Thursday, September 10, 2015

Regarding the Secret Space Program...

By now many people have heard of the "secret space program" and "breakaway civilizations" from noted researchers and authors such as Joseph P. Farrell and Peter Levenda. Recently, we have gathered even more mind-blowing insider information about the extent of these ultra classified programs from brave whistleblowers such as Corey Goode and Randy Cramer (aka: Captain Kaye). When we combine the information we are now receiving from these individuals with known facts from a vast number of other sources in the Ufology field, we are able to form a much clearer picture of what might be happening beyond the boundary of Earths atmosphere.

First, let's take a brief look at what this "secret space program" consists of for those who might be uninitiated. Throughout history we the public have always been told that NASA is basically the pinnacle of space exploration--this is an abject lie. By now, almost everyone knows that the American space program began with "Operation Paperclip" at the end of the war, a program whereby all of Germany's top rocket scientists were brought to the US to serve under the direction of the US government and military research facilities, namely Los

Alamos Labs in New Mexico. The post-war years were a critical turning point in rocket science and advanced engineering, with the help of scientists like Werner Von Braun the US was able to develop everything from guided missiles to nuclear weapons. This massive influx of brainpower, technical skill and real world experience gave the Americans a critical edge on manned space flight over the Russians who had managed to put a satellite in orbit first. But this was merely the impetus of a much darker space program which the US military would soon start secretly funneling billions, and eventually trillions, of tax payer dollars into.


It wasn't just transplanted Nazi scientists that helped jumpstart the US space program. Recovered technology from crashed extraterrestrial craft raised the state-of-the-art to a level that was inconceivable at the time. The Roswell recovery put the US military 40 to 50 years ahead of where they were in 1947. In fact, the technology was so advanced that it had to be categorized and systematically distributed amongst various high-level research and development companies including Bell Labs, XEROX PARC and AT&T as well as aerospace companies like Lockheed, Northrop and General Dynamics. It was all too much for the military to study and reverse-engineer on their own, so they utilized these R&D companies to help achieve their goals quicker than they could on their own. Ex-military insiders such as Phillip J. Corso and ex-aerospace contractors like Don Phillips have described in detail the lengths to which the military went to duplicate this technology and incorporate it into advanced weapons programs throughout the 1950's and 60's. 
Don Phillips, Lockheed whistleblower
This timeframe saw a veritable explosion of technological advancements in everything from solid state electronics to aerospace design to advanced optics like thermal imaging. It was at this point that the powers that be--the 'Cabal' as I will refer to them--decided to split this space program down the middle. Half of it would step out into the 'white world' and become what we today know as the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) while the other half would slip into the 'black world' and form the foundation of what we now call the Secret Space Program (SSP). It is not fully understood how this all came about, we just know that it all began over 60 years ago and there has obviously been decades of advancement and development since then.



If there's one thing the US military knows how to do well, it's spend lots of money. Since the end of WW2 the US government has spent roughly 50 trillion dollars on defense projects with probably another 20 trillion in off-the-books 'black budget' programs, and these are conservative estimates. Most of that black budget money was used by the Cabal to fund one the greatest secrets in the history of mankind--a secret fleet of spacecraft which was utilized to establish the Lunar Operations Command (LOC) facility on the far side of the moon as well as a military-run colony on Mars. I know this all sounds fantastical, like something out of a science fiction novel, but when you look at the corroborating evidence and start putting pieces together from eyewitness testimony and ex-military whistleblowers like Goode, it starts to make rational sense. They say that anything is possible if you throw enough money at it, and this is a prime example of that mentality. 
The US government's approach of 'more is more' reminds me of a pivotal scene in one of my favorite movies, "Contact". At one point in the film S.R. Hadden, a billionaire akin to Robert Bigelow, is spending his final days aboard a space station in orbit when he contacts Ellie Arroway to let her know of the existence of a second 'Machine'. He says, "First rule in government spending: why build one when you can have two at twice the price? Only, this one can be kept secret. Controlled by Americans and built by Japanese subcontractors who, also, happen to be recently acquired, wholly-owned subsidiaries of Hadden industries." It is this same mentality that has allowed a conglomerate of defense contractors and 'black' arms of various international governments to build and maintain secret space stations and a fleet of spacecraft costing trillions of dollars. I realize this all sounds improbable and if I wasn't hearing myself say this I wouldn't believe it either, but the reality of the situation is that there IS a trail of money that all leads to the same place: a compartmentalized black hole that even the highest levels of government don't have access to.