Wednesday, April 20, 2016

George Kavassilas Newsletter Update - April 19, 2016 Beautiful People

 I do not spend much time, very little in fact, looking at what is happening on the Geo-political level as my field of work is in the Exo-political and Cosmo-political arenas. However, with what little I have been observing, there are distinct themes emerging.

The propagation of fear in today’s world seems to be the paramount agenda for the group of psychopaths that see themselves as the overlords of this world.  The more I look into it the more I discover and realise that it is a carefully orchestrated rollout plan that serves their agenda on multiple levels.

The ones pulling the strings behind the scenes, calling the shots and making the play, are using “prophecy” as a movie script and is the calling of their God to make an appearance.  In consequence this fulfils religious prophecy and in the eyes of the devotees validates their deity as the all-powerful one and the righteous way.

In the movie 'The Green Lantern’  a dark and evil entity named Paralax was able to invoke fear in beings wherever it went, paralysing them with it and then preceded to feed off their life force.  It did the same with the Human population once it came to Earth.
A similar scenario is happening here in our planetary reality. We have an entity (an alter ego of the God entity) and it’s minions behind the scenes that feed of fear in all its forms.

The entry points of this energy are your wounds of misery.  It likes nothing more than to diminish you and hold you suspended in a state of despair.  Some of the most common entry points are self-doubt, unworthiness, the sense of failure in life and especially that feeling of powerlessness.  It loves implementing our insecurities in all their glory.

In all my horrendous experiences with malevolent beings both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial, and interdimensional, I have found that the second greatest fear we have is the fear of fear itself.

I say; “Do not fear your fears! Say yes to your fears, face them, embrace your fears and move through them.”

When you no longer fear your fears, you no longer feed them power.  This means that there is no longer an energetic ecosystem that can sustain states of being such as hopelessness, helplessness, or being paralysed with despair.

The greatest fear of all, is the fear of our own empowered creative potential; expressing our true authentic nature.   We all want it, yet we are all terrified of it.  Terrified of what it means… because it means being vulnerable and that strikes terror right in the heart of our insecure egos.  Standing in your power is standing beyond the rest who choose to remain mundane.  It means not conforming to the status quo, it means... getting noticed.

Well…let me share with you a little secret.
There is an old quote, “And the meek shall inherit the Earth”

Fact – The meek will never inherit the Earth as long as they continue to be meek!

They will only have limited access granted to them by their overlord in an illusion of freedom.
Do you want to know what strikes terror right in the heart of this overlord?

You, standing in your power
You becoming and embodying your true authentic creative and Infinite Beingness.

Remember in my previous newsletter, I reminded you that you are a Creator Being, and I shared with you about what it truly means to be one.  Well if you are to step into that, embody that, embody you, your infinite creative potential, then there is no room for fear in that. Fear has no place there. 

It is an ecosystem of creative passion, adventure and joy where fear cannot survive.
So…if we all start stepping into our Infinite Creative Potential then we will change this world in a very short period of time indeed, because in truth, it is not us who fear them, it is they who are terrified of us.
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A reminder -
Never loose sight of the fact that you are the creator of your experiences and that whatever circumstance you have created and find yourself in, you can now uncreate it.

You are not a victim of circumstance!
You have the power within you!

We are in this together.
Let’s do this!
Love Liberation Fortitude

George Kavassilas
I Am Infinite!