Friday, January 8, 2016

RTS Articles: 'Destruction of US Wealth' and 'Iceland Revolution'

The "Destruction" of US "Wealth", or "All I need to know about stocks I learned from Trading Places"

Transpicuous News UpdatesWell.... lets really take a closer look at this.

Chinese stocks DESTROY 45 billion in US wealth. That can mean a lot of different things, and this article itself is a glaring piece of fluff (Like most of the financial articles this week, lol). Most of the stocks mentioned in this article were pushed up in value at hyper speed since they started trading on the US market. Who made the money off of the inflation of the value of these stocks? Now,  "suddenly", their "value" is plummeting. Why? Because they are being sold off, or "dumped". So, who is making the money off of that?

Now..... if the hyper inflated "value" of these stocks was bogus to begin with- and we'll use the example of the several "billionaires" that lost their shirts in China over the past 8 months when their companies stocks were hyper inflated and then dropped radically in reflection of their true value-  the questions is the same: who made money off the hyper inflation of the stock prices to begin with? And then who made money off the crashing of those stock "values"? And Note the use of the word "Value" and "wealth" in this article..... not money.

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TN Special Report: The Iceland Meme that won't die

Distractions are the name of the game these days, and discerning Distraction from Disinfo is sometimes damn difficult.  In this recording I discuss the waves of distractions that keep rolling over us, and a few of the main points I look at when these same ol' stories keep coming back to life.   Case in point: The Iceland Revolution that wasn't.

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