Friday, January 8, 2016

Tory Smith Update - Bush Family Members Arrested & Satanic Paedophile Network Still Torturing Children


Yes, this info is “out there”—but that’s where the truth is, too. We can decide individually what to believe. I believe 2016 is going to be a bad year for the psychopaths!
One reason the pedophilia has continued this long is because people simply refuse to not only accept it, but to even LOOK at it. The bribery is more far-reaching than most suspect. It’s rampant EVERYWHERE.

When it’s the government reptilians doing it, and law enforcement is paid enough to look the other way—anything is possible.

The military industrial complex is out of order.

Hollywood is far more fake than real and is completely infested with the Illuminati, as most of us know. And the Pentagon, as well. It’s no small wonder the military hasn’t arrested these monsters. At some point, they will have to do so.

procyon orionThanks, N, for the share, and Tory for all your efforts and to our star family members from Procyon who are reported to have arrested the creatures who do this to children—at least the Bush faction.

Cobra revealed that at this stage certain groups so inclined to remove/arrest the offending parties would no longer be stopped. Perhaps that is what happened here.

The cabal was warned that NO ships will be permitted to leave Earth’s atmosphere without identifying themselves, their cargo/passenger manifest and mission. I appreciate they didn’t vapourize the ships, but held onto the perps so we can deal with them appropriately when the time comes. They will need proof later on to show the ones having a lie in that the ‘conspiracies’ are all true.

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