Friday, September 4, 2015

Why Sound Heals | Cymatics, Entrainment, Mandalas, Frequencies and DNA

Why Sound Heals | Cymatics, Entrainment, Mandalas, Frequencies and DNA

The process of infusing truth into the minds of spiritually embodied souls is an entrainment or synchronization process. Sound is an electromagnetic wave phenomenon, along with light and heat. All of these things transmit information to the body, which acts as an antenna to receive and incorporate it into ourselves.

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The product of information received is knowledge, whether intellectual or biological. The cells of our body receive information from the environment and change their behavior to produce our over all health. Hence eating high quality foods and spending time in nature can have healing effects.

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Sound is a special form of information transmission because it has the immediate effect of stimulating the mind, which in turn produces deep emotions. Listening to music can activate our imagination in many ways, causing us to remember moments of the past, explore ideas in the present, and even navigate through future possibilities. Because emotion is an electromagnetic phenomenon, our bodies receive these waves of consciousness energy in a feedback loop of stimulation.

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