Thursday, June 11, 2015

GoodETxSG Update - June 11, 2015

I received a very venomous email from a reader and link to an article that are perfect examples of some of the groups that are calling the Blue Avian message a "Hippy Love and Peace" or "New Age Drivel" message and shows how the awakening masses are now and will soon be in an even more "Reactionary Emotional State" when Full Disclosure occurs. The thought of these full details of the crimes against humanity have these "Elite" who perpetrated these crimes in a blind panic themselves.

How do we disclose this full information without there being riots of people calling for heads to roll such as the person who sent me the email and the tone of the article that is linked below? How we respond will be the foundation of the new era of an "A.D. Civilization". Will the less spiritually evolved and lower vibratory of our society set the tone of our future with a "Night of long knives"?

Can we have an orderly transition with Full Disclosure that involves World Court Hearings and Trials? This may be "Hippy" or "New Age Drivel" to some people (They are also the tenants of all major religions) but if we are going to transition to a 4th Density Positive Civilization we need to focus on becoming more loving, forgiving and raising our consciousness/vibrations. The last thing we need to do is lower ourselves to the level of those who committed these crimes and enslaved us.

There are some who are sending emails and posting comments that show confusion (As usual) that the SSP/Sphere Alliance has accepted the offer by the Committee of 200. This is incorrect. There was not a single moment that their offer was even considered (Some of this will be cleared up in the Q&A Article Dr. Salla will release today/tomorrow). There will be no cessation of disclosures by the "Cosmic Alliance" nor will we back off from absolute "Full Disclosure" for a moment. It does appear that from the response of people like this that we have some work to do and a short time to complete it before these disclosures occur. Those who want blood for blood or and eye for an eye may be problematic and indeed a concern for riots and mayhem.


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Mj Boyd Well said buddy! Are you attending any other meetings this week/end? 
Sphere Being Alliance No, I am only being brought to view some transcripts of an Illuminati Agent who is pretending to be "Former Illuminati Whistleblower" that is a disinfo agent for the cabal/Illuminati that is apart of their campaign to control the Disclosure Narrative. They have been contacting several researchers an giving them crazy info including further targeting of "Star Seeds" by telling them that the "Orb Beings" that they are seeing/communicating with are "AI's" to scare them. They are also putting out nonsense that the Draco are fleeing the Earth in September. There are a couple other agents that are being tracked and the Alliance wants me to look over the material that is being put out. These are the "Metamorphs" that are doing this work and are very convincing mind control and disinfo agents. The alliance is looking into plans of direct action into some of the cases. I will not have any part in these operations though. Other than that no negotiations have been completed for the ICC Conference or any others. I worked until 1:30 AM completing the Q&A's for Dr. Salla. I have been working nonstop for over a week now and am exhausted. I need to take a day of rest and recover today and maybe tomorrow. I will post Dr. Salla's article when it's published though. TY, Corey/GoodETxSG