Thursday, March 31, 2016

Chakra Removal Benefits and Audio Discussion

Benefits of a unified and fully open central core without chakras:

  • Ability to receive and express much greater energy from our spirit or Higher Self
  • Ability to handle and experience higher frequencies
  • Allows more direct connection with our Higher Self (no chakras in the middle)
  • Acts like a force field that helps screen out other people’s pictures of reality. (Most of us walk around in other peoples’ energies because our energy bodies are separated.)
  • Feelings of being more centered, calm, secure, powerful, peaceful, and self contained
  • Greater clarity
  • Psychic abilities begin to unfold and develop more rapidly
  • Removal of limitations imposed by the chakras
  • No need to put time, money, or effort into clearing blockages from or balancing your chakras
  • No more crown chakra induced headaches.
Your spirit is unlimited. The limitation has been in the etheric and astral structures and programming within our energy body including thought forms, etheric wiring, implants, chakras, devices, parasites, and other structures.

Disadvantages of Chakras:

  • Chakras limit the amount of energy coming in from our central core and our energy fields
  • Chakras separate the energy of our core essence, which makes it easier for others to attach cords and drain our energy
  • The chakras were implanted so that specific energies could be accessed, thereby allowing control and manipulation of our energy fields
  • The chakras may act as blockages of energy that can cause physical deterioration of the body and psychological illnesses
  • Chakras keep our body’s energy field segmented, making it easier to manipulate from an external source
Although one may want to have his or her chakras removed, it is not a procedure that one should undertake without full agreement from their Higher Self. When you are ready for it, your Higher Self will open the way. Removal of the chakras only needs to be done once; they will not return.
For some people, we believe this to be a useful step in removing our limitations and manifesting our Greater Presence. As with all energetic bodywork, discernment should be used when deciding to remove one’s chakras. Once removed, they cannot be put back into place.