Monday, March 14, 2016

Yosef Intel Update - March 14, 2016

"Ascend" - Yosef - Monday - 3.14.2016 (8)


Aloha is a Hawaiian word that means hello and goodbye, as well as unconditional love and presence of the divine breath of life.

It's a sacred word to the Kanaka Maoli (native Hawaiian people), and is very meaningful in the context of what is happening on our planet right now.

You see, we, meaning all humanity, is now experiencing unprecedented aloha simultaneously in this exact moment. As one of one, each of us are now feeling Gaia's inner and unconditional love gradually rise within our souls on a moment by moment basis.

This divine feminine or motherly unconditional love, this aloha, is now undeniable at a cellular level by Heavenly mandate. Even the worst of the worst among us are being forced to experience this pure loving vibration. And as much as as we attempt to loathe our enemies, we simply cannot as their will be no room in hearts for darkness with such presence of love.

We are in the long prohecized process of becoming one with all of humanity. So together, let us give eternal praise to the Divine Creator Source of All Father God Almighty or Akua (God in Hawaiian). This why Aloha ke Akua means God is love because to Hawaiians, God is the divine breath of life, and thus can only be love.

Christianity refers to such unconditional and pure love as the sensation of the Holy Spirit coursing through your entire being; while Buddhists understand such a divine surrender as the singular pathway to complete consciousness--also known as achieving nothingness or total spiritual emptiness. But no matter your religious or spiritual definition, the sensation is the same and sooner than later, all of us will feel this truth as collectively we merge into the One. So be it.

Now in terms of monetary intelligence at this late hour, know that the Elders have long released the RV in America, but America only recently released Iraq from its occupation (earlier today, Sunday in Baghdad). And yes, an American President not named Obama was present and signed off on American control of a now sovereign Iraqi nation without telling the public. What a concept… politicians and military generals not telling the public what they are doing at the exact time they're doing it.

But why must Obama be replaced without our knowing and someone we don't necessarily approve of "placed" into such a position of power by non-Americans? This makes no sense, right? Well… lets remove all red/blue/tea party politics and emotions aside, and think about the possibility of such a historic event happening in real time. And just for the sake of discussion, what if we dove-tailed this concept into our firm belief that US citizens are soon to receive digital credits for new gold backed currency holdings, replacing old worthless cabal fiat paper slips. Now if the money portion is true, should we not also receive a new moral government simultaneously to replace the old immoral system (leaders) that attempted to destroy America (and the world) by driving it into an irreversible economic collapse? Logic says yes. But again, this is a lot to process.

Well, I personally know China thinks this way, so much so in fact, they allowed their own economy and good name to suffer until a truly sovereign Republic was constructed, as they simply did not believe any nation could bear healthy fruit over time if the roots and branches of their tree will left in a toxic state of being. This is why the Elders took the time and had the patience to create a new Republic of the United States (remember we're having an objective discussion here) with patriotic white hats in the Pentagon and Congress, and quietly pre-seated righteous individuals--in secret--well before the RV was released to the public. And just possibly, this new Republic is now functioning prior to the RV, which makes it safe to conclude that if we are so blessed to receive the money, we may also be receiving an entirely new governmental structure and leadership.

Again we're just spitballing here (Iko), but maybe this also why a drastic and extreme "global gag order" has been in place for several years across all forms of mass media and government announcements, as no one enjoys knowing that their "elected leaders"--all be them corrupt and incompetent--were quietly being hand replaced by the Chinese, one by one, without their knowledge/say so/vote--and that sentiment even goes for the worst of the worst like politically dynastic names such as Bush (Scherf) and Clinton (Rockefeller).

That said, we know the head of the US snake was finally removed when Pope Francis visited the District of Columbia (the sovereign diplomatic territory of the Holy Roman See in America) and signed away papal control over the United States of America Corporations, including our government known as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INCORPORATED. We actually witnessed that historic moment in real time. Ask John Boehner how he liked that move, which ironically allowed a new Republican Speaker of the House to be "hand selected" by the Chinese… and ultimately, potentially, be President of the Republic of the United States for a solid 9 years.

This is why the District of Columbia had such a different set of rules than the rest of the country--it never was a true part of the United States--rather it fell under the complete jurisdiction of the White Pope (Francis) & Jesuit Black Pope (also Francis for the first time in history), the same way Vatican City (Italy) and City of London (England) are not legally part of their respective sovereign nations.

Therefore, everyone working in our government, which not so ironically is headquartered within the District of Columbia, and thus not subject to the Constitution of the Republic of the United States, but rather takes direct marching orders form the Vatican in Rome (FYI: Columbia is just a code name for the Pagan Babylonian Goddess ISIS, which ironically is also represented by the first two letters of IS-ra-el, and physically represented in the USA, Inc. by the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor, as she so proudly holds up the illuminated flame of "enlightenment", which not so ironically pays homage to a non-human bloodline that has long been in control of humanity's vibrational and soul destiny)…. but I digress….

Look, you can believe this, not believe this… I respect your conclusions either way; but hopefully you will stop crucifying those of us with different understandings of reality than your own. Just know that some of your brothers and sisters love you so much, we intentionally hold your greatest good, in spirit ethereally and in form vibrationally--and with such deep love (Kipona Aloha) in our hearts--that we are willing to absorb your initial shock (anger) to provide you the truth whenever you are ready to receive it.

Universally speaking, I know in my heart and from study that we are in the era of Gaia's awakening, and many truths will now be brought to the surface of our collective understanding no matter how radically uncomfortable they may be at first listen. And some of them are real dosies let me tell ya. Thus, it's wise to keep your heart chakra open, as well as develop your third eye chakra in order to receive the purest truth, most unconditional love and highest states of consciousness. It'll be difficult at first, but trust me when I tell you it's well worth any physical or spiritual discomfort … as the closest human to God wins every time, every where, every day.

Like I said earlier, be prepared to be completely overwhelmed, first financially, then emotionally, finally spiritually. Because once this flow of mercy and truth starts, it won't stop for anyone, no matter how deeply you hold inaccurate convictions. And brothers and sisters, that is a fact you can county on! And again, I encourage everyone reading this to accept none of this as gospel. Which includes past posts about Paul Ryan being Commander and Chief and signing military operation orders worldwide. By all means do your own research, and a lot of it as I've done mine for the last decade in preparation of this moment. Do make your own connections in government, finance, military and science, and start asking the really tough questions and discern their answers with great skepticism and courage.

But please, please, please, please, please, please awaken before the RV, as once you have the money the truth won't seem as important. Only you can reverse generations of slumber for your family, and lead new generations in critical thought so all may ascend into an incredible supernatural consciousness, or Christ Consciousness, and experience new / old divine truths.

Your soul matters greatly to mine. And I will stand as a bridge of complete surrender until all with open hearts have passed across my back. Just rest assured no amount of fear or darkness will ever keep humanity's Heavenly mandate from being known in the divine light of truth. As nothing real is threatened, and nothing unreal exists… therein lies the truth of God.

God is with us.
Christ is Love.
All is well.

Kipuno Aloha ke Akua (God is Deep Love).