Sunday, March 13, 2016

WHITE HATS AUXILIARY Blog - Prosperity Programs, CMKX, RV, Global Settlements, NESARA, GCR

20th Maine says:
Hello WHA,

Thank you for your site and helping us all stay up to date on the things you cover.

I was wondering if you could recap for us where we all stand on the various activities that you once updated on. I know you did provide a summary of them a while back but I was wondering if there were updates since.

Thank you again for your time and effort. Much appreciated as there is much confusion and too many blogs to know who is right.

Here is a list of things that if you could summarize it would be nice.

1. Prosperity Programs
3. RV
4. Global Settlements
6. Currency PP
7. GCR

whitehatsauxiliaries says:

I see you chose as your user name the regiment that defended part of Little Round Top at Gettysburg on July 2, 1863. What a day that must have been.

I will do my best to give you a summary as best I know from what we have been told. I wish to add that I have not discussed any of these topics with anyone as of late, so there could be updates I am not aware of. But, here is the general lay of things for you and Colonel Chamberlain. ;)

Prosperity Programs. These are the various trade programs that people bought into from the 1990s or so up until about 2002. They were given several names, such as Freedom, Omega, Alpha, Savage, etc. etc. I don’t know how many were in existence, and it can be assumed that not all of them were legitimately traced to real traders who were sanctioned to act officially on a designated platform, and simply lined the pockets of con men. So, it’s all a guessing game, really. Be aware that GHWB was the Godfather of those platforms at that time, and once they received, they tended to never give back. So far, that has been the case, if any of those things actually did trade.

Through many conversations with our WH contacts we have arrived at the following conclusion. It will be a real long shot if anything comes from it. We can say that the White Hat reports detailed how much of the profits from those trade platforms were channeled into dark ops and other nefarious places. But, never into the pockets of John Q. Public.

There is a lot more that could be said, but in the end, it’s the money that people in those programs want. And so far, zip has been paid, and until someone in an official paymaster capacity steps forward to inform and advise, don’t expect anything.

Information has reached my ears that the latest “information” being told to one specific dwindling band of hopeful, aging recipients, is that each will get $25M, regardless of how may units they bought into. However, this information is far from confirmed and is best ignored. Being told this kind of thing is not healthy as it will generate complacency and nervous expectations that will drive you mad, because the money never comes, and is unlikely it ever will.

Claims that the funds were transfered here and there, from point to point, all to keep it from being stolen, are laughable. Why then, if those funds were so movable and liquid, were they not simply sent to the intended recipients?

Bottom line, if one or two of these things actually fund, it will be a miracle. But, at this time we are told that the chances are long that anyone will see anything in their lifetime from it.

2. CMKX. I am not a shareholder, and according to Al Hodges, the Attorney who represented several shareholders in legal actions, the shareholders are supposed to received compensation at some point in the future, once the GCR is set in motion. However, we are told from our friends in London that it’s probably not going to be bailed out, and shareholders should move on and not expect anything.
We wish we knew more, but we don’t. Bottom line, it’s currently a miserable jumble, and many got burned.

3. RV. This term, “RV” is specific to the Iraqi Dinar. At present, nothing is expected to happen in 2016, for the public that hold the dinar. Mass overprinting and hype have blown this speculative bubble way out of proportion. Several promoters of the Dinar RV have been jailed, and many more will be we expect.

Bottom line, the mass overprints are not going to be bailed out. Any revaluation may be very brief, with only limited amounts allowed in before the boom is lowered on the rest, and reissues are brought forward with the rest of the overprints marked as crapola. That’s a possible scenario, and the most likely.

We have recently heard of a scheme being conducted by Pentagon insiders to bundle dinar into some kind of grabastic toxic monetized asset to be sold off to some unsuspecting sucker. If so, it’s just another sad note in the history of this troubled currency.

Global Settlements. These are payments owed to the US and via good people who are working hard to complete such. These are not payments to the general public, but would assist in generating funds to the Treasury from taxes owed.

NESARA. A concept. Rumored to have been signed into law by President Clinton in 2000, while surrounded by Navy Seals, under duress.

It was not signed into law, and is not in the works. There may be some few elements that are “NESARA like” that may come to pass, such as asset backed currency for the US, but the entire concept itself is not coming.

One of the components of NESARA is that everyone will receive a check for $80-100K at some point. Well, that would be nice, but don’t hold your breath.

Currency PP. These are private, special invite only placements organized by authorized parties for specific purposes aligned with the GCR. Details are private and wont be released here.

GCR. This is the alignment of the world’s currencies per BASEL 3. This also includes any relevant revalue of whatever amount per each currency, which also includes the dinar, less the overprinted stuff. Look for the gold standard to rule once again, for trade among nations, then eventually to back currencies.

Thanks again.

jamesdarren says:
Hey Tony…. just wanted ask a question about the CMKX comments…. AL Hodges has also stated there is a large trust to be distributed when trust stipulations are met which is mostly a safe banking system or asset backed system…. I noticed you said ” wont be bailed out ” …. would this mean, if it existed, the trust funds were stolen and wont be replaced by any coming funds?… thanks…. and thanks for the site also!


Good question, well posed and accurate. Mr Hodges has indeed stated that once the BASEL 3 standards are implemented across the board, there is to be payment via the new payments system. However, as we indicated earlier, our valued London contingent says otherwise as there is no money – reportedly because of sticky cabal fingers that wont be overcome by BASEL 3.

Stolen? We at WHA cannot say for sure since we are not a party to such evidence and can only present the words of those we know are well positioned to know of what they speak. Unpaid, whether from theft or any other form of recalcitrance, is still unpaid. Either way, zip, in both form and substance so far and opinions differ.

As for a bail out, as we understand it, the only ones with the funds to bail the numbers required would be the Elders. And we have been repeatedly told that they are not going to bail speculations of any kind.

So far, that’s our understanding. As always, we hope that it can work out some way, some how, but based on the information provided so far, it’s looking grim for CMKX to be salvaged.
If we hear otherwise, we will gladly make it known.

Thanks again, and thank you for being a part of our blog!!