Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Starship Earth Blog: Drake’s Take; May 6, 2015 —The Removal of the Cabal

Okay peeps, listen up.  I’ve listened to the first hour of Drake’s Cosmic Voice show and wanted to allay any fears remaining around the military activity we’re seeing with respect to Jade Helm.

First of all, Drake covered the Russian and Chinese soldiers. As for the rumours that they are going to extract or murder American citizens, he said BULL.

Drake said it’s pretty much impossible for 1200 troops to invade and subjugate an entire nation.

He DID say, if anyone sees UN vehicles, to let him know. Video would be best.

Despite the videos we’ve seen, he said he is not seeing a “massive build-up of military vehicles”, etc.

The military IS practicing for martial law, however—but not against the American people. They are going to be going after the US Corp. government criminals. Very soon.

Drake doesn’t have a firm date, and is waiting on a phone call.

He said this removal of the powers-that-were will not be as civilized and pleasant as most would like, but we’ll get through it.

The financial system will be shut down, etc., as Cobra has told us, and that could mean some difficulties with supply chain, etc., despite the years of preparation put into this initiative.

Things might be a little rough for awhile, and we will all have to overlook our differences, unify, and strive toward this one goal—to free Humanity.

He said this has never been done before, and I would add, “on Earth”, because some of the beings who have been assisting in this plan, ie. the Resistance Movement, have done this same thing on other planets before.

To some degree they can anticipate what needs to be done, how to do it, how people will react, etc. We owe them a greater debt than we can ever pay—not that they expect it.

He said the ETs are pretty much ready and on standby.

I’ll leave it at that. If you want to listen to Drake’s archived call, you may do so here:

Keep envisioning life in our Golden Age, my friends. Whatever happens, we can handle it. Just prepare and help to prepare others if you can.  ~ BP