Monday, November 24, 2014

Franz Mayer: “The Austrian-Bitch-Coin”

“The Austrian-Bitch-Coin”  
The ultimate perversion of justice made in Austria.
Written Nov-22-2014 by Franz Mayer

There is no crueller tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice. - Charles de Montesquieu

Back in 1974 in employment at the ÖBB as a fireman on steam locomotives there was an all-powerful labour union behind the scenes pulling the strings of the state-owned company. As a reminder on this time I have scares left on my forehead from a break down during a night shift owing to exhaustion and sleeping deficit.
The working atmosphere at that time may well be characterised as familiar except some idiots from the old guard trying to enforce a military style hierarchy and that is something what I find disgusting. If someone can argue with reason and logic, I am always willing to learn, but as soon as someone tries to infringe on my free will or to enforce an artificial hierarchy upon me, my meek and sweet-tempered nature turns into stone, it is none existent any longer, I’m not willing to make any kind of compromise when my freedom or liberties are involved. It’s like Johnny Cash’s song:”You can stand me up at the gates of hell but I won’t back down!”

There are two important points I want to make here, the first is that to earn one’s living as a worker was never like leaking honey but back in those years you could support a family and save some money with your pay check, the second is that back then we had much more individual freedom and coherence between colleagues and families. It was also a time where lies and corruption in politics and society had to be met with consequences.
Now let’s leap forward into the year 2009 pointing out the consequences of Pres. Nixon’s abandoning the gold standard on August-15-1971; and the liberalization of the financial markets as the starting point and implementation of the present day gambling casino politics.
The once all-powerful labour union was lured into a self-destructive course trading the rights and working conditions of the workforce for privileges, exemptions and official positions for functionaries. As the walkout occurred in 2003 it was in a weak and susceptible of blackmail position and therefore ousted from power. One reform followed another on the one side for optimizing and increasing the efficiency of the employees and on the other side downsizing thousands of workers. Two reforms for stepping up five years of our assured pension age under breach of contract and at the same time a multitude of early retirements with fake psychological attests. What that means is that the honest had to work more and longer and the malingerers were rewarded. This was the time when I thought:”I have had enough of it!” My critical mass was reached and I wrote an open letter to the ÖBB-DLG and reported an offence against them a few months after that. (1)
Looking back all those years I can safely assert that by taking action and opening a can of worms it is not easy to stand your ground but it is a choice made by your heart not by your brain and as such worth doing it because it is the right thing to do and essential for keeping your self-respect and honour. It is an experience where there is much to learn about your society, friendships and faithfulness. The worst and saddest realisation for me was as all my colleagues, neighbours and relatives not only began abandoning me but actually flipped over against me.
Enough said! It’s time to focus and devote the attention to the heading of this article: “The ultimate perversion of justice made in Austria.” Now follow my argumentation and you will see that this headline is not an exaggeration. At first you have to know that all law is contract law. No contract no jurisdiction. But according to the slogan “Austria is different” they vow and confess nonpartisan courts, human rights, the right to live, human dignity, prohibiting slavery and the like but they have no intention at all in keeping anything of it. (2)
The court usher and two policemen coerced me to the kangaroo court, the lying judge told them apparently what they have to say and write in order to make the deprivation of liberty officially look like a voluntary act. Circumventing the missing contract they fabricated a psychological result out of thin air meaning without my presence and sent me a payment obligation for it. My refusing to pay for their crimes resulted in an attachment of earnings. That’s how they deprived me of all my rights and are now stealing my property. Let’s have this invention patented as: “The law check card for criminals made in Austria” in conjunction with a newly created global currency called: “The Austrian-Bitch-Coin”.   
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