Monday, March 14, 2016

OP-ED - LightWorkers & The Awakened Are Tired of The Intel Mind Games

"The Issue of Misinformation" - Anonymous Guest Post to Dinar Chronicles:

I got a chance to read Grandfather's post, titled "Together". The post really resonated with me, and was written on a very spiritual and caring aspect, and helped to convey the true beauty of the the changes that are coming, and the fearless support of all the Galactics and Ascended Masters and Lightworkers in their fight to help us break away from the evils of the CIJZ-RKM (Cabal-Illuminati-Jesuit-Zionist-Rothschild-Khazarian Mafia). There were some aspects of the post that I did not agree with completely, though. First off, I sensed that Grandfather was a bit taken back by the negative reactions that have prevailed with Yosef and the intel brought by him. I know there were negative things said and many people on different sites really felt strongly in a negative manner about all that was presented. I do not approve of all of that, but it does not surprise me either. I am not saying that the benevolent forces have not considered the other perspective, but that is the difficulty of trying to survive in the negative day to day matrix world while trying to be ascended and of positive light, energy, and thinking. Yet, the people are being presented with "lies for a good reason" basically, and this forces them away from their spiritual growth and development and back into the matrix thinking.

Let me explain that further. Many of the people in DinarLand are awakened and they are now aware of what was done to them by the CIJZ-RKM, along with the Draco's and Reptilians and Atlantian's, etc, and so this strengthens their desire to believe in the Galactic's and the Ascended Masters and Grandfather and the Light workers, etc.They want truth and transparency and positive information. However, when you have intel providers coming in to relay information that may contain a great amount of dis-info (to throw of the Cabal/Stings), that is still negative and matrix program behavior, regardless of the purpose or the reason for it. There may be some truth to it, but someone had to mix in some creative lies (and this is of the negative) somewhere and make it sound convincing in order for it to be called dis-info. And I am not talking about the date or the windows of the RV specifically, although how many false dates and times have we been given over the years, or even the last few weeks, when it was clear that there was not intention of doing anything on those dates? What I am talking about is the small bits of intel about government changes or arrests, etc. We have heard a million times about arrest warrants for evil political figures or others or things like the Paul Ryan announcement.

In the matrix thinking, these ideas are so far-fetched and crazy and conspiracy theory (God, I hate that term). If you told random people on the street some of this, they would think you were out of your mind. But the people in DinarLand take the risk, make the leap, and actually go away from the matrix thinking and believe in the possibility of this intel information that normally they would have laughed at. They keep an open mind and go along with it and actually believe it, because they want change and want the world to be positive and uplifted. So when these smaller bits of intel do not happen and never manifest, it actually pushes people back into the CIJZ-RKM matrix thinking. They get mad at themselves for taking the risk to believe in something different and the feel stupid, foolish, and gullible, and the old negative feelings return. Moreover, they feel lied to and deceived, just as the CIJZ-RKM has been doing to us for hundreds and thousands of years. The people are doing their part and daring to get away from their programmed thinking, and when they do, there is never any confirmation or anything of what is being said to come true. To me, this leads to the opposite of what the Galactics and the Lightworkers are trying to achieve. Another example that I have mentioned to you before is the information from Zorra. How many times has he said the Galactic ships would de-cloke and the healing ships would arrive on Earth by a certain day or time? And that never happened. People want these glorious and wonderful things to happen and are willing to embrace them wholeheartedly, but when we come in week after week and tell them these wonderful things that never happen, how are we going to expect people to react? It certainly won't be with positivity and they will revert to the matrix thinking and feelings, no matter how much we would not want them to do that,

So, now we have people who feel deceived and abandoned (even though they are certainly not) and are frustrated that none of what is being told to them as far as rumors and intel is accurate or has occurred. Then, add all of this to the fact that, we are dealing with people that are damaged and hurting in so many ways. Chemtrails are being sprayed on us, Fluoride is poisoning our bodies every time we take a sip of water, HAARP beams are being blasted at us for mind-control and neurolinguistic programming, and many people have a variety of health ailments and are very sick, and to top it all off, the CIJZ-RKM healthcare system and treatments are designed to make them even sicker instead of curing them. The vaccines are poisoned and disrupt the immune system, the medications and pills are designed to create a variety of new illnesses instead of just treating the problem, and we know all about the poisonous and immune damaging cancer treatments (that which the CIJZ-RKM caused people to get in the first place with all their poison and nanite particles in foods and items, and the GMOs, and lets not forget the Fukushima Radiation and Chernobyl and all the other industrial "disasters" that they have used to poison our enviornments to get us sick). And of course, if it is true that we all have been implanted to disrupt our chakras and prevent our psychic and intuitive abilities and to prevent us from communicating telepathically, then add that to the list of horrors that we have endured. These things are still ongoing, yet we want people to believe that the Cabal is defeated or their power has been taken away. It is a complete incongruence.

These same people that all this is being done to are the ones that are taking the plunge and trusting the intel and wanting to believe, despite all that is happening to them. So they are going through all this, and on top of it all, the intel never manifests. And then, let's add even further to this all of the financial, emotional, and other worldly problems that people are experiencing. We are getting closer to the end of the BDSS and the CIJZ-RKM, but that does not do anything for us in the meantime when the debt collectors come calling and knocking, when the foreclosures and evictions occur, when there is debt to pay everywhere, when there is no job to live from and care/provide for your family from, no car to drive, no house to live in, no money to pay for medical treatment, no money to afford food or groceries, and the IRS is trying to take everything you own to enrich the CIJZ-RKM even more to pay off their illegal and evil "tax debts." So on the one hand, we are asking people to mediated and reflect on themselves and trust in the process and "believe without seeing". Well, people have done that, and week after week, none of the little intel pieces ever happen. People are believing without seeing, but after so long with no relief from the CIJZ-RKM oppression, what are people supposed to do when they are trying to figure out where their next meal is coming from? Of course, God is the ultimate provider, and our belief in him without seeing is firm, and he does come through for us. He may send money our way to pay for that next meal or send someone to gives us food or buy that next meal for us. Our ultimate belief in his infinite mercy and his care for us is what has kept us going all these years on this journey (because I believe that God will make this manifest for us some kind of way, as he has chosen us to buy the currency and find out about all this. If it wasn't for this ultimate belief in God making this happen for us, many of us would not have survived the difficulty of this long journey, including myself). We have had to survive even disbelief and ridicule from our own family and close friends, who think that we have lost our minds or are "living in a fantasy" as has been said to me personally and very frequently over the years by family.

My overall point is that providing misinformation to people while at the same time asking them to believe in the process, even if the information never comes true (and we already know it won't if we know it was designed as misinformation) is not an effective strategy to foster spiritual growth and Ascension. It leads to heartbreak, disappointment, and all the negative feelings, and then people willingly fall back into the negative Matrix programming. I really feel that this is an aspect of the plan that the light workers and Galactic's need to re-think, because I have seen it backfire in so many ways over all the 8+ years I have been on this journey. I just feel like there has to be a better plan or a better way to approach this. Maybe a simple way to do that is, "less is more". Just don't put this stuff out into the public realm. The CIJZ-RKM are not waiting to read it on Dinar Recaps to hear the latest rumor, even though they are monitoring all of the sites. If you want to put out these rumors, do it at the higher-level back channels and the places where there CIJZ-RKM will hear it immediately. Go through the motions and make it convincing, and if the CIJZ-RKM try something, they will fall for it and get caught every time. I think people are okay with just hearing that things are progressing or that this is a window of possibility. When it is broad, people can live with that and deal with it as just a maybe and so when things don't happen, they were already expecting them not to. But when we have intel providers give out very specific things and say, oh a 90% chance of 800#s by this time or this time, and it doesn't happen, that is a significant grievance that many have.

Hopefully, a different approach can be taken with it all, in one way or another. At the same time, my ultimate hope is that things will finally manifest this week and we can move on to the Golden Age of Prosperity here on Earth and do so much humanitarian good for so many people. There is a lot to do in order to re-build Gaia and repair the damage done to her!