone, so it is not going to be easy for anyone to find him. Not only that but he does have very highly capable people around him. 

I can say, as this has been discussed and fully / unanimously approved, that Audits will re-commence as soon as practically possible, and God help anyone who stands in the way because we are deadly serious on this issue. Where assets or accounts have discrepancies the relevant party will have to replace it all on a like for like basis and the people of the relevant countries will be informed so that they understand. America has already been warned and has been “Blacklisted” from receiving any assistance from what people refer to as the Global Settlements. This will stand until America pays back everything they have stolen or abused in the past. Germany has also been “Blacklisted” not only for their stupidity but also for harboring CIA criminals. Other countries have also been “Blacklisted” mainly for stupidity and arrogance whereas once those issues are resolved then the “Blacklisting” will be lifted. 

The following are countries / organisations currently “Blacklisted”:-
America (Theft and Fraud) Germany (Harboring CIA criminals) Italy (stupidity and arrogance, and failure to return confiscated assets to the Collateral Accounts) The World Bank Group (they are not entitled to assistance) Cambodia (for unlawful activities surrounding Ray C. Dam) Vatican (Holy See) (Failure to release Collateral Account documentation) Indonesia (Illegal activities by the Government and cronies related to the Collateral Accounts) Israel (Unlawful use of assets of the Collateral Accounts and involvement with Theft and Fraud) Lesotho (Efforts to monopolise Land Ownership as a method to extort money from the Collateral Accounts) Montenegro (Receiving Stolen Property [Gold] as authorised by Bill Clinton in 1998) Mozambique - One territorial part only (Requiring Pocket Money up front from the Collateral Accounts) Philippines (Theft and Fraud by successive Governments in conjunction with the Americans) Solvenia (Receiving Stolen Property [Gold] as authorised by Bill Clinton in 1998) Saudi Arabia (Receiving Stolen Property [Gold] in conjunction with CIA) Singapore (Receiving Stolen Property and Theft and Fraud against the Collateral Accounts) Switzerland (Massive Fraud, Theft and Abuse of Collateral Accounts assets held in Switzerland) Thailand (Continuous theft of assets of the Collateral Accounts) Turkey (Continuous theft of assets of the Collateral Accounts) Uruguay (Receiving of stolen assets of the Collateral Accounts) Paraguay (Receiving of stolen assets of the Collateral Accounts) United Arab Emirates (Laundering of Money relative to stolen assets of the Collateral Accounts) United Kingdom (Theft of assets from the Collateral Accounts) United Nations (Not an eligible party for assistance, Conspiracy to defraud the Collateral Accounts) The European Central Bank (Not eligible for assistance, Conspiracy to defraud the Collateral Accounts) The African Development Bank (Unauthorised use of assets of the Collateral Accounts) The Asian Development Bank (Unauthorised use of assets of the Collateral Accounts) The International Monetary Fund (Unauthorised use of assets of the Collateral Accounts, Theft and Fraud) The International Finance Corporation (Not eligible, Conspiracy to defraud the Collateral Accounts). The Inter-American Development Bank (Unauthorised use of assets of the Collateral Accounts, Theft and Fraud) The New York Stock Exchange (Not eligible) The International Court of Justice (Not eligible) The International Criminal Court (Not eligible) The Financial Action Task Force (Not eligible) 

Note: The latter 10 parties, plus the World Bank Group (1) all executed the 1980 Treaty confirming the acceptance of the Terms of the Treaty and making them wrongly eligible for financial assistance from the Collateral Accounts. These parties were added to the Treaty after the death of Ferdinand Marcos. Many executed the aforementioned Treaty after the death of Ferdinand Marcos and after the resurrection of the Treaty by the United Nations, which was finally concluded and sealed in December 2007. 

Finally, let me attend to the last part of the question from Isabelle, quote“Assuming for a moment the gold has been removed, and only Gold Certificates are sitting at these locations, how does this influence the OITC in its undertakings?” 

The fact that Gold or other assets are not where they should be is not so relevant. The other fact is that the Certificates are always held many miles away from the physical, so certificates which Mr Sino is holding are not relevant because the physical for those certificates will not be in Indonesia, or anywhere that he can get at it. I stated above that all assets and accounts are listed on screens but more to the point there is a full and accurate register of the assets and the locations. None of the stolen assets evaporate into thin air. They are there somewhere and will ultimately be recovered. For the time being we are working off the actual register whereby if it is known that assets are missing other assets will be allocated to act as Collateral until such time as the original assets are located and recovered, and there are far more assets that we can use if needed. 

There is also Insurance. Most of the assets are insured so if it comes to the crunch time, which it will not, we can claim from the Insurance companies. We will probably send them into bankruptcy if we do claim, so we have to think about that and the effects of same on ordinary people. There is also the under-writing given by the world’s top banks that could be called upon if necessary, but that would also bankrupt many of them, even though they are technically insolvent at this present time, so again we have to think seriously on these matters and regarding the effects upon ordinary people. 

When it comes to Gold, Platinum, and other precious metals and gems, there are in existence stringent regulations and registers because all such assets have specialized documentation with them (although the documentation is held in others depositories a few thousand miles away). It must also be remembered that in this day and age, everything is traceable and very little goes un-noticed. You may be surprised as to how much personal information is available on almost all the people of the world, and they don’t even know it or are aware of it. Most people allow these things to happen with websites such as Facebook and Twitter, Credit Cards and Store Cards. Bookings or purchases on line, etc, etc, etc.
I can say we are working very hard in the recovery of stolen assets, but considering the amount of assets of the Collateral Accounts involved all over the world I do not see a problem arising at any time. What is being stolen, although large quantities in the eyes of Mr and Mrs average, is but a mere pittance of the total assets that are available to assist the people of the world. 

I would like to say that because of the amount of theft and Fraud over decades, what really is needed is something like the “Spanish Inquisition”. This is partially covered within the Video Presentations I have referred to below. However the actual wording “Spanish Inquisition” is not mentioned but the principles behind the idea is there if read deeply and understood. 

Finally, I would like you to view our Video Presentations on our Website: There are 4 Video Presentations which will give you many answers to possible questions and will possibly enlighten you further. The other website contains a lot of information, but be very careful because this website was hijacked by the CIA following Ray Dam’s demise, so we do not have access to it to nor can we change anything that has been deliberately changed by the CIA. One of those factors is the addresses and telephone numbers we used to use, but no longer use, so do not make any communications to same as you will end up with the CIA. 

I trust that the above assists you and again I thank you for your questions as it does give us the opportunity to release further information to the public. 

David P. Crayford.;read=299339


Keenan thread here:;read=298699

Response received:

Dear Mr Fusion, 

Many thanks for asking me for a counterpoint opinion, even though others do not want to see one. 

I will therefore make my comments known re: the following article by Keenan.
Posted By: Lymerick [Send E-Mail]Date: Wednesday, 5-Feb-2014 19:15:01 

If people want to believe Keenan then so be it, that is their prerogative. However, having listened, in a bored way, to Keenan’s videos I really do have to ask “What is he actually saying”. He is saying what people want to hear which is just generalisations with nothing concrete and no evidence to support what he is saying. He is saying similar to what many others have similarly stated before him and what others will state after him. 

Remember the Prosperity programs and the Iraqi Dinar revaluation, and after numerous years still nothing and there never will be anything because most of these people just do not know what they are talking about.

I stated that the Prosperity Programs will never pay out because they derive from unlawful use of the Collateral Accounts whereby any profits from Trading (if they indeed traded which some did, some didn’t) has been passed / credited to the Collateral Accounts, but still people talk about these programs when others have lost thousands through conmen and are suffering from it. 

I have to agree with one thing that Keenan stated which is unfortunate because I do not agree with anything else he states; being “Keith Scott is full of BS and many people have realised that”. On the other hand Scott states that Keenan is full of “Hot Air” which I also agree with. Two fully fledged conmen each fighting each other. Pathetic to see it but it is understandable, yet Keenan gained a lot of information, some of it false information, from Scott when they worked together.

Both are crooks of the highest order and in my opinion, complete failures and a total embarrassment to those around them. Keenan claims he gave Scott the Boot, but remember Dr. Soekanto gave Keenan the Boot, all of them as bad as each other and all of them laughing at how they are muddying the waters for others. 

What really amazes me about Keenan is that he likes to take credit for whatever is happening, or has happened, when in reality he picks up the remnants of such information from others. Then he spins a story around it, a plausible story, and so people believe him and rarely question him. 

Let me state quite strongly that what has happened and what is happening has an awful lot to do with the activities of our intelligence people who have been working hard on all matters since the demise of Dr. Ray C. Dam on the 18th December 2010.

I am aware that currently they have gone back as far as Reagan’s time as President and will go back further if necessary. However, the results of their enormous hard work on this have shown results which includes Bankers resigning their positions quite quickly and then disappearing into oblivion, Banks being brought into order and heavily fined for their avaricious activities. In respect of Politicians many would have been forced to resign their positions had it not been for the Diplomatic Immunity they enjoy and which protects them. However, the time will come when they no longer hold Diplomatic Immunity and then they better start looking over their shoulders because they are not forgotten. 

Whether people see this or not, and whether others try to claim the credibility for it, it is irrelevant because it is happening, and has happened and not through any efforts of the likes of Keenan or others. 

Kennan also talks about the White Dragon Society. Strange that they are going to do an awful lot yet they have no money and are attempting to use assets of the Collateral Accounts in a fraudulent manner to support their claims.

We have recently come across some of them with their strange historical and possibly satanic symbols and to be honest one has to ask whether they are good or bad. They may have what appears to be good intentions with all their talk but same can not be achieved using illegal methods or fraudulent activities. They do not have legal rights, authorisation, or approvals to utilise the assets of the Collateral Accounts whereby the Government of Japan are fully aware of this factor and will extend the fullest possible resistance / action against any unauthorised use of the Dragon assets / accounts. 

So where are all these people such as Keenan going. Down a road which they believe they know, but don’t, picking up pieces of stone (information) as they go and ending up in the land of confusion and misinformation. Then they have to invent plausible stories to cover themselves so that they do not lose their support, and that brings me back to the point I made earlier, being “What is Keenan actually saying other than generalisations with no proof whatsoever”, which in simple terms means, BS, more BS, and more BS. However, as I stated earlier, if people want to believe what they hear from the likes of Keenan, so be it, it is not for me to change their minds. We will just keep doing what we are doing, quietly in the background, and achieving the results we have without the need for blowing our own trumpets. 

David P. Crayford;read=298786