Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Randy Cramer (Secret Space Program): Shut Down Psychic Attack Through Psionic Training

What an amazing interview! Alexandra Meadors and Randy Cramer have a very informative review of psionics and the purpose and power behind learning psionic training, especially in this day and age. We promise this to be a very informative and entertaining interview about a subject that is totally scientifically based! They review military emergency clauses, the difference between psychic abilities versus psionic physics, brain wave development, brain hemisphere balancing, the importance of the jaw and tongue in this training, how your head can pick up radio frequencies, the importance of building a “bubble helmet”, the distinction of what “mind” really is, cellular memory’s relations with the mind, consensus reality, EMF manipulation, and so much more! Emphasis is definitely placed on stepping into your mission, developing focus, and getting you to your theta state. Is ritualism valuable? What about video games? How do addictions relate to this? Is knowing your “enemy” as important as we have been lead to believe?

On a side note, Randy also reviews his battle experiences with how he has been “retrieved” off the battlefield, how “temporary” decapitation is a reality off-world, and how long the consciousness remains within a body after this occurs. Stay tuned for information on clones, psionics and much more!

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