Friday, March 11, 2016

Scammed Again? OP-ED by Steve Beckow Again?

March 10, 2016 by Steve Beckow

Apologies to Mr. Obama and Mr. Ryan

It’s always interesting and a time of high learning to find oneself in what looks like a scam.

We seldom know we’ve been scammed. Very few scammers own it. Events usually reveal it.

In the case in point, the scam was that President Obama was removed from office, replaced by House Speaker Paul Ryan.

A journalist friend emailed us almost immediately to detail the events that President Obama attended that day or had on his calendar, which had not been cancelled.

He also reported that Paul Ryan was in California attending the funeral of Nancy Reagan, uncharacteristic of a person newly installed as President in a setting that was unpredictably chaotic and dangerous.

(Many readers may not have seen the original article which we took down as soon as the flaws in it were pointed out.)

What happens when we’re scammed? I got to see. The first impulse is self-serving: to cover our butt.

The strategies then used are to plead ignorance, blame someone else, defend our record, justify our own journalistic practices, etc.

The fallback strategy is to represent one’s self as being so cool that one could not care less about controversy or to swing out in the other direction, dig deep into the scandal, expose it further, etc.

When one has committed oneself to the Divine Mother’s service, most of those options cease to be available. One is reduced to taking it on the chin and being more cautious next time.

The other side of the question is the reduction of harm that scams, such as this one, are perpetrated to accomplish. What harm?

Throwing the original site that reproduced the article (and those that followed it) into disrepute is one hoped-for outcome.

Sowing dissension among lightworkers is another, setting one group against the other. In lightwork, that dissension is often between the followers of channeled messages and the intel and whistleblower folks.

In this case, the scam occurred in the camp of the intel folks but scammed channeled messages have also been floated.

Making people quit their lightwork in disgust is a third. Serving as the straw that broke the camel’s back, the scam sees people say, “That does it for me. I’m outta here.”

One reaction that some people had was: “Oh, no, not Paul Ryan.” Apparently Ryan is a strong conservative. I don’t know the man, personally, or his record so I cannot speak on the subject.

Was that another aspect of the scam – to make lightworkers throw up their arms in disgust and resignation at the thought of yet another conservative in power for the next eight years? (The last bunch brought down the World Trade Center and killed thousands of innocent people.) I don’t know.

So I’m sitting here smarting, but, as with all things to one who treads the awareness path, this now becomes grist for the mill and I get to see what embarrassment feels like.

I feel it. I complete it and the love returns.

I apologize to readers whom I in my turn brought within the pale of the scam.

Evidently I still have a ways to go to safeguard myself against my own apparent gullibility.