Monday, July 13, 2015

The Red Dragon Ambassador Issues a Press Release Regarding Neil Keenan Expose

The Ambassador Issues a Press Release and Comments on The Sedona Connection Radio Program Regarding the
Neil Keenan Attacks and Slander

Neil Keenan posted and article on his website attacking The Ambassador and myself.  It is filled with lies, half-truths and many misstatements.  Enclosed is a press release from The Ambassador and a video of my comments and an interview with The Ambassador.

Date: July 9, 2015
FROM: Media Representative
Contact Info: Louisa;
RE: Neil Keenan's Public Slander of the Ambassador dated 7/8/15 

The Ambassador of the Red Dragon Family has been a target of a massive dis-info campaign on the alternative media venues by various ill-intended people in an effort to disparage the humanitarian efforts of the Ambassador, the Red Dragon Family, and to derail the funding of projects dedicated to humanitarian causes.  

Wednesday, a dis-info article circulated on the internet which has its origins from the desk of Mr. Neil Keenan as viewed on his website. 

Please see the Goldwater Investigative Reports at:   

to understand what Mr. Keenan's motivations are as this report clearly demonstrates. 
The Ambassador does not publicly comment on rumor, slander, or speculation, and makes it a priority to invite anyone who wishes to learn more about True Vision of Peace and the Red Dragon Family to contact him through the website at  
The Ambassador also make frequent appearances on various alternative media venues where people often can call in or submit questions for the Ambassador. Many interviews are posted on the True Vision of Peace website.

The Ambassador's goal is waging a war on ignorance and financial tyranny and whose philanthropic non-profit organization provides funding for humanitarian projects.