Sunday, November 23, 2014

Tom Heneghan Update - November 23, 2014

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Sunday   November 23, 2014
Worldwide Currency War Erupts
by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert
UNITED States of America   -   It can now be reported that derivative ratios involving HSBC Bank of Hong Kong, along with the Central Bank of Japan, have reached 10,000 to 1 with U.S. Bank of America facing insolvency tied to naked short positions in the Japanese yen currency.
Worldwide currency derivatives are about to go hybrid aka the Japanese yen, the Chinese yuan, the Iraqi dinar and the Vietnamese dong.

P.S.  We can now divulge that the totally UN-Constitutional  illegal  NAZI Paperclip NSA phone tapping of U.S. citizens cell phones involve the use of algorithms and not only violates the Constitutional rights of every America but we can now report that it also involves voice inflection technology by crooked U.S. banks to procure lead time on trading in foreign currencies and stock index futures.  Lead time can be as much as 20 to 30 seconds.
Note:  Verizon and Sprint continue to break the law and conspire with the NAZI Paperclip NSA with the use of iCloud technology.

P.P.S.  We can now report that the New York Times, along with CBS News, is about to break a major story involving Las Vegas, Nevada college football sports betting.
This scandal involves both the Atlantic Coast and Southeastern Football conferences with at least SIX (6) fixed games tied to the money line bet on college football underdogs (no point spread involved) to win games outright.
Example:  You could bet $100 to win $300 if Smith University beats Jones University.
This massive Las Vegas, Nevada based college football gambling scandal has compromised players, coaches, referees and back judges who have all been on the take.
Item:  The Arlington, VA fire department is currently being investigated by state authorities concerning one of the six games.
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1997 Asian Financial Crisis
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The countries most affected by the 1997 Asian financial crisis
The Asian financial crisis was a period of financial crisis that gripped much of East Asia beginning in July 1997 and raised fears of a worldwide economic meltdown due to financial contagion.  MORE

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