Monday, July 13, 2015

Drake & Thomas Williams on the Illuminati Family & Draco Status [audio]

Drake & Thomas Williams on the Illuminati Family & Draco Status [audio]


The Future Choice of Humanity

On Sunday, July 5th, Drake and Thomas Williams held a special Cosmic Voice show because of some very important information they wanted to share. They felt it was urgent to get the word out. I must say it is stunning.

As I mentioned in a couple of other posts, Thomas Williams has a contact that shared some information about the Illuminati/cabal/elite families who have been running the show on Starship Earth for eons.

Thomas said he may have this informant on the show at some point.

The information shared was unique, and called into question much of the claims Corey Goode has made. Corey soon contacted Drake and told him that the informant is Illuminati, put a name to him, and said it was all bogus information.

Despite that, Thomas Williams has brought us more information about the “families” and the “parents” as they are called.

The informant said the dracos are leaving the planet in the fall, taking their negative technologies with them, etc. You can read more about that in this older post.

Thomas said a letter addressed to the Parents was sent, and reply received.

The response is scathing, and leaves no doubt as to the disdain these psychotic creatures have for Humanity, and explains how they feel justified in treating us as they do.

“Why haven’t they been stopped? Because no one besides us has the right to stop them.” We are compliant. We do as we’re told and nothing to take control of the situation.

WE are their “batteries”. We fuel them, both physically, and also energetically via the “loosh” which they are skilled at inducing.

Thomas also tells us what we can do to help ourselves, and to take full advantage of The Wave coming this fall, when many of us will instantaneously be able to see through the veil, remember our past, etc.

Here’s the link to listen to this program from July 5, where Thomas reads the reply from “Cassandra”, one of the Parents, at least twice on the show for the benefit of listeners, and says a transcript will follow.

Thomas begins by saying much of the information he shares is first hand. Take it for what you will.
I find Thomas highly ethical and he obviously is confident his contact and his information are valid.

Like everyone else who presents this sort of information to us—they can’t prove it. We have only our inner guidance to go on.

I have to say I find this more credible than what Corey Goode has written, but there is a war going on and much subterfuge, so we are on our own to discern truth. This program will give you a lot to think about.

There is no question this is the most fascinating time to be incarnate on this planet.