Saturday, September 19, 2015

Drake's Take On The New Republic Transition

Drake’s Take for September 16, 2015 [audio]

Snippet from Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Also, WHEN the positive US Military are ready to do what needs to be done, we won’t find out via covert phone calls to one YouTuber or Lightworker. We will know without a doubt that it is time.
At least 70 per cent of the military is on the side of The Republic—and growing. They have made it clear to a number of high ranking officers that if they do NOT toe the line, they will not be long for this world.

When it is time to “clean” the government (it’s not a take-down) there will not be a collapse. Here’s how the 5-step plan will work:
  1. The nation will shut down completely with no one and nothing going in or out. It will be like an Iron Curtain. No ships, trains, planes, International phone calls, satellite signals; all communications will be shut down linking the country to the outside.
  2. The positive military will remove the corrupt politicians.
  3. The military will notify Oathkeepers and militias to seek their assistance in keeping an eye on the general infrastructure, such as power plants, dams, etc. IF they believe that is required to monitor attempts at sabotage, etc.
  4. We will revert to the original founding documents, abandoning the bogus modifications the imposters made to suit their agenda.
  5. A temporary skeleton government will step up to negate statutes, municipal ordinances, etc. put in place by corrupt entities without the approval of The People. Drake was asked to be a part of that group and I can’t think of a better candidate. He knows the laws, the constitution, and is used to dealing with all echelons of the government and military. He left the military with top secret clearance and is a spokesman to dispense intel to the public.
Drake stressed that the country will NOT simply fall apart. It will be done with as little disruption to the day to day business as possible—but it is wise to prepare now for any eventuality as he has been encouraging for some time.

There will be no doubt as to when it’s going down. If we don’t see the Navy along all coasts, the airforce patrolling the skies, and troops marching down the streets of America—then it’s not happening! It’s as simple as that.

Before that can happen, he says we have to unify and organize ourselves. That’s “WE” The People.
Oathkeepers have volunteered to help organize “community preparedness teams”. We need to let as many people as possible know what is coming—and why.

He said Jade Helm is part of the “cleaning” and alluded to his past intel that it’s a two way street. What Jade Helm may have appeared to be isn’t what it is. It wasn’t limited to a handful of states in the Southwest. It’s Nationwide.

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