Saturday, April 16, 2016

Dutchsinse Update: Whole portion of South Japan moves from Northeast to Southwest during major shift

A series of large earthquake has occurred (and is still occurring) in South Japan.

The earthquakes so far topped out at M7.1, with swarms of M5.0 to M6.0 range “aftershocks” spreading out across the region to nearby adjacent volcanic locations.

Make note of the “line” or progression of earthquakes which shows over the past three days since the original M6.5 earthquake struck.

progression of earthquakes april 14 through 16 japan 2016

The movement began at the Southwest tip of the island, and has progressed Northeast, but the overall movement actually progressed from NE to SW.

Update April 16, 2016 1130am CT : Now Japanese officials have come out and confirmed that the location in question across Kyushu has moved 97cm (38 inches to the Southwest), and risen 23cm (9 inches).

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