Tuesday, April 26, 2016

David P. Crayford A Disinformation Agent?

Dear Reader JC,
Having read your article I conclude that you really have absorbed what I stated some years ago, and you are wisely blunt, without being arrogant, in the way you have structured your article which I admire.
You are of course totally correct in what you have stated.
The Prosperity Programs are a scam and were based upon the illegal use of Collateral Account Assets. These Programs were blocked and the Collateral Account Assets seized and returned to the Collateral Accounts along with any generated profits from Trading activities. 
Having said that, people still believe that these Prosperity Programs will pay out at some time in the future, and no matter what is stated to the contrary, the people involved in same still live in false hope. 
One really has to feel dreadfully sorry for such people because they must be living their lives in complete desperation, not knowing which way to turn and having to believe in some benevolent system somewhere that will get them out of trouble, irrespective of whether such a system is legal or illegal.
On the RV and GCR. Again these are dreams turning to nightmares for people who bought Iraqi Dinar from Scam Artists, or waiting for the Global Currency Reset.

The Iraqi Dinar (Old and New) which were stolen from Iraq during the first and second Iraqi War were immediately delisted as currency because the Gold (Listed as part of the National Treasury Assets) was actually Gold belonging to the Collateral Accounts and had been stolen by the Americans and referred to as “War Booty.” 
Having stripped Iraq of most of its National Treasury the then currency was totally valueless. In other words, toilet paper to use as necessary.
For the purpose of stabilizing Iraq when the war was over (if it has ever been over) the stolen Gold was recovered from America and returned to the Iraqi Central Bank plus additional Gold. This allowed Iraq to print and issue a brand new series of Dinars and place into circulation. This allowed for the old Dinar and the newer Dinar to be, as I have stated above, delisted as currency.
Let’s look at it logically. You have hundreds of Millions of Old Iraqi Dinar plus the newer reissued Dinar assumed by many to be valid as currency. Then you have the very new Dinar which is currency. All of approximately same volume / value assumed to be in circulation. So Three (3) times as much currency in circulation than economically viable, or sane. If this were the real situation it would automatically lower the value of the Dinar because the economy is not capable of supporting all those Dinars. Hence why the Old Dinar and the old new Dinars were delisted as currency as these Dinars were supported by nothing in the National Treasury. 
It was only when the Collateral Accounts Gold was re-installed in the Central Bank of Iraq that allowed for issuance of the new Dinars as they were then supported by Treasury Reserves which are the current registered series of Dinar currency in Iraq. All other Iraqi Dinars hold no value as currency, and neither should they either because a huge amount of Dinars were stolen when the Central Bank was ransacked by the American forces.
For those people patiently waiting for a revaluation, SORRY, IT JUST AIN’T GOING TO HAPPEN.
As for the Global Currency Reset (GCR), a myth, dreamed up by the likes of IMF, which is further supported by the likes of Karen Hudes, in line with her Masters, whose plan was to unlawfully use Collateral Account Assets to facilitate this GCR. However, one has to be careful when talking about the GCR because there are two different schemes that apply. One is the SDR’s operated by the IMF, which is effectively operational and not really referred to as the GCR. The other is the GCR talked about by Karen Hudes. Both completely different from each other. The latter will never happen because it is based upon the unlawful use of Collateral Account Assets.
As Karen Hudes has nothing to do with the Collateral Accounts (Global Debt Facility) and holds no position with the OITC, or power or authority over same, or over the Collateral Accounts, the GCR JUST AIN’T GOING TO HAPPEN.
So let all those people involved, stop “Day Dreaming” and start to live in the world of reality. Those who spent money and gambled on the Prosperity Programs, the Iraqi RV, and the GCR, You have lost the gamble. Get over it because it JUST AIN’T GOING TO HAPPEN. 
Someone made a killing, selling you worthless paper, or false promises. Go after them and see them in prison, instead of continuously day dreaming about false hopes.
David P. Crayford



So this David Crayford states he's part of the OITC, seems to be their mouth piece.
See what Wikipedia has to say about this fraud:


You say your 80 years old and had cancer, you'd think at this point in your life you'd be a humble, gentle and an enlightened human being but no, your far from that.

You manage to attack anybody who questions your bs, latest attack on Benjamin Fullford was a beauty really showed your true colours. You've attacked David Wilcocks and made actual threats against Wolfgang. What a gentlemen and a scholar you are, head of a world organization? You should be fired for your conduct.

You are without doubt a disinformation agent.

Please don't respond.

Your 2 page rebutles to simple questions are tiring, your mostly spinning your wheels in one spot hoping you get enough verbal nonsense on the page.

Latest bs from 'Crayford - Crawford' lol just google that, see how he behaved when someone spelled his name incorrectly, any way see latest from mouth piece below: