Monday, March 31, 2014

N. Korea fires on South during North's military drills; South responds


(CNN) -- A day after raising the possibility of further nuclear tests, North Korea has engaged in provocative live-fire exercises near the South Korean maritime border, leading to an exchange of fire between the neighbors.

The semiofficial South Korean news agency Yonhap reported Monday that the North had begun the drill just after noon. The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff confirmed that some North Korean ordnance landed in South Korean waters and that the South responded with fire.

North Korea fired about 500 artillery shells into waters north of the Yellow Sea's so-called Northern Limit Line over a roughly three-hour period Monday afternoon, the Joint Chiefs told Yonhap. After about 100 shells fell south of the Northern Limit Line, South Korea responded by firing about 300 artillery shells into North Korean waters and dispatching fighter jets near the Northern Limit Line.