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By Lucinda 

Part I  First a little background. Creator created the Logoi, first-tier co-creators and universe supervisors, whose spirit and soul essences are embodied in stars, planets and moons.

When our mother planet, Logos Sophia, was first populated with her indigenous children, we were sovereign, self-sufficient beings with inter-dimensional superpowers living in paradise. 

Logos Lucifer was embodied in the planet Lucifer, also known by several other names such as Maldek, Tiamat, Phaeton, Marduk.  It was a much larger planet located between Mars and Jupiter.  And, it was the most illuminated planet in the solar system and shone like a second sun to Earth.

Lucifer's attitude was less than stellar however.  He was contemptuous and egotistical which was mirrored in his impatient, boastful children, as higher realm ethos is reflected in the lower realms.

Thus, the Luciferians were divided in their opinions concerning their evolutionary process.  One group was impatient and wanted technology that would give them powers for which they were not evolved and ill-equipped to handle.  Another group insisted on an organic, natural evolution in harmony with the Laws of Creation, and they vehemently objected to this potentially perilous technology.

The escalation that followed resulted in the planet exploding into pieces by the very technology they were disputing.  This is the same demiurgic technology I describe in my previous posts.  The chunks of their planet became the Kuiper Astroid Belt.  With the help of the Guardians, Luciferians from both sides escaped/incarnated to planet Earth.  The impatient ones became the Atlanteans and the more spiritually inclined became the Lemurians.  Sophia graciously accepted these outsiders at the request of the Guardians 80,000 years ago.

Unfortunately the Atlanteans brought their domineering, service-to-self temperament with them, along with the forbidden demiurgic technology. They became alchemy priests and used Black Majik chanting to Lucifer to operate their demiurge manifestation/replicator device. They conned the trusting Earthlings into giving up our sovereignty, and used their demiurge to enslave and separated us from Source.  And they opened the gates to hostile galactics who time traveled from the future and whom they themselves were a product of the corrupt demiurge.

To state this clearly, there were no hostile galactics anywhere in the universe before the advent of the corrupt demiurge.  They are the result of the Guardians' "Experiment" of placing the Luciferians on Earth.


Lucifer's soul/spirit was thrown down to earth when his planet exploded, hence the Dead Sea Scrolls scripture in Isaiah:

"(12) How are you fallen (14) from the heavens shining one, son of the dawn you are hewn down to the earth O waster of nations. (13) For you have said in your heart I will go up to heaven above the stars of God I will set my throne on high, (14) I will go up to the high places of the clouds, I will be like the highest. (15) But to Sheol you shall be brought down to the borders of the pit making the earth tremble and shaking kingdoms."

I interpret this to mean he was embodied in Earth's Mineral Kingdom, to start over his evolution from the lowest point; and the earth trembling represents earthquakes that he causes in his grief. 

The Guardians thought the souls/spirits of the Luciferians were sufficiently rehabilitated.  And out of love and compassion gave them a second chance.  Since their planet was gone, they had to put them on Earth.  But their "Experiment" as it is called, went awry and this is why we have cabal satanists and reptilians feeding soul plasma to alternate/Yahweh.  

The error of the Guardians, that caused our 80,000 year timeline of wars and ritual sacrifice, was in trusting the Luciferians/Atlanteans  to relinquish their loyalty to Lucifer and forgo the demiurgic technology.  Interesting how the Guardians and others of their ilk point the finger at indigenous Earthlings, calling us gullible and naive for accepting their Experiment!

The demiurge technology, also called the Stone, may have caused the fall of Atlantis.  But it surely survived as it is an indestructible sphere of energy in the etheric realm.  I believe this is the same Stone which at some point was housed in the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

If the soul of Lucifer was indeed thrown into the Mineral Kingdom/Sheol, perhaps Moses, who was a highly trained alchemy priest in Egypt, conjured and entitized a malevolent thought-form from Lucifer's soul in Sheol. This entity subsequently was attached to the Stone in the pyramid and was called the Ark Stone or Ark of the Covenant which still exists today.

From Ra of Law of One ....(concerning the preparation of the Luciferians, from Maldek, to be incarnated in bodies to be placed on Earth):
"These entities arrived, or were preserved, for the experience upon your sphere by a type of birthing which is non-reproductive, but consists of preparing genetic material for the incarnation of the mind/body/spirit complexes of those entities."  And "...there were those of other third-density entrance or neophytes whose vibratory patterns matched the Terran experiential nexus. These then filtered in through incarnative processes."  (Note to Ra fans: Yes, Martians, was the same thing, but cryptically implied.)
I believe this to mean the Guardians prepared the DNA for the Luciferians' physical bodies to be compatible with Sophia's  astral signature, otherwise they could not survive.  That's what her astral signature is all about, to keep invaders out!  It's possible some tinkering with her astral signature, to accommodate the Luciferians, opened the gates for scores of hostile time-traveling invaders from the future.

Also, I take umbrage with anyone, including Ra who implies however cryptically, that indigenous Earthlings did not exist...that we are all products of mixed genetics from other planets.  Earthlings originated in the higher dimensions.  We were never the hunched over cavemen depicted in the evolution timeline charts.  We are the noblest of gods and goddesses.  We accepted the Experiment not because we were too innocent to understand the consequences, but because we had abundant compassion for the Luciferians.  

And no doubt the Guardians assured us the demiurgic technology would not be allowed.  And then they failed to prevent it for the second time.

Part II. Timelines and Timewars

When the unspeakable atrocities of war, ritual sacrifices, and suffering ends, we will rejoice.  But it will be bittersweet as the hauntings of the past would linger and the carnage can never be erased. 

So how can this tragic history be part of the Divine Plan for eternal bliss?  It can't.  But there is a solution and it is inevitable:  we will start over 80,000 years, before our descent into slavery began, and a decision will be made to prevent it.  And all history will be one of peace and joy.

Allow me to explain:

One thousand years in the future, malevolent galactics using the Corrupt Demiurge, traveled back in time 80,000 years and hijacked our timeline. This mobilized an equally proportionate response from benevolent Galactics, and a timewar began.  I base this premise on ancient texts which prophesy one last war after 1000 years of peace in the higher dimensions. 

We will certainly have accomplished time travel in 1000 years, so it is plausible that the benevolent Galactics participating in the timewar are "us" in the future.  (I know, it's complicated, hang in there, lol, I'm getting to the good news!)

Quantum timelines are probable outcomes generated by the cosmic sentient calculus computer, which is the Creator's demiurge of the universe.  This demiurge outputs positive or negative events depending on the concentration of high or low vibrations of thoughts and emotions.  Thus:  input emotions of joy = output joyful events.  

When there is more love than fear, it can counter and overwhelm the negative timelines, which are output by the corrupt demiurge.  Both demiurges are mindless glowing spheres of highly concentrated etheric-astral plasma urgently outputting whatever instructions (vibrations) are given.  Demi means "lower god", and -urge means "strong need".

The timewar is a battle between the positive and negative timelines.  Negative timelines drag us down into lower vibes of false illusions of powerlessness and suffering.  Positive timelines lift us up to our highest potential as powerful superhumans.

To conquer our planet without a battle, hostile Galactics from 1000 years in the future, hijacked the timeline 80,000 years in the past, in an effort to influence our freewill to choose their negative timelines. This gets a little complicated, but once a freewill choice is made, the timeline branches into bundles of probable outcomes that reflect that choice. The bundles are averaged and the result becomes the prime timeline.  This starts over with each freewill choice and new bundles.

It is important to note that once a freewill choice is made, the past timeline, leading up to that choice, cannot be changed. This is the Law of Freewill.  And indeed this is meant to bring a steady flow of progress toward our higher evolution.  (Perhaps rather than countless bundles of timelines, there was originally only one timeline, or very few, since these were all positive and focused on our higher evolution.)

So you ask:  Since that implies the past has already been determined and cannot be changed, what good would it do for the hostile galactics to go back in time?  Here it gets really interesting.  They used a "loophole" in which they hacked the timeline in between freewill choices.  There they planted false memories of fearful events or agents to lead one astray which then influenced the choices that had yet to be made.  This caused negative bundles of timelines to branch out in parallel with the positive timeline.  Eventually the negative timelines overwhelmed the positive, and led us to where we are today. 

Benevolent galactics and other beings traveled back in time in various forms, such as incarnates or spiritual guides.  We are the Starseeds, Lightworkers and Wanderers.  But the battle was harder than anticipated as the Guardians greatly underestimated the tenacity and cunning of the hostile invaders.

Part III. The 80,000 year timeline do-over

In a quintessential universe, timelines spiral "upward" to a higher frequency which conveys the evolution of heavenly bodies and their inhabitants to higher realms.  There would be no such thing as a downward spiral into devolution, had it not been for the hijacking of our timeline.  Hence an exclusive, unprecedented event is occurring in which our timeline has reversed, changing direction from downward to upward, superpositioned on the same track. 

The matrix illusion prevents us from physically seeing events from the past.  But we will feel flickers of anamnesis and deja vu.  And at highly energized pivotal events, the veil will be pierced for all to see.

The Return of Christ is the first of four pivotal events, which we are experiencing at this time in 2016.  Rather than Christ returning in our current timeline, we are returning to him, in reverse direction, in his timeline during the Roman Empire.  Metaphysically speaking we haven't moved up on the timeline, but rather we ceased our downward spiral when Christ was crucified and ascended.  

And now the veil between our two timelines is thinning.  We may visibly see flashes of Ancient Rome.  Turn a corner and you may find yourself in an ancient marketplace with villagers attired in togas and sandals.

We will choose either Yeshua and the Christ Conscienceness or the hostile galactics and the beast Yahweh.  The first time, in ancient Rome, it was between Yeshua/CC and the Roman Empire/Yahweh.  As I describe in my previous post, Yeshua's first mission was only halfway successful, due to the Guardians underestimating the cunning of the dark forces.  For Yeshua/CC to have conquered one-half of the beast's soul was a profound accomplishment considering the odds against him. This partial victory also halted our downward spiral into devolution, putting us into something like a holding pattern.

This time we have something more than we did in ancient Rome.  The Gamma-Photon waves, which are part of our Divine Intervention, are increasing our frequency, and thus spiraling our timeline upward (in reverse superposition).  With this boost from Source, enlightened beings will ascend to a positive timeline of peace and joy for 1000 years.  Those who choose darkness and the beast will spiral downward into cataclysm. 

What is the war-after-1000-years-of-peace all about?  It is the second of the four highly pivotal events. That means a corresponding counter-event occurred 1000 years before Yeshua incarnated on earth. This is the profound event that was the catalyst behind  Yeshua's mission:  the corrupt demiurge made its debut when Moses attached a conjured entity, Yahweh, to the Ark Stone demiurge.  And the beast began its reign of terror.

Lest one doubts the merciless brutality that ensued, there are many stories of massacres and plundering in the Old Testament.  Moses said that God, who was Yahweh, ordered him to kill massive numbers of innocent women and children.  In Numbers 31 15-18, concerning his soldiers sparing the lives of the Midianites, the scripture reads: "Moses said to them, why you have saved all the women alive? Behold these caused the children of Israel through the counsel of Balaam to commit trespass against the lord in the matter of Peor, and there was plague among the congregation of the lord. Now therefore KILL every male among the little ones and KILL every woman that has known man by lying with him. But all the women children that have not known a man by lying with him keep alive for yourselves."

So the last war, after a millennium of peace, is a battle to destroy the corrupt demiurge.  At this second highly energized pivotal point, Yeshua and the Christ Conscienceness of the Grail Stone, which is the pure demiurge, will face off with Yahweh (the loosed Beast) and the Ark Stone (the corrupt demiurge) in one final battle. One could call it:  The Holy Grail v. the Ark of the Covenant.  The two demiurges battle it out with positive and negative timelines.  The Christ Conscienceness attached to the Grail Stone will win, and our universe will be filled with bliss.  Yahweh will disappear into nothingness.

From Revelation 17 8, "The beast, which you saw, once was, now is not, and yet will come up out of the Abyss and go to its destruction. once was, now is not, and yet will come."  This describes the reverse timeline sequence.  This theme is repeated throughout and gives credence to the reverse timeline scenario.

The third pivotal event will occur in 80,000 "reverse" years, when a decision will be made by the Guardians to prevent the demiurgic technology from being accessed by the Luciferians.  So the planet Lucifer will not have been destroyed and thus there would be no need for the Guardians' experiment.  And we will have a brilliant "second sun" in our skies.

And the fourth pivotal point will be the reassignment of Logos to the planet previously known as Lucifer.  

At each pivotal juncture, the negative timeline collapses upon itself, ceasing to exist as there is no negative energy to support its's as though it never happened.

This is:  The Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, which is, and which was, and which is to come.

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