Monday, March 31, 2014

FBI Documents Leaked Showing That Hitler Escaped & US Government Lied

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Hitler lived – They lied to us all!


They lied to us all.

They created the Nazis, they worked with the anti-semites, they made it illegal and immoral to question their lies.

They created and funded the Nazis in Ukraine with our tax money, so they use their so called enemies for their gain.

Everything we think we know and were taught is just a lie.
It is now admitted by the FBI release of documents.

The UNHRC has concluded it meetings and condemned zionism and israel today – UN Statement yet the zio-nazis are shameless and indignant.

I applaud the UN for their courage and for doing what is right.
I shit in the face of zion.

Israel is a stinking corpse and represents evil incarnate.

The FBI documents are linked below showing they knew all along what happened to Hitler and yet the lied and created a false history for us to be taught and told to believe:





Took the liberty to combine all the files and post them on Scribd for the world to share and get the word out. Over 700 pages, thanks to Aaron for exposing this.