Saturday, April 16, 2016



David Crayford's latest posting regarding "Ghost Accounts" and the Panama Papers is a masterpiece. It resonates to the frequency of the cause of all human suffering worldwide, throughout real history. It explains why planet Earth continues to be destroyed at an unprecedented rate, why humanity struggles desperately to survive, and why every species of the plant and animal kingdoms suffer towards extinction. My contacts in the financial world tell me that David Crayford's flow chart is so accurate and filled with such eye opening detail, that it describes exactly how the United States Government funds it's thinly veiled attempts at total global domination and control. It explains with precision the roles the U.S government and the Federal Reserve (U.S. Treasury, IMF, BIS, World Bank, etc.) play in setting up illegal accounts all over the world, in the world's largest banks, the funds of which are then made available to government members of targeted countries and help finance mercenary groups to commit war, civil insurrections, colour revolutions, genocide, the illegal Mainstream Media Monopoly and disinformation, and further theft of the Global Debt Facility Assets.

The Global Debt Facility Accounts were created for the benefit of Humanity to alleviate its tremendous suffering by creating affordable financing to rebuild and redevelop the infrastructure of nations, and eliminating the middle man profits. The Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter of the Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, the International Treasury Controller, was appointed by the "Hierarchy" representing the Royal Families of the World to manage the accounts in an effort to back the currency of each nation on the planet with the gold necessary to attach that nations currency to the new global gold backed financial system. Yet the ITC, the first or the second one, have never been allowed to perform his / her responsibilities free of molestation from the American Government, its Agents, and its Allies.

U.S. governmental agents removed the first ITC, Dr. Ray C. Dam, just like they did the previous M1, former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos. And then they financed decades worth of wars to steal the assets of the Global Debt Facility to facilitate the conquering of the Nations and Peoples of the World. And they haven't stopped. The damage caused by those who steal the Collateral Accounts is staggering. Unless you were an insider you truly wouldn't know the extent of the damage and the depth of the involvement of those who steal from the Global Debt Facility. Even many of those who work in the banking business worldwide don't understand the tremendous lengths the U.S. Government and the Federal Reserve have gone to control the money flow, illegally, and divert it to secret "Ghost Accounts" for those who would wage war on humanity.


Unbeknownst to most, the International Treasury Controller actually holds legal jurisdiction over the Federal Reserve, the IMF, The World Bank, The Bank for International Settlements, and every single other Top 250 Rated Bank or otherwise on the planet. It's the Supreme Law of the planet, regardless of what politicians or the military have to say about it. The reason for this is that in 1945/6, the assets and documents of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility were allocated to the aforementioned banks and all the world's central banks to finance their operations from their beginnings. The Collateral Accounts were literally the start up funds for these financial institutions. Those assets are still allocated to said Banking Institutions, whether they've been stolen or not, and they remain Assets of the Collateral Accounts and still legally under ownership and control of the ITC.

When a U.S. government agent or authority officially instructs the Federal Reserve (or the U.S. Treasury, BIS, World Bank, IMF, Swiss Federal Finance Commissioin) to set up a "Mirrored Account" in one of the Top 250 Rated Banks in the world (eg Barclays, HSBC), it affects the entire international community. In this case, sums from the Principle accounts held in the United States were transferred out into an account somewhere else in the world. That new account, in that new country, accrued all the interest from the "Mirror Account", which goes toward buying war and Allies, while the Principle Account in the U.S. loses that interest, which belongs to the Global Debt Facility.

That interest is used by the receiving Top 250 Bank to set up Panama Style hidden offshore accounts for Governmental Heads of State, their Agents, and their Allies, to buy them off so that their countries assets can ultimately be stolen by the Cabal. Mercenary groups and intelligence agencies get financed from the "Ghost Accounts" created in their names to commit Colour Revolution, Civil Wars, and genocide against certain ethnicities and bloodlines. Any country that gets attacked by U.S. Agents financed by stolen Collateral Assets gets financially raped, dominated, and controlled. They will be robbed of all their natural resources. Their Gold will be taken from them. Ukraine is one of the most recent examples of this.

Average American citizens have no idea about what's taking place, or the fact that the assets that were stored in the main Central Bank on the planet, the Federal Reserve, on behalf of the People of the Nations of the World, is gone. U.S. Government officials refuse to follow the law and notify the People per International Treaty requirements. Americans have no clue that the assets in "Principle Accounts" were in their country to back a new U.S. currency, and the currencies of other countries, which has been blocked from usage by the People for 
generations by the Cabal controlling the banking system.

They blocked it from us so they could steal it for themselves. It's all Top Secret, and the truth is just now beginning to come out. Americans are going to have to pay it all back. Just like we're going to have to pay off our twenty trillion dollar debt, all before the International Treasury Controller will ever meet with a United States President to sign a bilateral treaty that would enable America to gain enough Global Debt Facility Gold to back a new U.S. currency that the world would have confidence in and allow to by foreign made goods and conduct trade with.

"Mirror Accounts" are used by the U.S. government to buy its Allies. This is how the Aquino family in the Philippines, for example, has been kept in power by the U.S. Government. They're criminals starving their people and stealing the Divine Wealth that was left for People of the Nations of the World by the Royal Families of the World. This is how all the politicians are bought and paid for worldwide. What these global leaders like David Cameron, Tony Blair, Aquino, Clinton, both George Bushes, and thousands of others are guilty of is committing treason against their countries.

This is why David Crayford's flow chart is so important and timely. It lays down the truthful track of information that connects the accounts to the bought off agents, governmental and otherwise, that are involved in the destruction of nations. It goes hand in hand with the Panama Papers. David Crayford has all the answers and his flow chart reveals the ugly nature of U.S. global hegemony, but not enough people are listening. The reason is that the stolen assets of the Global Debt Facility have been used to buy up and monopolize global Mainstream Media, and form a single, unified source of global disinformation. The Mainstream Media is totally controlled and is utilized to cover the truth, and rewrite history. That's what criminal governmental / Cabal agents like Karen Hudes, Neil Keenan, Barry Spergel, and Benjamin Fulford are there for. To disinform us, rewrite history, and steal the Collateral Assets and keep them from the People of the World to enslave Humanity.


This is the greatest ongoing fraud and largest crime in the history of the planet and that is why what David Crayford and the Panama Papers are saying is of such importance. It is just the tip of the iceberg of the disclosure of the true criminal financial activity that runs the planet and that must be stopped to eliminate the institutional domination and control. And the names of the controllers are just beginning to come to the surface.

Those are the ones we are waiting for to make the connections for the transference of stolen Global Debt Facility Assets into world domination and control. This is where you will find the Bushes, the Clintons, and their Cabal cronies. This is where the world will begin to recoup the stolen Collateral Accounts, to repay the Global Debt Facility what that country's leaders had stolen from it. These countries could then begin to retake their national "Sovereignty" by tightening their financial belts, entering trading programs to raise the Assets to pay off the national debt, and enter into bilateral treaties with the International Treasury Controller to utilize Collateral Accounts to Gold back their national currencies. David Crayford, the ITC, and the OITC are digging into the tracks of thievery, deeply. The bad guys will eventually be tracked down. The evidence against them is being collected. They will be prosecuted, and they know it.

One of the greatest problems facing humanity is the ability of the greater masses to gain access to the knowledge needed to understand the above-stated situation, and remedy it. The American people, and people from all over the world (this is not just an American problem) need to research the truth and understand who the select few are that are dominating and controlling them. People need to understand that in the beginning, the Gold was deposited into banks and depositories all over the world by the M1, after these countries entered into International Treaties to begin the new global Gold backed financial system. But that system was stalled by the U.S. and her Allies, themselves signatories to the Treaties, who then murdered the M1, while stealing the assets and denying the People and the Nations of the World the opportunity to free themselves from their slave debt to the controlling Cabal. One hundred years later we are still fighting and dying for our "Sovereignty".

All the World's Central Banks, including the Federal Reserve, the World Bank, the IMF, and the BIS were originally created, set up, and financed by those who legally owned the Global Debt Facility. That was the M1 at the time, Ferdinand Marcos, then the first ITC, Dr. Ray C. Dam, and now the second ITC.

It was set up to benefit humanity. It created a financial / electrical spiritual energy power grid for planet Earth. All national currencies would be gold backed, gain world confidence, and then be attached to the global Gold backed financial system. The old, corrupt financial system would be replaced.

Today, think who that is. Start by thinking BRICS. These are the countries with the Gold to back their currencies. These are the countries behind the new global financial system. These are the nations behind the funding of the AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank). This is why the Yuan has quietly replaced the American Dollar as the global reserve currency. This is why the value of the American Dollar will continue to decline indefinitely - until the U.S. accomplishes the above by repaying the stolen Collateral Accounts (eg interest stolen through "Mirror Accounts"), the national debt, and then brings into law the Gold backing of a new national currency. This is why the Western Banksters are manipulating Brazil into impeaching its President. It's all about the Gold, no matter what they tell you.


To accomplish the above, retake the Global Debt Facility Assets, and obtain legal and financial "Sovereignty" for Humanity, we must first follow the "Money Trail". As David Crayford says:

"If we stop the illegal flow of money from the Global Debt Facility, those conducting these wars will come to a dead stop. That is one of our aims and we are so far down the road on this, but it would be nice if a few Whistleblowers would come forward with relevant information of this matter and in return receive from us a reward and if necessary protection under our 'Sovereign' status."

This is what it will take to move forward on this. Whistleblowers are beginning to come to light. More are needed, and now is the time. It is encouraged that anyone who works in or with one of the corrupt global banking institutions anywhere in the world, and who has come across evidence regarding the stolen Assets of the Global Debt Facility, please contact me or David Crayford at the OITC. You can respond to this letter, or contact us privately. Your confidence will be strictly protected. And you may become personally quite wealthy, obtain your personal "Sovereignty" through the ITC, while at the same time help to save Humanity and this stunning planet we live on.

The world needs to awaken and ask itself what true "Sovereignty" really is. As opposed to being a slave to the United States of America, Incorporated, whose potential value as a Human is traded as a commodity on Wall Street. America and citizens of the world at large need to ask themselves if freedom, which is what actual "Sovereignty" is, is worth the risk. Is freedom from tyranny worth the fight? Or are we really that comfortable in our slave state?


The average basic programmed citizen has no idea how our economy works because we've been lied to so long by the illegally bought and paid for Mainstream Media. We need to awaken to the reality that our government is totally lying to us about what they are doing. It has nothing to do with protecting the average citizen. Sadly to say, our government does not work on behalf of our interests. They are on a path to destroy most of what lives. GMO's, chemtrails, vaccines, and Western Medicine in general should reveal that truth to most of us. The reason I always seem to be talking to Americans - and this is a point I had to argue to David Crayford - is because we are the ones sleeping at the wheel, while Secret Agents of the Cabal steer our country and the world toward devastation. We are programmed into a dream state that everything will be okay, that someone will come and save us, and this simply isn't true. Nobody's going to pull us out of this but ourselves. It took me a long time to get myself out of this mental trap. I've tried in vain to help others awaken to the same. We are responsible for the theft of our financial futures because of the apathy we maintain towards finding truth about the reality of how finances really work. The program we live in is not all that is. We must get out of our programmed egoistic minds, find our heart centered intuitive truth, and understand that through that heart center we must act to rid ourselves and the world of our Cabal run government agents. We must find the truth before it's too late.

We must take over our "selection" process in politics and set up a truly Democratic election process. When we rid our government of the psychopathic parasites that dominate and control us and the Western World, then we will be free enough to work with all the countries in the world toward building a mutually beneficial Gold backed financial system that will equally distribute the global economic prosperity to all Peoples of all Nations of the World, not just those who dominate it.

We must understand what our demonic President Obama is really doing when he works with certain members of his Administration and the U.S. military in creating what they've termed the "Asia Pivot." On the surface, the U.S. claims this to be one of the Obama Administration's central foreign policy initiatives. To the public, the "Asia Pivot" is claimed to be a strategic "re-balancing" of U.S. interests from Europe and the Middle East toward East Asia.

The American military and diplomatic "pivot" or "re-balance" toward Asia became a popular buzzword after Hillary Clinton authored America's Pacific Century, in foreign policy. In her article, Clinton emphasized the importance of the Asia-Pacific, noting that nearly half of the world's population resides there, making its development vital to American economic and strategic interests.

Clinton stated that "Open markets in Asia provide the United States with unprecedented opportunities for investment, trade, and access to cutting-edge technology. Our economic recovery at home will depend on exports and the ability of American firms to tap into the vast and growing consumer base of Asia.

Strategically," Clinton added, "maintaining peace and security across the Asia-Pacific is increasingly crucial to global progress, whether through defending of navigation in the South China Sea, countering the nuclear proliferation efforts of North Korea, or ensuring transparency in the military activities of the region's key players."

The former American Secretary of State claimed the "Pivot" strategy would proceed along six lines of action: strengthening bilateral security alliances; deepening America's relationships with rising powers, including China; engaging with regional multilateral institutions; expanding trade and investment; forging a broad-based military presence; and advancing democracy and human rights. All very noble objectives, lacking any sincerity without a syllable of truth or legality. We're there to steal the gold and dominate the peoples of the region. That's what America does.

We begin to expose the gaping crack in Clinton's and America's self-benefiting doctrine when we hear what Russian Ambassador to China Andrey Denisov said recently regarding the U.S. deployment of American missile systems into South Korea, part of the 'Pivot' strategy. "This creates considerable challenges to the security of other countries, including Russia and China. I am talking about the US system THAAD, a missile system that... cannot be considered other than the creation of a certain threat to China and Russia." These US geostrategic moves are being countered. Russia has recently decided to build a naval base in its far east which coincides with China's efforts to boost its military alliances with regional states.

This key Sino-Russo military alliance poses a huge challenge to the cornerstones of America's "Asia Pivot", the US, and Japan, telling them very loudly that their military buildup in the region won't go unopposed. And their theft of the Global Debt Facility won't be tolerated.

The reality is that America's military-might has no business whatsoever doing business in the Far Eastern region of the world. We may share the Pacific Ocean with our Asian neighbors, but that's about it. The U.S. led Cabal has zero legitimate business getting in China, Russia, and the other Asian Pacific countries' regional faces. What the U.S. Government, Hitlery Clinton, and the U.S. military have in common with East Asia, and elsewhere in the world, is a thirst to conquer the region and suffocate the populace, by utilizing the military, mercenary groups, and proxy armies to steal the Assets from the Global Debt Facility. It's what fuels wars and domination.

Hitlery did it to Libya. The funds used to hire the army of mercenaries used to create civil unrest in Libya originally came from stolen Assets of the Global Debt Facility. Once the country was raided, it was looted, civilians were murdered, and the gold that had been originally placed into Libya via the Global Debt Facility and International Treaty to back their currency, was hunted for and stolen. The stolen Gold was trucked out of the country, reprocessed, then re sold on Wall Street. Profits were used to hire more mercenaries and proxy warriors for other jobs of conquering, murdering, and plundering other nations and peoples. Just look at where on the world map the U.S. military is. Where do its advisers operate out of?

We must be honest with ourselves and ask, Why are they there? Because that's where the Gold was deposited.


The U.S. Government and its military have used the Global Debt Facility to finance their wars since World War I. After the London Treaty of 1920, Gold was transported and stored in depositories in various countries of the world in anticipation of backing that country's or region's currency.

178 Nations on this planet signed International Treaties to take part in this. The United States was one of them. Her Allies all signed on. Yet, those who have hijacked the Pentagon and White House, and their Allies, have all been making war, conquering Peoples, and stealing Global Debt Facility Assets ever since. Look at the true history of wars of the 20th and 21st Centuries. Remember Latin and Central American Domination back in the 70's and eighties? Nicaragua, El Salvador... Or how about the Far East in the 60's and 70's? Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia... That too was about the Gold of the Global Debt Facility. And what about World War II, and Europe? Germany was after the gold. Russia and the Czar? Gold. Korea? Global Debt Facility Assets. And let's come back to the 90's to the present. And that is what continues to fuel Middle East chaos, destruction and murder. Iran, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Turkey. The dominoes of countries and kingdoms in the Middle East continued to fall until Russia decided enough with the genocide of Christians. It's called stolen Collateral Assets of Divine Wealth for the Divine Creatures that is Humanity - and every other living thing on this planet, at which the Satanic leadership of the Western Hemisphere continues to make war, steal Gold from, and murder.

Japan and the Philippines were two major depositories of Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility that were intended to back the currencies of the nations of Asia in an effort to rebuild the countries destroyed by World War II. That's why the U.S., acting as proxies to the Satanic Rothschild Banking Dynasty, have been parasitizing the two countries and the region ever since. The U.S. Government, military, and related agents are still swarming key Asian nations, stealing Collateral Assets, and waging wars of domination. Thousands of them swarm the Philippines alone.

They stole Collateral Accounts from Japan and used Japan's military to steal Assets of the Global Debt Facility from other regional Nations during World War II. Japan is remilitarizing now for the very same purpose. They have to. They're broke.

They need more Gold. Their currency is lifeless. The Western blood suckers who run their financial system are drying up.


Pivoting to Asia with her military-might allows America's military to be in place while U.S. military / DARPA generated earthquakes (think Japan, Chile, Haiti), tsunamis (Philippines, Indonesia), and other man made / apparently natural catastrophes wipe out landmasses populated with indigenous peoples. This has happened several times already.

The military then moves in with a feign of providing humanitarian aid, which acts as a cover for the military looting the region, while the natives suffer and die. The U.S. military never really offers aid. It's just a cover. And then the military does things like get their overloaded ships stuck on the coral reefs in the Philippines, creating an environmental disaster, wiping out entire natural habitats, while raiding Global Debt Facility depositories and stealing the gold meant for the People of Asian Nations. Key Asian regional Government Agents are provided with Secret Tax Free "Mirror Accounts" to finance their complicity in operation and coverup.

Then the Red Cross comes in to the devastated region and provides absolutely no aid for the populace but cover for the military operation, and to steal and abuse indigenous children and orphans. More slaves and lambs are created for sacrifice.

And the cycle continues.

This goes even deeper. Internet innuendo and certain alternative history tracks indicate that global banking and finances is where the shadowy realm of exopolitics (the study of key political actors, institutions, processes / political implications of Extraterrestrial presence) crosses over into human military and economic history. Deep, dark inside military sources say that America's fight to maintain the Federal Reserve's illegal and immoral right to print fiat currency to finance the outgoing debt financial system used to aid in the control and domination of the Western Hemisphere is Extraterrestrial-based in origin. This line of alternative history tracks back to former American President Dwight Eisenhower's three alleged meeting with Extraterrestrials. In that light, the former U.S. President was said to have met with Venusians who claimed to want to work with the U.S. Government and Military for the benefit of Humanity.

Eisenhower, being the crusty former commanding general of the U.S. military that he was, growled and told his six-fingered Venusian friends to take a hike, that the U.S. government would make no such agreement, and so they left. Years later, Eisenhower reportedly met with representatives of another race of Extraterrestrials, and this time, a treaty was consummated, with the U.S. government basically agreeing to allow the "Alien Greys" to abduct, torture, experiment on, mind control, feed off of, and genetically modify U.S. civilians and animals. It was also agreed that for the U.S. to maintain global military supremacy, control, and domination, they would have to forever maintain the fiat / debt global financial system with the U.S. Dollar to remain the global reserve currency. This would enslave humanity through a global debt financial system into eternity. Karmic debt would keep us coming back into lives of misery and financial debt. And the cycle would continue.


The Old World Fiat / Debt Financial System requires very high personal income taxes to pay for it. It was no accident that the personal income tax was introduced at about the same time in history as the Federal Reserve system. Our children, our grandchildren, and many generations after that are facing a lifetime of debt slavery because of what we have allowed to become a reality. The Old System was dominated by commercialism. It was not the spiritual mechanism which the Galactic Elders have been trying to implement for aeons, and the Royal Families of the World have been trying to implement for nearly 200 years.

The formula goes like this. When there's too much fiat currency running the planet, a gold backed system must be implemented to reign it all back in and re-balance it. It's a recalibration act, and it's happened many times in Humanity's true History.

And so the battle rages. Good versus evil. Light versus dark. Humanity's survival versus our extinction. One pole of duality versus another. The bad guys led by the Satanic Handlers of greedy, misguided Americans, their Allies and Agents around the world, wage war on the People of the Nations of the World. They wage war against the International Treasury Controller and the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, whose hard at work bringing the new system into play. The Cabal continues to murder and assault from every angle and avenue in an effort to snuff out the rising global Gold backed financial system. But the good guys are fighting back. David Crayford and the ITC are fighting back.

The fiat / debt based financial system traces back to Babylonian Black Magik. It is the dominating currency for all of History's Satanic Dynasties. It has come and gone. Debt based finances have been integrated into our human DNA just like Karmic Debt has. They are elements to the negative domination system we are controlled by. Our tormentors will continue to steal the Gold intended to free us through a new Gold backed financial system and keep the debt financial system in place, enslaving us, until they are stopped.

We are the ones who must stop them, and we must stop what we're doing, and figure out how to work together to accomplish this. This is our spiritual journey, and we must solve it to survive.


To gain anything in the future to rebuild our Nations of the World for our People we will have to stop spending our currency on military and start putting it into infrastructure and nutrition. The world's armed forces are going to have to disappear completely, and it can't come soon enough. A Stockholm think tank recently estimated that merely ten percent of the money the world spends on its militaries every year would be enough to end global poverty and hunger in 15 years. In 2015, global military spending increased by one percent, with the United States by far responsible for the greatest amount. China remained bride's maid for the second consecutive year, while Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Britain inhabited spots 3 thru five respectively. There was an increase in spending among countries in Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.

Some regions, including North America, Western Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Africa, witnessed a decrease in military expenditures, which resulted from the global economic crisis, the downslide of oil prices, and the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and Iraq. This downward trend will continue.

David Crayford has made it clear that the International Treasury Controller and the Global Debt Facility will not sponsor any money for military. Zero, nada. It'll never happen.

Since the ITC is the only Institution, organization, or otherwise, in history, to have enough Gold and Assets necessary to Gold back the currency of all 207 Nations on this planet at once, they will, per International bi lateral Treaty, essentially outlaw all military spending on the planet, eventually, period. It will happen.

The U.S. and all other Nations will be legally bound to utilizing the Assets of the Global Debt Facility to rebuild public infrastructure and redevelop nations. It will be used to finance the feeding of the poor, and bring good health back to Humanity. Homelessness and unemployment will become obsolete. Local governments will utilize the local workforce to build homes and rebuild cities. They will help neighboring communities rebuild connecting infrastructures. This phenomenon can already be witnessed through the structure and deployment of said philosophy by the BRICS banks and the AIIB and the whole Chinese redevelopment system available to member nations and others. Ben Fulford was clueless when he said that the new financial system he proposed would employ global military bases of operation. Ben Fulford's only trying to sell what his mob handlers are trying to feed him - stolen Assets of the Global Debt Facility.


I must admit I was wrong in what I stated in my last article. I made an error in judgment. I gave Ben Fulford way too much credit. His plan to rebuild the planet is actually just a cover to steal Assets of the Global Debt Facility, nothing more. He's a fraud and a thief, period. His last video dated April 4th was run again on RMN. And then his latest weekly blurb, where he's out there prostituting himself as the front man for the criminal syndicate Asian Dragon Family, offering the criminal owners of the Federal Reserve Board Gold stolen from the Global Debt Facility. That's real Chutzpah, Ben.

Obviously, 'Fulford the Fraud' and his tax shelter 'White Dragon Society' don't understand what David Crayford is trying to tell them. He's going after you, Ben. You're trying to steal from the ITC. You're stealing from Humanity, and he doesn't like it.

So Fulford writes his article and runs his video again, and again, wherein, according to one law enforcement expert, he looks "stoned and stoopid," like he's trying to hock his wares to score a fix. Only this fix derives from the sale of Gold stolen from the Global Debt Facility - to fulfill Fulford's urge, and the urges of many other stoned out 'Spooks' - "at a 13% discount from the market price. That's what Fulford calls them and that's what he said. What gall. Fulford is like the agents and allies who work with the American government and Federal Reserve to create "Ghost Accounts" that deprive the Global Debt Facility of the Assets it requires to finance the rebuilding of the Nations of the planet and the means to feed and heal the masses.

Benjamin Fulford is lying under cover. He's not American and he doesn't speak for Americans nor does he represent Americans, or any other Nation of the World's interests. Benjamin Fulford is a high degree secret society member, a predator from the dark side who works in the shadows with the likes of Neil Keenan and Karen Hudes and the really, really, totally fake Judge / CIA Agent / Anna von Reitz, who too needs to be put out of business. Along with Fulford's fake WDS, created as a tax write off and phony benevolent secret society to hide behind. Ben Fulford is a secret society of one, working for himself and his mob handlers to sell their stolen Collateral Asset wares.

You're not American Ben. Stop. We don't need you. We don't want you. You don't speak for any of us real Americans, regardless of which sycophantic clowns on Veterans Today dole out time and space on you. Buzz off. Shoo, fly.


As a last ditch effort to save the planet from the misery it found itself in, former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos attempted to implement the Global Settlements Agreement in 1980, which would have effectively implemented the Gold backed financial system utilizing the Divine Wealth that was / is the Global Debt Facility. Collateral Assets were in place in nations and depositories around the world, and all the banks, like the principle Central Bank, the Federal Reserve, and all the other banks, like the BIS, IMF, World Bank, and every other major financial institution on this planet had to do was what they were created to do, and the system would have become a reality.

They were supposed to utilize the Gold and the documents proving ownership thereof which had been deposited in the banks of the nations around the world to work with the countries of the world to finance their rebuilding and redevelopment. The Gold would be used to build strong currencies and stimulate nations' economies. Marcos understood the actual state of the planet's financial system, and he was well versed with the obstacles and the Satanic energies that were trying to defeat him.

In 1988, a year before he was murdered, Marcos predicted the global financial collapse we are slugging through right now. He tried to prevent it from happening by getting the signatures on a treaty of more than 150 Heads of State and Institutional Signatories, but the big boys of the West wouldn't allow it. They had a world to conquer, humanity and a planet to destroy. There was a world of suffering to spread to Earth's masses. So Marcos was murdered, his dream, and the battle for 'Divinity' through a spiritual Gold backed financial system was temporarily taken with him. And we continue to battle to survive.


The 2nd ITC essentially picks up where Marcos left off. The ITC knows America was not the only country to have her hands caught in the cookie jar of guilt for taking great steps to defeat Marcos and steal the Global Debt Facility Assets. Below please find a list of countries, institutions, and organizations that have been blacklisted by the ITC for stealing Assets from the Global Debt Facility. Observe many of the usual suspects. Their signatories and reason for blacklist are included:

The World Bank Group
H.E. President, Paul Wolfowitz
H.E. President Barber B. Conable Jr.

Blacklisted for their continuous involvement with and signatory to numerous unlawful Agreements and illicit activities against the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. Not entitled to assistance from the Collateral Accounts.

H.E. Minister Karl-Heinz Grasser
H.E. President Heinz Fischer
H.E. Amb. Gerhard Pfanzelter
H.E. President Rudolf Kirchschlager
H.E. President Kurt Josef Waldheim

H.M. King Norodom Sihamoni
H.E. Amb. Chem Widhya
H.E. Minister Keat Chhon
H.M. King Norodom Sihanouk

Blacklisted for failing to comply with Diplomatic Protocols in relation to the former International Treasury Controller, conjointly with failure to recognize status of same.

H.E. Minister Thierry Breton
H.E. President Jacques Chirac
H.E. President Fransois Mitterrand

Blacklisted. Failure to recognize the ITC / OITC and suspected of Fraudulent activities against the Global Debt Facility.

H.E. Amb. Isikia Rabici Savua
H.E. Minister Jone Kubuabola
H.E. President Ratu Josefa Lloilo
H.E. Ratu Sir George Cakobau
H.E. Ratu Sir Penaia Kanatabatu Ganilau

Blacklisted. Failure to recognize the ITC / OITC and working to discredit the ITC / OITC.

H.E. Amb. Thomas Matussek
H.E. Minister Peer Steinbrueck
H.E. President Horst Kohler
H.E. President Karl Carstens
H.E. President Richard von Weizsacker

Blacklisted. Failure to comply with Diplomatic Protocols regarding the ITC, entering Diplomatic property and causing legal problems for ITC.

Holy See (Vatican City)
Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone
H.E. Pope Benedict XVI
H.E. Pope John Paul II

Temporarily Blacklisted. Failure to release documents held in their possession following Marcos demise.

H.E. Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati
H.E. Susilio Bambang Yudhoyono
H.E. Amb. Rezlan Ishar Jenie
H.E. President Suharto

Blacklisted. Unauthorized activities surrounding ITC assets by Military personnel.

H.E. Minister Avraham Herschson
H.E. Acting President Dalia Itzik
H.E. Amb. Dan Gillerman
H.E. President Yitzhak Navon
H.E. President Chaim Herzog

Temporarily Blacklisted. Unauthorized use of ITC assets.

H.E. Minister Tommaso Padoa-Schloppa
H.E. President Giorgio Napolitano
H.E. Amb. Marcello Spatafora
H.E. President Alessandro Pertini
H.E. President Francesco Cossiga

Blacklisted. Unlawful trespass upon Diplomatic Property and unlawful retention of Diplomatic documentation despite being officially informed.

H.E. Minister Koji Omi
H.M. Emperor Akihito
H.E. Amb. Kenzo Oshima
H.M. Emperor Hirohito
H.E. Prime Minister Toshiki Kaifu

Blacklisted. Failure to recognize the ITC / OITC and unlawful use of Global Debt Facility Assets.

H.M. King Letsie III
H.E. Amb. Lebohang Fine Maema
H.E. Minister Timothy Thahane
H.M. King Moshoeshoe II

Blacklisted. Failure to abide by International Protocols. Corruption by Government Ministers.

H.E. Minister Igpr Luksic
H.E. President Filip Vujanovic
H.E. Amb. Nebojsa Kaluderovic

Blacklisted. Suspected of receiving stolen assets of the Collateral Accounts.

H.E. Minister Manuel Chang
H.E. President Amando Guebuza
H.E. Amb. Filipe Chidumo
H.E. President Samora Machel
H.E. President Joaquim A. Chissano

Blacklisted. Requiring money up front before discussions.

Philippine Islands
H.E. Amb. Lauro L. Baja Jnr
H.E. Minister Margarito Gary Teves
H.E. President Corazon C. Aquino

Temporarily Blacklisted. Theft and Conspiracy with other Nations to steal Assets from the Depositories.

H.E. Minister Andrej Bajuk
H.E. President Janez Dmovsex
H.E. Amb. Roman Kim

Temporarily Blacklisted. Receiving Stolen Assets of the Collateral Accounts.

Saudi Arabia
H.M. King & Prime Minister Abdullah
H.E. Amb. Fawzi A. Shodokshi
H.E. Minister Ibrahim Abd al-Aziz al-Asaf
H.M. King Khalid bin Abdul Aziz
H.M. King Fadh bin Abdul Aziz

Blacklisted. Receiving stolen assets of the Collateral Accounts.

H.E. President Sellapan Ramanathan
H.E. Amb. Vanu Gopala Menon
H.E. Minister Lee Hslen Loong
H.E. president Benjamin H. Sheares
H.E. President Wee Kim Wee

Blacklisted. Receiving Stolen assets of the Collateral Accounts and conspiring with others in the theft of assets.

H.E. President Samuel Schmid
H.E. Amb. Peter Maurer
H.E. Minister Hans-Rudolf Merz

Blacklisted. Massive fraud against the Collateral Accounts by the Swiss Banks.

H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej
H.E. Amb. Laxanachantom Laohaphan
H.E. Minister Pridyathon Thewakun

Blacklisted. Continuous theft of assets by the Government.

H.E. President Ahmet Necdet Sezer
H.E. Minister Kernai Unakitan
H.E. President Fahri Koruturk
H.E. Kenan Evren

Blacklisted. Theft of Assets and Artifacts from Depositories in Turkey.

H.E. Minister Danilo Aston
H.E. President Tabare Vazquez
H.E. President Aparicio Mendez
H.E. President Julio Maria S. Coirolo

Blacklisted. Receiving stolen assets of the Collateral Accounts.

United Arab Emirates
H.E. Minister Hamdan bin Rashid al-Maktum
H.E. President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayad Al Nahayan
H.E. Emir Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan

Blacklisted. Laundering Stolen assets of the Collateral Accounts.

United Kingdom
H.E. Prime Minister Tony Blair
H.E. Minister Stephen Timms
H.E. Lady Margaret Thatcher

Blacklisted. Theft of assets from the Collateral Accounts in conjunction with G.W. Bush of America.

United Nations Organisation
H.E. Sec. Gen. Jean Marc De La Sabliere
H.E. Sec Gen. Javier Perez de Cuellar

Blacklisted. Continuous unauthorized use of assets of the Collateral Accounts.

United States of America
H.E. President George W. Bush Snr.
H.E. Sec. Henry M. Paulson Jr.
H.E. President Jimmy Carter
H.E. President George W. Bush Jnr.

Blacklisted. Theft of assets from the Collateral Accounts in conjunction with Tony Blair of the UK.

The European Central Bank
H.E. President Jean Claude Trichet

Blacklisted. Unauthorized use of assets of the Collateral Accounts.

African Development Bank
H.E. President Donald Kaberuka

Blacklisted. Unauthorized use of assets of the Collateral Accounts.

Asian Development Bank
H.E. President Haruhiko Kuroda

Blacklisted. Unauthorized use of assets of the Collateral Accounts.

International Monetary Fund
H.E. Director Rodrigo De Rato
H.E. Dir. Michel Camdessus

Blacklisted. Unauthorized use of assets of the Collateral Accounts.

International Finance Corporation
H.E. Vice President Lars Thunell

Blacklisted. Unauthorized use of assets of the Collateral Accounts.

Inter-American Development Bank
H.E. President Luis Alberto Moreno

Blacklisted. Unauthorized use of assets of the Collateral Accounts.

New York Stock Exchange
H.E. Chairman Marsh Carter

Blacklisted. Not entitled to assistance from the Collateral Accounts.

Listed above are just some of the countries and organizations that have been blacklisted. There may be more.


Back in 1980, had Marcos been allowed to implement the Global Settlements Treaty all countries across the world would have received large volumes of money; money collateralized by Gold from the Global Debt Facility, to rebuild and redevelop their
countries. Some verified amounts include:

America alone would have received
$500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 U.S. Dollars, fully backed by Gold of the Global Debt Facility.

Libya and Iraq would have each received $500,000,000,000 USD, fully backed by Gold of the Global Debt Facility.

Russia (Then the USSR) would have received
$900,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000,000,000,000 USD, fully backed by Gold of the Global Debt Facility.

The UK would have received
$900,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, USD, fully backed by Gold of the Global Debt Facility.

As David Crayford said: "The whole Global Settlements Treaty was fully understood, agreed and assented to by 178 countries and executed by top dignitaries of those countries, for and on behalf of their country, including Kings, Queens, Presidents, Ministers, and Ambassadors. Sealed by the U.N. and registered and recorded within same."

The Treaty went through the lengthy process of recording, registration, and filing with the United Nations. The problem was, those who executed it then discarded it. This was treason against their countries. 178 countries, including their dependencies and territories executed this Treaty. That's a lot of people that would have benefited. We all would have benefited, but they wouldn't let us. They still won't.

Had Marcos succeeded, People of the Nations of the World would have become a workforce again. People earning welfare would now earn a living working on local infrastructure. This is what is now being done one by one with the countries who are working through the ITC. It could have been implemented in 1980 for all of us. It could have been executed in 1945 to 1995, before the TTTGC violated it. We could have benefited from this long before the financial crisis we live in today actually set in.

The idea is for the ITC / OITC to keep the financial system away from the capitalist enterprise. That's who owns us. Don't allow the corporations to profit. Invest in commerce. Self finance self construction. Keep it out of the commercial system of banks, real estate development, and the like. An opportunity for the masses to gain the tools necessary to make money. The ITC is again making this happen.


America is not the only country who finds herself behind the eight ball when it comes to tapping into the Gold backed financial system. The list is long, a practical Who's Who in the world of thievery and chicanery, at it's highest level, as witnessed above. But America must right the wrong it has committed for so long. This is what Americans owe to their global brothers and sisters. We owe them for being asleep at the wheel, looking left, thanks to the disinformation program of the Mainstream Media, while our financial system was raped from the right. Reality has destroyed our dream. We must now wake up. As soon as America legally taps back in to the Global Debt Facility that backs the global Gold backed financial system, she will lead the rest of her dominated dominions with her. As America goes, the rest of the Western World will follow. That has huge implications, because these are the countries that have also been blacklisted by the ITC. Americans must stop the U.S. backed assault on the Global Debt Facility, and lead the People of the World back to it.

The battle will start with the U.S. President. Whoever that is, will have to eventually talk with the ITC. This person will have to make arrangements to pay back what was stolen under previous elected leadership, pay off the nation's debt, and eventually sign a bi lateral treaty with the International Treasury Controller.

And there will have to be some kind of disclosure regarding the American President's personal financial affairs. Has the President gained from the Collateral Accounts? Has he made some or all of his wealth through what are essentially illegal trading
programs utilized through the corrupt financial institutions?

Whenever as a country we reach that point, the President of the United States will have to stand up and become the Legal Custodian of the Gold from the Global Debt Facility that will back the new American currency. It's happened before, and it will have to happen again. That's why we have to get really serious if we're going to change the plight of America and the world for our grandchildren's sake. In that relationship, if the President fails the Global Debt Facility, and absconds with the Gold, then the American people will be held liable, again, and it will become our debt problem, again. Sound familiar? Think Bushes, Clintons...


Let's talk about present day realities. There are countries being destroyed by a conglomeration of evil beings that manipulate the White House and the Pentagon as proxy warriors to dominate the globe. The American populace, and all the other regional populations of the planet, can no longer run and hide from the crush of reality. It has reached us all, and we are barely breathing through the heavy weight of indifference. We're confused and ignorant of the true nature of our reality. The failed domestic economies of all of our countries are strangling the spiritual beings that inhabit them. In America, and all the other satellites being dominated by her and her allies, the citizenry has no choice but to fight back. Our survival depends on it, and the fight begins with our economies.

There is hope in all this madness if we are ready to raise our spiritual frequencies by learning the truths of our existence and our oppression, and we work together to find a solution to solve it. The formula's pretty simple.

Again, look who's got the money of value on the planet, and who does not. Whose currencies are gaining strength, and whose currencies are terminally doomed, because they have no value in a debt based financial system that has ballooned beyond the point of sustainability. In America, for example, the Dollar is not being accepted anywhere else in the world. Nobody else is using American Dollars to buy goods. This is causing cost inflation, which is why the cost of living keeps on rising, with no end in sight. The end in sight will only come when we tap into the global Gold backed financial system by backing a new American currency, not called the Federal Reserve Note, with Collateral Accounts from the Global Debt Facility.

To do that, America, and all the other nations listed above that have been blacklisted by ITC, must do three (3) things. They are:

1) Pay the Global Debt Facility back in Gold all the Trillions that the U.S. (any blacklisted nation) was responsible for stealing from it;
2) Tighten our fiscal belts (eg conditions would have to be met - ie close overseas military bases, deep tax increases) in effort to replace our worthless assets and currency with valuable assets like Gold;
3) Earn valuable income through high level trading programs that will pay off our twenty trillion dollar debt.

These requirements would get us (our country) even, financially, and it will send a clear and convincing message to the rest of the world that the citizens of our country, and our elected leaders, are serious about taking responsibility for the mess we made on a global stage. And we will have to, eventually, come to the table with the International Treasury Controller. Who would that person in your country be? How about in America?

David Crayford has already said the ITC is building a prison centered in shark infested waters that will soon house the likes of the Clintons and the Bushes. There will be cold matching cells for Bill and Killery, George and Georgie. There will be dark cells for Karen Hudes, Barry Spergel, Neil Keenan, and Ben Fulford too. There will be plenty of room for all the criminal banksters and politicians who have been involved over the decades in stealing the Divine Wealth from the Global Debt Facility, of the People and Nations of the World. So there will be no Killery representing America in negotiations with the ITC. Then who will be the Custodian in America to take responsibility for the Assets of the Global Debt Facility that will be required to Gold back a new American currency? It will have to be somebody that can prove to the ITC, and the world, that he won't manipulate the major banks to create "Mirror Accounts" around the globe to pay for global domination, as our
past leaders have done.


If any country is going to pay back the Global Debt Facility for the Gold and Assets its leaders helped steal from it, and pay off their national debt to the murderous global banksters who generated it, all in three to four years, then the present Head of State of that country will have to take responsibility for protecting the Assets and Gold from being stolen again. The questions then will become, Who is that leader? And when will they arrive to change the direction of our economy?

In the U.S., it doesn't appear that leader exists. Killery is bought and paid for by the Rockefeller consortium. Cruz is owned by Israeli interests. Bernie's a commie, who wants to spread the poverty amongst the impoverished, while making no mention of the stolen wealth of his Corporatocratic Oligarchical Handlers. The Donald's just plain confused. He seems to have lost any actual relevance for success. And I know the ITC / OITC has made it very clear they won't fund military or politics. Yet, the ITC will eventually have to deal with someone in America. Again, whom might that be?

America and the world have made many attempts to get the U.S. economy back on track. When the Dollar was the global reserve currency, the world depended upon its success to achieve its own. Soekarno tried to help Kennedy achieve this freedom by illegally backing Global Debt Facility Gold to a proposed new United States of America Note to replace the Federal Reserve Note. Look what it got them. Permanent house arrest for the former Indonesian President. Assassination for the U.S. President and the America psyche. The former M1 and President of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos, tried desperately to rebuild the Nations destroyed by World War II, and then to create a Gold backed global financial system backed by the full force and affect of the Global Debt Facility through the Global Settlements Agreement, which got him assassinated for his troubles.

The first ITC was nearly murdered before being unceremoniously removed from office after fifteen years of valiant effort to restart the Global Debt Facility. And now the second ITC works with the world, waiting to see if someone of integrity rises to the forefront to take charge in countries on the blacklist. In America, and elsewhere. If the U.S. were to have a chance to make change now, this writer believes it would probably require someone like Donald Trump to win the presidency, then contact the ITC. There is a spark of hope here, but Trump is hard to gauge.

He hangs around a rough crowd of evil men. He's done business with them for decades. He's made a lot of money for them, and it's hard to imagine he's not one of them. I've researched him. And I haven't come up with any credible evidence that he's any worse than the rest of them. There's no evidence of him enabling the brutal murder of an American ambassador to a foreign country (think Killery), or of being the head candidate for the Communist party, who has sex with children at Satanic gatherings (sorry, Bernie). In my humble opinion, Trump is America's greatest chance to make change now. Four years from this November's election will be 2020. How long will it take your country to pay back your country's debt? That's how long it will take for the People of your country to start living instead of dying. I ask myself often whether my grandchildren will even have a chance to survive in the U.S. I might need to get them out as well if America and the world don't soon wake up to what David Crayford and I, and others, are trying to tell them.


David Crayford is one of God's messengers to Humanity. Divinity calls in the voice of the ITC / OITC, thanks to the Royal Families of the World, and we're going to have to start listening. Earth and its Peoples are in desperate shape and right now we must combine our collective abilities to help those who are helpless against the Machine.

People need to look around at the peoples of the 207 nations on this planet and see the desperation in their faces. People must ask themselves what causes this desperation. Why are the Peoples of the Australian Islands being inundated by rising tides? Why are millions of impoverished Filipinos forced to live in garden sheds? Why do most children in Africa have no clothes or shoes? Why are these the realities of the 21st Century?

David Crayford and the ITC / OITC represent the Divine Energies at work in an effort to make humanity understand what must be done to save itself. Their tireless work reminds me of the fable about the great flood in the plains of America.

There was a torrential storm, and the flood waters were rising, and houses were being inundated and swept away. A guy named Barney was forced to climb on top of his roof to escape the rising waters. He looked out and could see nothing but flood waters rushing by, filled with cows and furniture, and everyone's hope. And the rain was pouring in torrents. When, suddenly, a crash of thunder rattled the sky. Lightening bolts flew, and the sky opened up. And Barney looked up and he could see God. And he said, "Well?"

And God said, "Well?"

"Well, are you gonna help me, or what?" Barney asked, with the flood waters swirled beneath him.

God thought for a moment, and said. "I will save you." And like that, he was gone. Thunder and lightening, and then the sky closed back up.

And Barney was left there, alone on the roof, with the flood waters rising to his feet. And it was getting cold. And Barney shivered, and he was getting scared. And he wondered if God had no mercy, and then he thought he heard voices, and he turned. And he did hear voices. As a boat came rushing down the current. It was filled with a family he recognized, and they used their hands and paddles and stop the boat on a tree, near Barney. "Come on, get in," the voices yelled, as the wind and rain tore at their faces.

"No, you go on," Barney said. "I'll be all right. Someone's coming for me."

And they looked at each other, and they left. And Barney stood there shivering. And the waters were above his ankles now. And Barney was getting impatient, and really cold. And he was pacing now in knee deep water, when - he couldn't believe
his eyes. Another boat was racing through the deluge right toward him. This one was bigger, with a man and what was probably his daughter. The boat pulled up to the house rooftop and the daughter reached to Barney, and cried, "Get in. We don't have any time."

Barney hesitated, and then shooed her away. "I can't. I'll be okay. God's coming for me."

Father gazed at daughter in disbelief. And they left. And Barney was nearly waist deep in water now. And all was obviously lost. God was not coming for him. And Barney was considering swimming over to the tree, and climbing it, and crying. When the biggest burst of lightening yet was followed by another crack in the sky - and God's face appeared. And God looked down at him and said, "Well?"

And Barney cried, "Well, what? I thought you were gonna save me."

And God said, "I sent two boats for you. What more do you want?"

People of the world, what more do we want? We've had our opportunities for salvation, and we missed the boat each time. Many times. The Americans, Filipinos, and the world destroyed Marcos. Americans and the her Agents and Allies destroyed the first ITC. We are dependent on the success of the new ITC. Will we finally catch the boat to freedom? Will we evict the criminal establishment that operates our governments and militaries? Will we destroy the power base of authority over all of us, that controls us at all cost, irrespective of our suffering?

Everyone the world over must remember that our countries' leaders signed the treaties. We the people deserve benefit from the intended use of the Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. It's in our destinies. It's our time. But we'll have to fight for it first. We have debt to repay, there's no other way. Our previous elected officials stole our grandchildren's futures. It's now our job to earn them back. The formula is outlined above.

The International Treasury Controller has already stated that he / she will apply similar principles to the Global Debt Facility, but under a different methodology "from that which was initially proposed by Marcos. It will be individual to each country and under a bilateral Treaty. There will be no favouritism and every country will play on the same level playing field."

Every country will play on the same level playing field.


In response to: Must See -- Massive Information Dump by David Crayford

Dear American Lawyer,

What can I say? The only thing I can say is WHAT A “BLOCKBUSTER” OF AN ARTICLE.

You have stated things in your article that I could never say because of the protocols we work under, whereby I sincerely hope that the content of your article hits right at the heart of the American people and people all over the world.

You have certainly got more depth of knowledge and coverage on this subject than what I originally gave you credit for and I personally applaud your determination on this matter.

May I respectfully take this opportunity to reflect and comment of a few points within your article, as below:-

1). Your Comments, quote “My contacts in the financial world tell me”.

DC. You appear to have some very good knowledgeable contacts in the Financial World who fully understand about that which I speak / explain, and who may have, some time in their career, been involved (innocently) in some part of this because they were being ordered from the bosses.

2). Your comments, quote “the United States Government funds it's thinly veiled attempts at total global domination and control.”

DC. Absolutely correct, but what people appear to not fully understand is that all of this has been going on since the early 1900’s, so just imagine (and this is a point you also mentioned further on in your article), the huge, in fact enormous, amount of money involved over decades. To date we calculate that the amount owed by America to the Global Debt Facility is approximately $664 trillion USD +++ because we are still investigating and still adding to the amount I have quoted above because that amount does not include the $596 trillion USD which is connected to the “WANTA” and “RONALD REAGAN” activities, mainly because the investigations are ongoing on that issue, nor does it include the continuous theft of assets from depositories around the world.

In respect of the latter point, we are fully aware that most of the active groups involved in the theft of assets are in fact MERCENARIES from America, Japan, Korea, Germany, Ukraine, Australia, United Kingdom, some of whom are working with Military and Government Officials of the countries from where the assets are being stolen (Note how the above countries are all allies of America).

In your article you did mention President Aquino of the Philippines, a real puppet of the Americans and one of the recipients of funds from “Mirrored Accounts”. The very same applies to every President of the Philippines since the demise of Ferdinand Marcos. The only President of the Philippines who was not a puppet of the Americans was Joseph Estrada who lasted just over 2 years when he also met his fate as was kicked out as President at the hands / intervention of the CIA and a totally fabricated scenario which was purposely structured to discredit him sufficiently that the people would demand his resignation. Another one bites the dust.

3). Your comments, quote “U.S. governmental agents removed the first ITC, Dr. Ray C. Dam, just like they did the previous M1, former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos.”

DC The big question now is whether they will succeed in removing the second International Treasury Controller.
That is not going to be as easy as they possibly believe. This person is far more alert to the dangers that are present and has taken the necessary steps of protection on a 24 / 7 basis.
There have been minor attempts to locate the person, and one warning attempt on same by interfering with the offside front tyre of his vehicle, designed to blow and cause a serious accident which may have resulted in serious injuries or even death. It didn’t work and the International Treasury Controller is still alive and working as hard as ever. Tough Luck to the people who attempted this because they failed, whereby such attempts just spur us all on with far more determination than they can ever imagine.

4). Your comments, quote “The Collateral Accounts were literally the start up funds for these financial institutions.”

DC I do have permission from the ITC to release specific information on this, but it is limited information only.

In 1913 the Federal Reserve was incorporated. America did not have any money to finance it at the time. What happened was that the Tzar of Russia sent 75,000 MT of Gold to America as the Collateral to finance the Federal Reserve. That Gold was part of the Collateral Accounts held under Custodianship by the Tzar of Russia. There are documents held by the Russian Federation to prove this fact.

Recent investigations reveal that the 75,000 MT of Gold is no longer with the Federal Reserve or the American Government. To put it bluntly ------------- it has disappeared.
That, Readers, is why Kissinger was in Russia recently and the Pope met with the Russian Patriarch in Cuba.
Kissinger went back to America with his tail between his legs. The Pope, through the Vatican Bank who have a very close relationship with the Federal Reserve, was shocked and is now distancing himself from America.
That is, or was, the behind the scenes activities that were happening which was not, and never will be revealed publicly, except for what I have stated herein.

Is it no wonder why the Western Media is promoting this “Get at Putin” and “Putin is to blame”, propaganda that we see in the MSM of the West. It is all BS of the highest order to cover the tracks of what America has done in the past, and continue to do.

What a nice little “MERRY-GO-ROUND” of geopolitical activities and America is right at the centre of it again, and again, and again.

5). Your comments, quot “Average American citizens have no idea about what's taking place, or the fact that the assets that were stored in the main Central Bank on the planet, the Federal Reserve, on behalf of the People of the Nations of the World, is gone. U.S. Government officials refuse to follow the law and notify the People per International Treaty requirements. Americans have no clue that the assets in "Principle Accounts" were in their country to back a new U.S. currency, and the currencies of other countries, which has been blocked from usage by the People for generations by the Cabal controlling the banking system.”

DC It is not only the average American citizen. It is many people from Nations right across the world. The Politicians have lied and cheated for decades and the people have believed it all. It is my opinion that provided the people are alright in their own little cocoons, they don’t really care what the Politicians do provided they are not affected. Today everyone is affected and the truth is starting to be revealed. Ordinary people will only tolerate so much and that level has been reached, or very close to being reached, which brings us closer to WW III than what people believe or even understand, which is just what the West want because that really is their only way out of the mess they have created.

It should also be remembered that the successive British Governments lied to the people about the membership of the European Union, and now the truth is starting to come out on that issue. My own opinion is that Britain should come out of the European Union, as should other members because the public do not realise that they have no more Sovereignty as British, or Dutch, or Spanish, and the fact that they cannot make the decisions for their own country which are made in Europe mainly by unelected Commissioners via the European Parliament.
Enough of that because we cannot be drawn into politics.

6). Your comments, quote “British human rights activist, and former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray believes that it is of even more importance to discover what remains hidden behind the curtain”

DC And there is a hell of a lot more. You are correct when you stated it was just the tip of the iceberg.

However, this cannot be allowed to all suddenly come out as it would totally inflame the people of the world who would by their own actions create a total collapse of the financial and economical systems of the world overnight which in itself would result in overnight anarchy and revolution throughout the world.
All this information has to be handled carefully and the people must refrain, no matter how infuriated, inflamed, or obsessed they become, from inducing chaos because that is exactly what the West wants them to do.

7). Your comments, quote “Whistleblowers are beginning to come to light.”

DC Yes they are and we will give them a reward and protect them under our “Sovereignty” should the need arise, provided they give us information which leads to a conviction and incarceration for those persons who are guilty of these crimes.

Those magicians (Crooks) of the financial and political arenas can languish in prison for a minimum term of 30 years (No Parole) under our Laws of our Sovereignty.

I can just imagine the Clintons screaming and protesting their innocence from behind bars, and being told to “Shut Up” by the other prisoners, because many will be there as a result of their relationships with the Clintons.

As you stated, there will be no escape, unless they want to be devoured by Sharks. Another point here is that they will need to grow their own food because we will not provide food to these crooks, so let;s see how they cope with that simple task, because they probably won’t have the slightest clue how to grow food.

8). Your comments, quote “We are programmed into a dream state that everything will be okay, that someone will come and save us, and this simply isn't true. Nobody's going to pull us out of this but ourselves.”

DC How true the above statement is. People have to start to help themselves because no one, not even extraterrestrials are going to help. This dream state that the people have been in has allowed these crooks to just do as they please and no one has taken much notice, until now and the shock and awe of the people is just beginning to show.

9). Your comments, quote “the Asia Pivot."

DC Does anyone really believe that the Asians care about America and the West. Of course they don’t, but keep paying the money to corrupt politicians in Asia and it will appear that they care. Stop the money and the Asians will simply carry on as normal with other countries who will pay corruption money, or, as we see with China, they are venturing into other countries like Africa, South America with the money they have gained from the corrupt Western Nations who thought the Asians were just stupid and irrelevant human beings.

No one should ever believe they can control China or even Russia (The Eastern side of Russia is in the East and part of Northern Asia).

10). Your comments, quote “The fiat / debt based financial system traces back to Babylonian Black Magik.”

DC If one reads the books which are readily available regarding the “Fall of Babylon” and even the “Fall of Rome” you will see the vast amount of similarities between today's financial and economic situation compared to the situations centuries ago with Babylon and Rome, which brings into play the old adage of “They keep making the same old mistakes over and over again”. Politicians today, whether Local or National, are not Leaders, nor are they experienced sufficiently to run or manage a country. As such they become puppets (Most of them paid by their Masters) and do what their Masters, who are Masters of Art and Trickery; tell them.

11). Your comments, quote “Since the ITC is the only Institution, organization, or otherwise, in history, to have enough Gold and Assets necessary to Gold back the currency of all 207 Nations on this planet at once, they will, per International bi lateral Treaty, essentially outlaw all military spending on the planet, eventually, period. It will happen.”

DC The man, in this case country or countries, with the most armoury will always be in a position to bully the weaker men (Countries) knowing they cannot fight back.

This has to stop and every country has to play on the same level playing field.

If we stop the flow (Theft) of money, or assets, from the Global Debt Facility it will in return bring in serious restrictions to a number of countries so the money will not be available to those countries to to build vast Military machines.

That is what has happened in the past with such empires as the British Empire, the Ottoman Empire, The German Empire, the Roman Empire, and so on, and it will happen with the so-called American Empire.

Eventually there has to be an Internationally accepted norm for Military Expenditure of any country, preferably ZERO, but many will argue that some sort of defence force is necessary in any country, even if it is National Defence against Mother Nature’s Shocks.
At the same time, the U.N. needs to sort it self out and ensure that Nations who are Members of the U.N. do not break International Law. If they do, then they should be punished no matter what their size or strength is.

There is a lot to do on this subject, but let’s focus on the real situations at this moment and then run onto the secondary situations as and when time permits, or it is found to be necessary.

12). Your comments, quote “BEN FULFORD IS A FRAUD, STEALS FROM THE MOUTHS OF BABES. I must admit I was wrong. in what I stated in my last article. I made an error in judgment. ”

DC Well, you know what they say, ‘It takes a real man to admit he is / was wrong, especially publicly”. I admire you for that.

On the subject of Ben Fulford, I will not say anymore as I have stated all that I needed to state in previous articles.

You are more expressive in what you state about Ben Fulford for which I hope many others are listening and reading your words.

13). Your comments, quote “In 1988, a year before he was murdered, Marcos predicted the global financial collapse we are slugging through right now. He tried to prevent it from happening by getting the signatures on a treaty of more than 150 Heads of State and Institutional Signatories, but the big boys of the West wouldn't allow it. They had a world to conquer, humanity and a planet to destroy. There was a world of suffering to spread to Earth's masses. So Marcos was murdered, his dream, and the battle for 'Divinity' through a spiritual Gold backed financial system was temporarily taken with him. And we continue to battle to survive.”

DC Oh how the Filipinos, and the rest of the world, were totally fooled by the propaganda machine and the CIA.

Perhaps now some of them realise it after plunging into poverty, or near poverty.

Marcos was no Dictator. He was a Strong man who had guided his country to an economic miracle to become the second economically strongest country in Asia next to Japan. Now it is bottom of the list, or near bottom whereby the people have suffered for years, and the politicians are raking the money in from the payments made from America through unlawful use of “Mirror Accounts” and transfer from the accounts of the GDF.

What is the real effect of all of this on the people, their children, grandchildren, families, and so on?

Go there, like we have, and you will be shocked and you will be asking yourselves one question, “How can people live in such deplorable conditions like this”, and the Government does nothing.


I can confirm to you that 3 other countries have since been blacklisted and several individuals blacklisted, most of whom are Government personnel at high level and Military personnel at General status level, most of whom live in Mansions and have a minimum of 5 or 6 high value vehicles in their drive, whilst the people live in “Wooden Garden Sheds” if you can really call them sheds which in fact are nothing more than “Shanty structures” built of bits of trees, corrugated iron sheets, plastic, and whatever other materials they can find.

And this is the 21st century ------------- totally unbelievable when funds are readily available through the GDF.

15). Your comment, quote “A FABLE FOR SURVIVAL

David Crayford is one of God's messengers to Humanity. Divinity calls in the voice of the ITC / OITC, thanks to the Royal Families of the World, and we're going to have to start listening. Earth and its Peoples are in desperate shape and right now we must combine our collective abilities to help those who are helpless against the Machine.

People need to look around at the peoples of the 207 nations on this planet and see the desperation in their faces. People must ask themselves what causes this desperation. Why are the Peoples of the Australian Islands being inundated by rising tides? Why are millions of impoverished Filipinos forced to live in garden sheds? Why do most children in Africa have no clothes or shoes? Why are these the realities of the 21st Century?

David Crayford and the ITC / OITC represent the Divine Energies at work in an effort to make humanity understand what must be done to save itself.”

DC That, American Lawyer, is a highly respected compliment and very much appreciated.

However, I ask you to bear in mind that we are just doing a job to help the people of the world. Yes its God’s work and we enjoy it. We enjoy the challenges, and we enjoy knowing that we have rattled some very big cages and got some people to be full of fear.

We will carry on and we will win through despite the interference, threats, and malicious activities.


On that point I will stop as this response is already to long in content, so until next time.

Keep up the good work American Lawyer, who ever you are. You are proving to me that some people do have the capabilities, and have the determination to establish the truth.


David P. Crayford.