Thursday, September 10, 2015

Corey Goode OP-ED - "You are responsible for your own growth and journey."

by Corey/GoodETxSG on 10 Sep 2015 : 15:50

During this time of massively conflicting information, misinformation and disinformation we must make sure our "Reality Bubbles" are permeable to new information.

Everyone one of us have developed belief systems based on certain datasets from Guru's, Channelers, Contactee's, Whistleblowers and Researchers.

All of these people are fallible human beings who's info is only as accurate as their chosen sources.
If we say we are discerning but basing or comparing information to our ensconced belief systems (rejecting anything that conflicts) we are deceiving ourselves.

For our discernment filters to work correctly and truly they must also be permeable and allow new information to pass through to be filtered.

Do not get caught up in enlightenment traps of the theologies and philosophies of others... No matter how well intentioned they may be.

You are responsible for your own growth and journey.

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