Sunday, July 19, 2015

Respublica of Earth-Court of Ages Issues "Sino", Alias M1 Arrest Warrant & SwissIndo Repossession

By: Cjay
Project Avalon Forum 

These videos speak for themselves. Can you discern the intent behind each?

First, the court orders - arrest warrant and repossession order

Second, the video explaining the reasons for the court orders:

Direct quote from the video above:

"There will probably be more warrants put out, shortly... Swissindo has a great body of people who are working toward freedom. The Delegates, they're great people - and so we have put out a repossession order for Swissindo because we wanna re-purpose that and use it for the people. It's a cool idea, you know. Yeah. From my perspective it will allow everybody to access their value in a way that they can manage, in their time. People whose mind would be blown by the kind of stuff we're talking about, which is most people on Earth. They can use money until they understand the reality of our situation."

Cindy is NOT a delegate and never has been. She also stated that in her video.

Third, the intent behind SwissIndo, very clearly stated in this video published on 8 Apr 2014:


Swissindo is a Trust created by private agreement. Cindy is a beneficiary of that Trust.

Cindy wants to sieze the trust, arrest the Trustee and arrest the good people who are helping the Trustee in doing good things for humanity and the Earth, as per the original intent of the Trust - because Cindy (and her friends) want to re-purpose Swissindo to it's stated purpose.

How productive is that?