Saturday, December 19, 2015

Shane "The Ruiner" Blog Update - December 18, 2015



Let's begin with something far too many seem to overlook.  The vastness and diversity of our universe.

There are too many planets to put a number to that support life.   Our solar system and those closest to us are a poor representation of what other parts of this galaxy and others in terms of the amount of life they hold.

When approaching a race, such as humans, visitors from another star system tend to introduce themselves as being from that star system.  If this were humans visiting another galaxy, they would say "We are from The Milky Way" and those we visit may say we are something like "Milky Wayan".

However we all know there is more to it than that.  Perhaps you are Caucasian, from Brooklyn, and you're Catholic.  All of these would be different than say, someone from China who happens to be Buddhist.  Each of these people would have different experiences, beliefs and perspectives.

We cannot assume other planets are any different in this regard.

What if you were a Mars colonist, black, and Jewish and you visited another planet in another Galaxy. You would have a totally different story to tell the world you are visiting.

Beings from Andromeda visiting earth calling themselves Andromedans is too unspecific as an example.  There could be millions of planets and races from Andromeda in theory.

We also tend to describe ETs in terms of looks.  Greys being the most common.  There are literally millions of different "Greys" groups.  "Tall Whites" or "Tall Blondes"/ Nordics are also not talking about a race or group, but rather an ET body type, like saying "Human".

Even the name Human is widely used.  Humans come in several varieties even in relation to individual planets.  There have been many variations of Earth Human throughout Earth history.

Religions exist on other planets, governments and currencies.  Planets at different stages of development with different preferences and cultures.  Everything we see here multiplied.

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