Monday, March 14, 2016

Suzy Star Intel/Rumor Update - March 14, 2016

Posted by Beamer
This was emailed to me:


Hi everyone,

I am so tired of the hype and disinfo and misinfo, that today I
specifically went to my highest and finest source to get an appropriate
perspective that I could share. I also don't want to send out misinfo
thinking it is true and then finding egg-on-face. Here's what I got:

1. Calm down. You and the planet, all of us, are being taken care of.

2. Change is happening. Good/great change. No matter what you see,
know that significant and effective change is in the works and moving
forward every day.

3. Don't believe anything, even "confirmed" stuff, until the EBS
(Emergency Broadcast System) says it. No matter who says what.

4. That (EBS) will happen before Summer.

5. The goal of the good PTB is "best solution(s) with minimum chaos".

6. The details change hourly/daily. The details are NOT all worked
out! They are flying seat-of-pants.

7. That is why not to believe anything till EBS comes on. You can be
told something that is true in the moment and then 5 minutes later it
changes and you don't get that word.

8. We are getting lots of help from the ETs/Galactics etc. They know
what they are doing.

9. The WH is empty of significant decision-makers. The O family has
moved to Dubai with all personal belongings.

10. Dunford is in at the moment. Ham has bowed out by his own choice.
Ryan is also in.....again, changes every 5 seconds. It's all interim

11. What little is left of the cabal is like a mortally wounded tiger.
They are lashing out anyplace they can.

12. The principles of the Declaration of Independence stand and are

13. The Constitution was the practical rule book on how at that time in
history to put the principles of the D of I into reality. The
Constitution will not be restored as is, as there will be some changes.

14. The Republic will not be restored in its original form. Of course
the US Corp is dying/dead.

15. There will be no November election as we are accustomed to.

16. Democratic and Republican parties are dead and will be dissolved as
they stand now.

17. Elections will be held within 3-4 months after EBS announcements.
They will be with paper ballots counted by hand. Pretty much new people
will be running, people you may not have heard of.

18. The new form of governance will be people-oriented,
people-empowering, cooperative, balanced male-female principles,
transparent, accountable to all, local as much as possible.

19. The principles of NESARA and GESARA will be put into play but maybe
not by those names, and in stages rather than all at once.

20. The new global monetary system will be/is honest and transparent.

21. The currencies' reset will happen, actually has been going on in
select places, and probably in stages, because countries' monetary
values of their currencies are out of balance globally. Currencies will
be gold-backed and asset-backed as well. Money has to be based on real
value and all in balance globally.

22. Abundance will increase exponentially and be available to all.

23. All life is of value and to be honored. Human, animals, plants,
devas, all.

SO keep up your faith, know all is well and you have a beautiful life
ahead of you!

Blessings, love and aloha,